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Day 42 – Back To Site Creation

June 16th, 2009
The 3rd Installment...

The 3rd Installment...

Hey, just want to say first off to anyone who was looking forward to seeing me do the Hubpages or GoArticles… like a lot of other ppl, I’m still trying to find my way in this IM game, still trying to figure out where my time is best spent…

As such, I”m testing the waters with a lot of different systems.

I can tell you that regardless of what I’m currently doing though, The one thing that will remain constant is my efforts to advance my business on a day to day basis….

There’s really not much to report regarding the 10 hubs I did…they’ve generated a total of 30-40 visits, no adsense earnings, that’s a project thats on the backburner now, I probably won’t be returning to that one…

As for GoArticles, I built 15 backlinks to 10 of the articles but have yet to see any of them rank.  Now I know Angela has stated that she’s run her packet of 30 on an article and seen it rank on page 1 the next day…I don’t know if it’s a case of me not doing enough backlinks, or if it’s the quality of Steve’s backlinks vs Angela’s or that I just need to give it more time.  Anyways, for now this is on hold, although I’ll check in now and then to see if anything happens.

As far as my foray into the Adult Friend Finder promotion…I’ve been getting 35-40 affiliate link clicks a day and I’ve paid for 7 days worth of advertising space for a total of $200…I still have no sales(which would come in at $75 a pop)…this may turn out to be an expensive lesson, but thats ok , all part of the learning process :>  I msg’d the creator of the WSO about whats going on and what I can do to improve this situation, but he didn’t reply and I sent the msg 2 days ago.

Now as for what I did today, today I pumped out another 2 sniper sites in the main sniper niche…I’m looking forward to see what happens here and hopefully I’ll see another boost in the amount of hops I get daily once I get through a few more of these sites.

I also noticed that 3 of my sniper sites I made last week in the weight loss niche have FINALLY started ranking on page 1.  It’s the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a sniper site to rank and these were low comp keywords…maybe it’s the niche?  Anyways, they’re not bringing in too many additional hops…one of them is ranked #6 on page 1 for a keyword with 1.6k searches for exact match, & 4.4k phrase (according to the Google keyword research tool), and yet it only got 10 visits and 2 hop clicks…strange.  The other 2 sites also only got 1 or 2 hops.

Today I also spent some time doing keyword research to find other keywords I can turn into sniper sites, I found 15 good ones with at least 3k searches for exact match.    I think from now on I’m going to stick to 3k searches for EXACT match to ensure I get a good # of hops for landing on the first page. (Interesting side note: I’ve found that the Google Keyword Research Tool’s exact match for searches is equal to Micro Niche Finder’s searches)

I also think that until I find some other method that I can see consistent results from and can be assured will increase my income from month to month, I’m going to keep the Sniper method as my main tactic, even if I have to make 50 sites to get $500/month increases.  I am still going to be searching around and trying additional things when I can though.

Earnings For Today:

  • $66.73 – 1 sale for the main sniper site niche = $26.65, 2 sales for sniper sites in Site #2’s niche = $20.04, $20.04
  • Adsense = $2.53
  • Hops = 529


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Day 38 – Work Smarter Not Harder

June 12th, 2009

Part 2 of “Who Wins?”

First of all before I go on, I got a lot of traffic here ever since the controversy over Jeremy Kelsall’s testimonial..I noticed that Jeremy came in and replied back to it but it was caught in my spam filter.  Therefore to help set things straight for him, if you haven’t seen his response, you can find it here: Proof Jeremy didn’t fake a testimonial.

Now, as far as what the order of the day was…as you know I’ve been looking into ways to leverage the money I’m generating online now so that I can multiply my income even further.  To that end, I spent most of my time today looking into a method involving purchasing advertising space on adult sites and funnelling that traffic towards Adult Friend Finder which offers $75 per sign-up.

I’ve done everything to set things up except pay for the advertising, I think I’m going to venture out and give it a shot though, will be an interesting experiment (If you’re wondering, I got the idea from a WSO by Bakai)..

Aside from that, I didn’t get quite as much done as I had planned.  I bookmarked 4 more of my Hubpages and I created and posted up 3 more Hubpages.  I now have 10 Hubpages up.  I’ve gotten 37 visits to all my hubs in total, however this is probably just traffic from within Hubpages…My author rating is now 37 (it’s been climbing up from 0) and each of my articles are climbing up in rating as well (72,69,63,61,58,57,55,50,50,50).

Earnings For Today:

  • 4 Sales = $96.51 (2 Sales for Site #1 – $20.36 + $26.19, 1 Sale for the main sniper site – $27.12, 1 Sale for Site #3 – $22.84)  – I like the way the sales are going as of late
  • Adsense = $2.52
  • Hops = 476


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Day 34 – Time For A Change

June 8th, 2009

I mentioned before that I still have a long way to go before I’m earning a full time income online…

I had also mentioned that it seems like for every 50 sniper sites I create, I’m earning around $500.  I decided to find out exactly what the ratio is by checking my sales from 2009-5-07 to 2009-6-07 and this is what I found:

Not including the last few sniper sites I just created that haven’t had time to rank, I have 56 sniper sites and in the last month they have generated $574.07 in sales.

It seems like my estimation was pretty close, 50 sniper sites = $500/month.  Now this is a far cry from making $300+/month per sniper site as George mentions he makes.. Now, I’d still take $500/month for 50 sniper sites, but that made me wonder if I’d fare better with adsense sniper sites…I was thinking if I could just get an average of $1/day for 50 sites, I’d make $50/day which is  $1500/month, 3 times what I make from Clickbank sales…

That’s just hypothetical though, I don’t know how well they would do..

But, I’m not going to be making Adsense sniper sites(at this time), I’ve decided on something else for now.  You see, as you know from my updates, I have basically been trying to get my money by working hard…It’s worked, I mean, I’ve gone from making $300/month to $1200/month in 3 months time.  However I feel that I could make MUCH more progress with less blood, sweat and tears with a different model…

The good thing about having generated this $1000/month income stream is now there are plenty of new opportunities for me to use this monthly seed money to expand my business further.  I thought about Outsourcing as well as PPC(adsense/facebook)..I can remember earlier when I wasn’t making that much money, these were things I did NOT want to try at all as the risk of losing money was a big issue.  However, once you get to the point where you’re making a good chunk of money online, it’s almost as if it’s free money to experiment with…So if you’re the type to push those options to the side, as you make more money online, you will find those doors will open up…

Now what I eventually decided on trying is something that I was actually shown before, but didn’t realize how powerful it was until I looked into the sales page and responses a bit deeper, it’s a WSO by Jeremey Kelsall called the Easy Bank Method:

The thing which made me take notice was the fact that apparently 10 people are already earning $200+/day with this method and that they also have a forum created to support people who are trying this out.  Additionally, this is created by Jeremy & Zerofill who are reputable guys who only release good quality WSO’s so I decided to give it a shot.

I spent the day reading through most of the forum which took a long time as it’s 5 pages long and filled with tons of posts.  I learned a lot about the method, saw that some people implemented it with success, while others implemented it but have yet to make a sale (as with any program).

It looks like this will be particularly tough for me as I’m in Canada and this works best for those in the US.  Although Jeremy says you can still do this if you don’t live in the US, I noticed several people outside the US complaining about getting their US newspaper campaigns setup.  I think one way I might be able to work around this troublesome point is if I actually call the newspapers rather than deal with e-mail, I would need to get a US calling card for that.

Well, I’m going to give it a go and see how it works out…some people are not only making $200/day, but $400 and $700/day(with ad spends of $10-$50 or so) and the fact that this can be easily scaled up even further than that is what makes it VERY interesting.  If I can find the right places to target with this technique, I can suddenly be getting $200/days myself, it looks like it’s just going to be a matter of how many misses you take before finding that 1 big hit.

So for now, my main priority is going to be figuring this new system out and putting it in place…when I can find the time to spare though, I’ll work on a sniper site, which by the way, I now have 5 of them in the newest sniper niche up and indexed, I spent today posting the review page to most of them…None of them have reached the front page as of yet though…

Earnings For Today:

  • $63.35 = 1 Sale from the main sniper niche for $16.61, 2 Sales for Site #1($20.36 + $26.38)
  • Adsense = $2.14
  • Hops = 410


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Day 2 – Unique Article Wizard-A-Thon & Outsourcing

May 7th, 2009

OK so today was quite tiring, I needed to do some UAW submissions for many of my sites so I could automate their backlinks.  Up to today I had already run UAW on 8 of my sniper sites, but that left 21 in need of backlinks…so today, I queued up *7* articles for Unique Article Wizard.

Each run of UAW takes me about 1 hour and for each of those 7 submissions, I put in 2 links at the end, each link pointing to a different sniper site, so I’m building links to 14 of my sniper sites with all of this work… I set UAW to distribute the links to around 1k article sites for each submission at a rate of 5-7 a day.

That just leaves 7 sniper sites to run UAW on which I can take care of in 4 more submissions, then I’ll need to do some submissions of my sniper sites to some of the websites from Steve’s Backlinks package.

Oh, BTW yesterday I had thought I reached a high with 90 hops, but the day wasn’t over, the number of hops yesterday reached 104! O_o

One thing I wanted to mention yesterday was I had tried a service from a WSO which offered 100 high PR backlinks(mostly from Steve’s Backlink package) to a site of yours for I think it was $67..After buying that, I got a nice report of where all my links were and so far, the result has been I’ve moved from #5-6 on page 1 to #1 on page 1 for my keyword.  It will be interesting to see though if that placement sticks as I’ve achieved that before in the past and dropped back down.

Having taken this step, I’ve now been thinking more and more about outsourcing.  I think that once you reach the point where you’re earning $300-$500/month you can start considering outsourcing content creation to someone in the Philippines with a lot more comfort since your business profits would cover it.  At around $2-$3/h, you can hire someone to do content creation for you full-time($300-$500/month).  Until you get to the point where your business can fund something like that though, Outsourcing can be a scary place to venture.

I think I’m going to go back to site creation tomorrow…

Earnings For Today:

  • 1 Sale for Site #1 = $26.38 (#of hops = 81)
  • Adsense = $5.62

Thought I’d mention that I have a bunch of sniper sites made in a certain niche where the keywords I targeted have anywhere between 5-22k searches a month for phrase match.  I’ve gotten quite a lot of hops from the sites placing on the first page (126 so far spread out over several sites) but haven’t gotten a sale out of it yet….While these are really high search numbers, the keywords are not the most targeted “buying” keywords….Will be interesting to see when these turn a profit.


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