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Day 63 – Long And Intense Days

July 7th, 2009
Please Do Not Laugh, I Iz A He-Man

Please Do Not Laugh, I Iz A He-Man

I’ve really been going at it hard the past few days….I’ve been consistantly working about 10-12 solid hours a day, trying to get as much work as possible done so that I can completely master this whole living off of online income deal :>

So now that the switch has been flipped, I feel like I’ve become a workaholic, this is what I did today:

  • Wrote up 5 extra hubs to reach a total of 10 hubs(I was 5 hubs behind from the previous day)
  • Submitted the 10 total hubs to hubpages, bringing the total # of hubs online to 30
  • Took my last outsourced UAW article and posted that up
  • Posted up the final review post on 2 of my sniper sites that were indexed from the previous day
  • Created the content for my next 2 sniper sites in Word documents
  • Created my new 2 sniepr sites for the day, bookmarked them submitted the RSS feeds
  • Tried to get as many Hubs done tody(aim was 10), got 5 more done.

I can’t wait to see how these hubs turn out for me…I had a bit more of a talk with Ben, and apparently rather than make 300 hubs in 1 month, it would be better to make 200 hubs then spend some time writing 100 Ezine Articles to backlink to all 200 hubs (2 links per Ezine Article = 1 link to each hub).  I was actually thinking it might be better to run UAW on them or Steve’s backlinks, but Ben was pretty adamant about that part of the equation and how effective an EzineArticle alone can be at raising a Hub’s rankings…seeing as how he’s making a good chunk of change, I’m taking his word on it…so once I hit 200, or maybe 250, I’ll start creating Ezine Articles.

I know I said I’d document my sniper site creation process earlier, but these days, ever since I started pushing myself extra hard, i haven’t had the time to write it up in a detailed manner…but to put it simply(or verbosely):

  • I register the domain
  • I “create a new account” in my WebHost Manager(WHM) for the new domain
  • Once done, I setup the FTP info for this new domain inside of Filezilla
  • I go into cPanel for the newly created domain and create an e-mail account for it ( and set the mailbox size to 1000mb
  • I create an SQL Database, a User, then add the user to the database
  • I go into Firepow and proceed to install the blog, providing the site’s FTP details, domain title, keywords, tagline, description..

***Firepow installs everything, sets up the permalink structure, installs plugins, all that stuff..

  • I then login to via FTP to my site and upload a few extra plugins (Smart Update Pinger, Statpress, Feedburner, Evermore)
  • I create my cloaked links via Ninja Link Cloaker and upload them through FTP
  • I upload my theme of choice
  • I login to my blog and change settings in the AllInOne plugin, XML Sitemap plugin and enter in a list of places to ping after each post is made under “writing” in the WP Settings
  • I enable the theme and change the footer to get rid of the theme’s links
  • I add a text widget with my persona I created (a pic + text) as well as a categories and recent posts widget..
  • I add a banner to my aff program being promoted to appear on the sidebar
  • I put up the about us/contact/privacy policy pages
  • I put up the first welcome post
  • I put up the tip post


  • I submit the website to
  • I submit the website to
  • I create a Feedburner RSS Feed and hook that into my site via the Feedburner plugin
  • I submit the site via Bookmarking Demon to a load of Bookmarking sites
  • I submit the RSS feed via Firepow/RSS Submit/RSSBot/SENuke
  • I wait until the next day when I usually wind up on the first page of Google for the keyword
  • I post up a final page with is my story/review of the product page and place 3 links in, beginning middle and end.
  • I make that page a “static page” through settings – reading in my blogs WordPress account

Thats it!

I probably left out some stuff like enabling the plugins and stuff, but that’s pretty much it..

Earnings For Today:

  • $105.49 – 3 sales from sniper sites in the main sniper niche(2 of them from some relatively newly created sniper sites), $27.12, $27.12, $26.33, & 1 sale for another sniper site in a different niche = $24.92
  • Adsense = $4.73
  • 588 hops


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Day 55 – Need To Hold Down The Fort

June 29th, 2009

Holding Down The Fort

Over the last few days you may have noticed my hops have declined a bit…they used to be in the high 400’s or even in the 500’s…lately they have been in the high 300’s so I decided to do some investigation into why that was.  What I found out was that it seems like there is more competition in my main sniper niche all of a sudden.  Part of it is people with old sites realizing their spots are gone and trying to have a go at them again and I even noticed a few newcomers.

So I’ve come to realize that just running UAW once may not be enough in some niches to hold down the fort.  Seeing this, I’ve decided to devise a more involved backlinking plan.

I was talking with Ben today and got some good ideas from him.  One was that I could pick up Magic Article Re-writer and use that to quickly re-write an article submitted to UAW sufficiently(30%+ unique) so that it can be resubmitted to UAW again.  When submitting it again, I could then submit to UAW under different categories to spread out the distribution more.  I could then use this spun up article to submit to Article Marketing Automation as well, and do the same thing there (re-submit spun articles under different categories).

I don’t currently have Article Marketing Automation, so I’m holding off on that for now…But I did pick up Magic Article Rewriter…I find it better than Power Article Rewriter as it provides you better synonyms and it also can accept and save your own synonym suggestions so that it becomes better at substituting the more you use it.  It also has the option to “replace all” so you can spin all occurances of say “can’t” with “can not” (ie: {can’t|can not} )

So since I don’t have Article Marketing Automation, I decided to use SENuke and see how that helps.  I did 2 runs of it so far and built backlinks up for 4 of my sites in total, 2 links per submission.  I created a blogger blog, wordpress blog, quizilla, wikispaces, wetpaint, tripod, hubpage, zimbio, goarticle, msn space, google site and site and had all of those link back to my sites…After those sites were created, they were then bookmarked at about 10 or so bookmarking sites and then I submitted the RSS feeds for all the Web 2.0 properties to a bunch of RSS Directories.

Now when I did the SENuke submission, what I did was just pull one of my UAW articles to use for it.  I did use Magic Article Re-writer on it a bit though to make it 30% unique so there will be a better chance of all these Web 2.0 sites showing up in Google to bring in more traffic to my sites(although backlinking is my main concern).

I tried interlinking all the Web 2.0 sites although I stopped 1/2 way through doing it for 1 of the submissions as it was taking a long time.  Brute Force SEO was good for auto creating and autolinking Web 2.0 properties, although it was quite buggy.

I logged where my sites were today and will see tomorrow if there is any change.  I may continue using SENuke to build up more backlinks to my sites, or I may look into other options.  The other options include using an article submitter.  Now I’ve gotten Article Drip Robot, but since then, better programs have come out.  There is Article Bot out now as well as Automatic Article Submitter.  If I were to choose between the 2, I’d likely get Automatic Article Submitter as that not only auto creates accounts, but it auto-confirms all the e-mails unlike ArticleBot.  Also Automatic Article Submitter allows the body of the articles to be spun and the article submission to be staggered.

So the other possibility is to take the UAW articles, run them through Magic Article Rewriter for 15-25 min, get them 30% unique, then submit that to various article directories through Automatic Article Submitter.

I’ll be experimenting with different things and will eventually settle in on something.

Earnings For Today:

  • No CB sales today (This is now a rare occurrence)
  • Adsense = $2.45
  • Hops = 391


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Day 8 – UAW And Evil Affiliate Marketers

May 13th, 2009

So now that I just finished those 22 Sniper Sites in that 1 niche, I decided to go and create some backlinks for all of them.  I had already started with some of them so today I was able to do 4 more runs of UAW and thus get backlinks for 8 of the 22 sites (2 sites per UAW posting).

I have 8 more sites left to create links for using UAW which I’ll handle tomorrow, once that’s done, backlinking will be on autopilot for all of those sites and I should at the bare minimum get 20-30 registered backlinks for each website out of the run…possibly 50-60…I’ve scheduled the submission process at 7/day.

Now I wanted to mention something dirty that other affiliate marketers can do to you…

Site Sabotage.

You may remember that some time ago I made a WordPress site that I queued up a bunch of my Ezine Articles to for Site #1…Well, that started ranking for my product’s keyword on page 1.  Now this niche is a seasonal niche and now that it’s summer, there’s a lot more people vying for page 1.  All of a sudden a bunch of brand new sites started popping up for my product keyword and pushing my main website off of the first page.

Another thing that has happened at EXACTLY the same time that these sites started appearing is my WordPress site was banned due to terms of service violation.

You see, WordPress does not like sites on it’s network that have any commercial intent.  That means no affiliate links.  All someone has to do to eliminate some of their competition is flag your WordPress blog and there goes your site.

This same dirty tactic can be used on Hubpages as well….If an affiliate marketer wanted to eliminate some of their competition on the first page for a keyword where there were Hubpages ranking, all they’d have to do is flag the Hub a few times.

Anyway, that’s just a warning to you not to put too much stock in any 1 of these Web 2.0 sites…

Earnings For Today:

  • $4.10 Sale for Site#3
  • Adsense = $1.97
  • Hops for today = 134!

I can’t believe how many hops I’m getting now…I got 81 hops total for my troublesome Sniper Site niche alone, that’s more than what I’d get from my authority sites on a good day!

Still no sales yet for those sites though.  If only the income increased along with these hops I would have double the income :>

Well…I got lucky in finding all these good highly searched keywords that I can rank easily for on the first page….If I can keep on finding these kinds of keywords and have them be profitable, that would be nice…


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Day 6 – Still Going At It

May 11th, 2009

Today I spent some time clicking through all my links for my sniper niche that isn’t converting, making sure that the links are all in order…it messed up my hop count for the day though.

Today I built 2 more sniper sites making 20 sites in this 1 niche.  I’ve only got 2 more sites left to create for this niche then after that I have 3 registered domains for a separate niche I’ll need to work on….following that, I think I’ll stop with the site creation for a bit and work on my backlinks.

Oh ya, the 2 sniper sites I had made yesterday were indexed in Google, so I put up the static review page for both of them.  They’ve been up for only a day and already 1 of them got 7 hops and the other 1 hop…they’re both ranking on the first page at around position #8…now if only these sites converted a bit better!

Earnings For Today:

  • $46.39 – 2 Sales ($26.38, $20.01).. 1 for Site#1 and 1 for a Brute Force SEO blogger or wordpress blog I had created long ago o_O.
  • Adsense = $3.77
  • can’t give a good report on the hops, so I’ll skip that for today


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