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Day 78 – Research Time

July 22nd, 2009

For Sega Genesis…lol

Well, I’m finding that research time is really eating into my productivity, because I’m not sticking to 1 niche and switching to new niches every day, there are learning curves I have to deal with.  Some of the highest paying CPC keywords have high learning curves for the subject material and as such it’s taking me a bit more time to write for them.

In addition to this fact, I’m also finding that even though you may have a high CPC niche, finding 10-20 keywords in that niche you can target and rank well for is a whole other story.  That’s the other thing which is taking up a lot of time as well.

So while I can pump out 20 hubs a day, it would seem this is only possible if I have already got my research for my niche out and also all the keywords laid out for me.  If I don’t have this, it’s a bit tougher.

So the only way to get around this I’m seeing is to do even more outsourcing, IE: outsource not just the Infobarrels as backlinks, but also outsource some hubs as well.  I think I’m going to be doing this….It’s going to get expensive though, even though the services I’m using are relatively cheap at $3.75 an article…20 of those is going to be $75/day.  Well, I’ll see how things go…but one things for sure, I’m going to be spending a lot more time researching…researching both potential keywords as well as researching the niche itself.

As for what I did today, I got my last 20 hubs posted up, so now I have 140 total up… I also spent the day researching keywords…I found about 30 and narrowed it down to 20…I then started researching the niche and began writing.  I got 8 articles done so far..

Earnings For Today:

  • $97.12, 2 sales for my main sniper site, 1 for site #3 and 1 for another one of my sniper sites
  • 629 hops
  • Adsense = $6.52 (Small amount from Hubpages)


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Day 41 – Bought Up Some Real Estate

June 15th, 2009

OK, so I just had this idea regarding my main sniper niche…

I have registered the .org domains for a bunch of keywords and been able to rank on the first page quite easily…The thing is, the .net’s are still available.  So I got to thinking, if 20 or so of my sniper sites in the main sniper niche are responsible for generating $500-600/month for me right now, what if I went and registered the .net’s and those ended up ranking on the first page as well?  They may not rank as high (or at all), but I could potentially make an extra $300-500/month or so..

Now, I think the competition is light enough that I won’t knock my older sites out…I’m not 100% sure, however there are certain circumstances where I have 2 of my sniper sites in the main sniper site niche ranking for 1 keyword already..ex: and both ranking for keyword “Dog Training”

So…if I were to go and make the .net’s, then theres a potential of either:

2, 3 or 4 sniper sites ranking on page 1 for keywords


the new sites BUMP my old sites out of page 1 and thus there is not much if any improvement.

I thought it was a risk worth taking, so I just went and bought up 23 domains that I’m going to work on developing into sniper sites..(I now have 108 domains O_o)

I don’t like jumping around too much, but that’s just the mode I’m in at the moment..

I also saw this as an opportunity to try one last time to revise my copy for my main sniper site niche and see if I can convert these clicks better…I spent a lot of time working on some good copy and a different way of laying everything out and today I just put up 1 sniper site in the main sniper niche.  I think I did a good job with the copy and I’m going to use this as a template for the other 22 sites now…

If this doesn’t convert this traffic better, then I have no idea what will!

Anyway, the next 2 weeks or so will be me finishing off these sniper sites, so I should see some fun increases in the # of hops I’m getting and hopefully an increase in sales.

Earnings For Today:

  • $27.12 Sale for a site in the main sniper site niche
  • Adsense = $4.21
  • Hops = 491


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Day 15 – Site Building Must Continue

May 20th, 2009

Hey everyone,

Today I didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped as I had other non-IM related stuff to take care of.. I did however do some niche research which was much needed as I didn’t have any more potential sniper sites…in my search however, I was able to find a total of *13*possible new sniper sites, and this is all in the same niche as the troublesome sniper site niche!(I really need a new name for this, from now on, I’ll call it my “Main Sniper Site Niche” since once all these sites are done, I’ll have 35 sites total in it.

I ended up registering 9 of the domains today, here are the details of the 9 I registered so far:

KW1 – 9.9k broad/3.6k phrase/3.6k exact
KW2  – 18.1k broad/6.6k phrase/5.4k exact
KW3  – 12.1k broad/4.4k phrase/3.6k exact
KW4 – 14.8k broad/4.4k phrase/3.6k exact
KW5 – 9.9k broad/2.9k phrase/2.9k exact
KW6 – 9.9k broad/2.9k phrase/2.9k exact
KW7 – 8.1k broad/2.4k phrase/2.4k exact
KW8 – 12.1k broad/3.6k phrase/3.6k exact
KW9 – 14.8k broad/4.4k phrase/4.4k exact

I think I have a good shot at making a decent ranking on the first page with these, my hope is they will churn out just as many hops as my other sites are.

The remaining 4 keywords that I haven’t registered yet are for product names WITHOUT the word “review” tagged on the end.  It’s kind of an iffy area I suppose, but I’m going go for it anyway.  The keywords don’t have quite as many searches as the ones above, but it will be highly targeted traffic.  I think it’s time I start throwing in some super targeted sniper sites such as these, will be interesting to see how many sales they bring in:

KW10 – 2.9k broad/2.9k phrase/1.3k exact
KW11 – 6.6k broad/6.6k phrase/2.9k exact
KW 12 – 5.4k broad/3.6k phrase/1.6k exact
KW 13 – 2.4k broad/2.4k phrase/880 exact

Earnings For Today:

BTW, I got 2 sales for the troublesome sniper site niche today which brings my conversion to 530 hops / 5 sales.  It is also 5 sales in 6 days.  At $27/sale, as the days go on it’s looking like these 22 sites have resulted in at least a $500/month increase, will have to wait a bit more and see how it pans out, but I don’t see why this trend won’t continue.

You know, one of the hardest things for me to get over was creating ALL THESE SITES!  But if lets say 20 sites = $500/month, I’d be happy to make 120 of these sites and pay 1.2k a year for the domains if it means an extra 3k/month.

  • $54.24 – 2 Sales from 1 Sniper site in the troublesome niche AKA the Main Sniper Site Niche
  • Adsense = $2.58
  • 249 hops! (And it wasn’t long ago that I couldn’t believe I had over 100, crazy how things have turned out)


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Day 12 – Venturing Into New Territory

May 17th, 2009

I had bought 3 domains for a new niche that I could make sniper sites out of but I hadn’t got around to creating the sites..I decided to go ahead and do that today.  This is in a niche with very little competition and the keywords have 2.9, 2.4 and 2.4k searches/month according to the Google Keyword Tool for phrase match.

I spent some time looking over the sales page for the product as well as the affiliate resources which had some good articles with more info on the niche…once I had a good enough understanding of it, I started on writing up my review.

Writing the first review for a new niche takes a while, however once you’ve got that review done, any subsequent sites you make in the same niche are very easy to whip out since it will just be a re-write of your already existing copy…that’s the great thing about making several sites in the same niche.

So after that, I wrote up the welcome post, the “About me” section and the tip post.  I also went and found myself an “avatar” to use from Big Stock Photo and created a pen name.  I haven’t created the site yet, I will be doing that tomorrow.

Other than that, another thing I did today was install Analytics on ALL of my Sniper Sites.  Before I only had it installed on 8 of the 39 sites.

I also tried another little trick which I had known about for some time but never attempted.  It involves searching through or for a page on your niche, then adding your website to the “external links” section to get increased traffic to your site.  The only problem with doing it on Wikipedia is they are extremely strict and don’t take well to any affilate type blogs.  One tip to get around that used to be to link to one of your Ezine Articles instead, however they have now blacklisted that domain.

I was able to get links to a site through Wikia, so far it’s only resulted in around 5 or so visits for the day though..

One of my sites from my troublesome Sniper Site niche that is now linking to a new product is getting a crazy CTR…yesterday I mentioned it got 31 hops out of 43 visits, today I am totally confused as it managed to get 34 hops from 33 visits for the day!  That’s just ridiculous, I don’t know whats going on there!

Earnings For Today:

  • Adsense = $4.97
  • 172 Hops


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Day 10 – Success!

May 15th, 2009

Thanks everyone for your suggestions…today I decided to swap out my old product for my troublesome sniper site niche with a new one.  By the time I was finished it was pretty near the end of the day, but low and behold, right after switching programs I managed to get 1 sale for $27.12!

So it seems like it was the program…I hope that the sales continue to come in more regularly now with this program, time will tell!

That alone took me quite a while as I had to trade out banners and switch around text on all of my sites, I’m glad it’s all over!  Other than that, today I got my UAW submissions from yesterday done, so now I’ve got all my sniper sites building backlinks on autopilot which is a good feeling.

Seeing as how I got a sales in this niche, I did some more keyword research into this niche to find other sites I could start up.  The thing about this niche is there are a lot of highly searched keywords, the only question is if they are profitable because they are only 2 word keywords.

I just may try it for the heck of it, it’s hard to pass up easy hops, I mean these keywords have 40-75k searches/month forPHRASE match…they do have high competition, in quotes it ranges between 50-150k, but I know I can take some of these….BTW, I just checked one of my sniper sites that is a 2 word keyword and it’s #1 out of 53k competition….and…I have another 2 word keyword that is #1 out of about of 61k competition.  I normally don’t check where my sites are in the rankings and only pay attention to the # of hops the sites get, so I didn’t even know my sites were doing that good :>

As impressive as those numbers seem though, I think something is wonky…the site that got #1 out of 53k competition and supposedly gets 50k searches/month for PHRASE match in the Google Keyword Tool only got 41 visits today..and 2 hops.

In contrast, I have a site that’s ranked #3 for a keyword that has 15k searches a month for phrase match and it got 43 visits and 10 hops.


I think I’m going to be spending a lot more time doing keyword research, I really want to find some money keywords in other niches..

Earnings For Today:

  • $27.12 For a Sniper Site in the the troublesome niche
  • Adsense = $3.06
  • A record # of hops, 174! (For the troublesome niche, 55 of these were for the old product and 36 for my new main product, however I also have a secondary new product I tried on a few sites that got 8 clicks….that’s 99 hops total for this niche!)


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Day 9 – Where To Go From Here?

May 14th, 2009

Today the plan was to get 4 more submissions done for Unique Article Wizard, but the last few days UAW has been acting up for me, they’ve been doing daily backups and site maintenance and during that time it’s really hard to get a submission through.

Today it was so bad I was only able to get 1 through…I wrote up 3 more but I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to submit them.

After I do that though, I’ll have done UAW submissions for all of my Sniper Sites and then the question becomes what next?  See, I’ve made 39 Sniper Sites and increased my daily hops quite significantly as a result, but the thing is the sales have not been going up as well.  This is the kind of stuff which stops people from continuing on, it really sucks…So now I’m wondering if I should keep on creating sites or not.

I think a big part of this is finding the right keywords, perhaps that has been the issue, I don’t know yet at this point…

Well, I’ve found a replacement product to use for my troublesome Sniper Sites, so I may just switch to that in the coming days and see what happens with those 22 sites.  Other than that, I think I’m going to spend some time tomorrow doing a lot of keyword research and see if I can find some gems that will renew my desire to create these sites in spite of the results so far..

Earnings For Today:

  • Adsense = $1.63
  • Hops = 136 (70 hops for the 22 troublesome Sniper Sites)


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Day 8 – UAW And Evil Affiliate Marketers

May 13th, 2009

So now that I just finished those 22 Sniper Sites in that 1 niche, I decided to go and create some backlinks for all of them.  I had already started with some of them so today I was able to do 4 more runs of UAW and thus get backlinks for 8 of the 22 sites (2 sites per UAW posting).

I have 8 more sites left to create links for using UAW which I’ll handle tomorrow, once that’s done, backlinking will be on autopilot for all of those sites and I should at the bare minimum get 20-30 registered backlinks for each website out of the run…possibly 50-60…I’ve scheduled the submission process at 7/day.

Now I wanted to mention something dirty that other affiliate marketers can do to you…

Site Sabotage.

You may remember that some time ago I made a WordPress site that I queued up a bunch of my Ezine Articles to for Site #1…Well, that started ranking for my product’s keyword on page 1.  Now this niche is a seasonal niche and now that it’s summer, there’s a lot more people vying for page 1.  All of a sudden a bunch of brand new sites started popping up for my product keyword and pushing my main website off of the first page.

Another thing that has happened at EXACTLY the same time that these sites started appearing is my WordPress site was banned due to terms of service violation.

You see, WordPress does not like sites on it’s network that have any commercial intent.  That means no affiliate links.  All someone has to do to eliminate some of their competition is flag your WordPress blog and there goes your site.

This same dirty tactic can be used on Hubpages as well….If an affiliate marketer wanted to eliminate some of their competition on the first page for a keyword where there were Hubpages ranking, all they’d have to do is flag the Hub a few times.

Anyway, that’s just a warning to you not to put too much stock in any 1 of these Web 2.0 sites…

Earnings For Today:

  • $4.10 Sale for Site#3
  • Adsense = $1.97
  • Hops for today = 134!

I can’t believe how many hops I’m getting now…I got 81 hops total for my troublesome Sniper Site niche alone, that’s more than what I’d get from my authority sites on a good day!

Still no sales yet for those sites though.  If only the income increased along with these hops I would have double the income :>

Well…I got lucky in finding all these good highly searched keywords that I can rank easily for on the first page….If I can keep on finding these kinds of keywords and have them be profitable, that would be nice…


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Day 7 – Indepth Look At My Hops, What Do You Think?

May 12th, 2009

Hey everyone,

So today I FINALLY got the last 2 sites in this niche completed…that makes for 22 sniper sites in this 1 niche…Each sniper site covers a keyword that has either 5k searches per month(phrase match), or 12-15/k searches a month(although there are a few that are in the 20-22k range).  For the sites that are now indexed, they are ALL ranking on page 1 of Google somewhere.  They’re now all generating about 50 hops a day it seems(yesterday it was around 45, today it is at 55).

Now 1/2 of these keywords are not too targeted because they are only 2 word phrases, however the other 1/2 are targeted 3 word phrases.. The overall total of hops generated so far by these 20 odd sites is now 404 hops/0 sales(about 25 of those don’t count as it’s me clicking, so I suppose it’s 379 hops).  I took a screenshot showing all the hops I’ve gotten from April 12th to May 11th to shed some more light on this…have a look (everything boxed in red are tracking ID’s for the high hop/no sale niche):

Now around 379 hops and no sales is pretty crazy, but when it’s spread out amongst all these sites like this, it doesn’t look QUITE as bad…What do you think about this?  Is it too early to say the keywords are no good?  It’s kind of frustrating seeing you have double the hops but no real change in income :/  BTW, you can have a look at my more successful sniper sites in there and what they’ve made in this past month.

Earnings For Today:

  • $40.05 – 2 Sales, 1 from Site#1 and 1 from a Sniper Site!
  • Adsense = $1.55


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