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Day 114 – SENuke Day 3

August 27th, 2009

Today what I did was I bookmarked 5 more properties for my first SENuke submission and submitted the rest of the RSS feeds for the 1st submission…I also submitted the spun article via Article Drip Robot to about 12 other article directories(there are more directories in there to submit to than in SENuke).

I then did another submission for an adsense sniper site, creating about 15 web 2.0 sites for it all interlinked, bookmarking about 5 pages and submitting 1/2 the RSS feeds for that as well…

Following this I also wrote up a new article in spin syntax to be used for a submission for one of the sites in my main sniper niche that has been booted off of page 1 for it’s keyword.

Thus far I haven’t been doing any sub-wheels, I’m just going to do 1 submission at a time for now…if I find that the 1 submission is helping, a particular keyword in any noticeable way, then I’ll go back and add a sub-linkwheel or 2 to strengthen the network.

I’ve also been thinking that I should start running SENuke for some product keywords as when browsing the success stories forum, I’ve found that’s what a lot of people have been doign to earn some nice sums of money…

Earnings For Today:

  • I’ve noticed that I’ve had quite a few EBay sales…I never check this as sales don’t come in frequently here, but I’ve had sales for 1 of my sniper sites that I stuck ebay in for: 18th = $0.41, 20th = $18.82, 22nd = $5.67, 24th = $1.06, 25th = $4.04 …I have a total of $32.92 in Ebay comissions for the month so far..
  • CB Sales = $26.38
  • Adsense = $17.91 , a new record high for me (hubs = $6.87, infobarrel = $2.99, + some additional money from one of my adsense snipers)


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Day 108 – Big Adsense Day

August 21st, 2009

I think I may have spoke too soon when I had mentioned my earnings seem to be staying the same, at least as far as my adsense is concerned…it’s not much, but it seems to have gone up a bit due to increased revenue from my Hubpages and Infobarrels.  Today I was able to make $15.87 in Adsense revenue.

Over the last week, my average adsense income has been $56.30…Last month I made $143.83 in adsense…if this trend continues that would come out to $225/month.  Not a huge for the work put in, but it’s something.

Today I was able to get a 4th Adsense sniper done as well as submit the UAW article for this and the adsense sniper from yesterday.  I now have 4 adsense snipers completed and what I’ve been finding is that they have all been ranking on the 2nd page.

I’m going to have to do some more backlinking in addition to UAW to get them all to the front page, my intention now is to make use of SENuke to build up a network of sites linking to it, a link wheel that is.  I’ve already written up a spun article which I can use as a SENuke submission for my first 2 sniper sites, I’m going to try doing about 2 submissions of SENuke per site and then go in and internlink all the Web 2.0 properties together and see how that works out.

I already know from my previous experience with SENuke on one of my authority sites that it does a good job of getting your site’s pages from page 2-3 of Google up to page 1, so I’ll see how well this works out for these adsense snipers.

As I mentioned before, I’m not going to be pumping out these adsense snipers like I was with my CB snipers, I’m going to focus more on backlinking to ensure that each one is successful.

Earnings For Today:

  • $22.84 – Site #3 Sale
  • Adsense = $15.87 (Hubs = $5.57, Infobarrels = $5.85)
  • Hops = 265(new) / 506 (old)


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Day 106 – Adsense Sniper Research

August 19th, 2009

Scam Now – Friggin’ HILARIOUS!

You know one of the things I’ve realized is that although it’s good to pump out as many sites as you can in 1 day, at the same time, you want to be certain that you’re not wasting your time on junkie keywords…

In the past when putting up CB Snipers or even Hubpages I sometimes went after sub-par keywords in favor of just getting more content out there thinking that if I throw enough out there something will stick…but after doing that as much as I have, I’m now looking to minimize the failed sites..

Therefore, I spent pretty much most of the day searching out different niches for adsense snipers and in so doing, gaining perspective on what kinds of niches seem like good targets and which niches are just not worth the time.

I’ve been able to jot down about 25-30 keywords in about 12 different niches so far…

Now that I’ve set aside this time to research these niches, it’s a lot easier for me to confidently barrel through and create these snipers en-masse.  I’ve still got to do quite a bit more research though, I want to cover as many different niches as I can to ensure success, I will start with the adsense site building again tomorrow though.

BTW, the first 2 sites are ranking at around the top of page #2 at the moment and the site I created yesterday has already earned me $0.54 :>  If after backlinking I can get each of these sites to bring in $ 0.50 – $1/day on average, I’ll be happy.

Oh, one other thing I did today….I had completely forgot about a batch of snipers I had recently made in my main sniper niche, I noticed about 7-8 of them ranking on page 1 now…it took a while but they’re there.  I went over there and posted up the final review page, will be interesting to see if that results in a boost of income of maybe $100-200/month down the road.

Earnings For Today:

  • Site#1 – $26.38
  • Adsense = $11.90 (Hubs = $2.77 , Infobarrel = $1.24)
  • Hops = 197(new) / 414(old)


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Day 105 – 2nd Adsense Sniper Up

August 18th, 2009

Joe Rogan’s a thinker..

So today I got my 2nd adsense sniper up….I also noticed that my first adsense sniper ranked the very next day (I had picked an obscure niche with a decent CPC hence the quick ranking), it’s ranked near the top of page #2 though.  It’s going to take a bit of backlinking to get it up to page #1, but today I just did a UAW submission to build backlinks to my first 2 Adsense snipers.

I’ve now decided that I will be using UAW on the adsense snipers I create….I’m going to use it to backup 2 adsense snipers at a time and I’m going to put it up right after the 2nd adsense sniper is completed.

Following this, I have been toying with the notion of using SENuke as well.  I was thinking I can spend 1 hour creating spun article that’s 300 words(each sentence is spun about 4-5 times), then use that to do MULTIPLE SEnuke submissions… each time changing the anchor text or linking to differen’t internal pages to get my additional posts ranking as well.

THEN…if I really wanted to I COULD also stuff that into an automated aricle submitter for even more backlinks.  I think this is a pretty good system here…but I’m first going to start off with UAW only and see what happens.

I also spent a bit of time looking for new keywords…I found 3 thus far…I really need to spend more time finding good keywords…I find that the creation of these sites is so much easier when I can see ahead what the big picture is… ie: I know what the next 20 odd adsense snipers are going to be about…Once I can see that far ahead I’ll feel a lot more comfortable and likely be able to really start pumping these out…Having a plan is is so key..

Earnings For Today:

  • $46.42 – Site #1 & Site #2 sales
  • Hops = 268(new) / 461 (old)
  • Adsense = $10.21 (Hubs = $2.03, Infobarrel = $6.65


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Day 104 – Adsense Sniper Is Up!

August 17th, 2009

Retarded Policeman

Today I got my first Adsense sniper site up!  Now eventually I want to be putting out more than just 1 a day, I’m just acclimating myself to a new type of sniper site…

Now I’m not going to be as specific when it comes to talking about my adsense snipers and all the steps I take in setting one up as there is a very real possibility of losing my adsense account here if the wrong person finds my site. And I already know that people are misusing the detail I put on this site to search me up jump in on my niches so unfortunately this is how it’s got to be.

Now one thing I will say is that I’m not putting up only 3 posts as I would for a CB Sniper…I’m going to put up at least 5 posts on every Adsense site I put out there and I’m going to make sure the content I write up is decent content(which it always is)..

Now I picked out an Adsense theme today as well, we’ll see how well it does, but I basically selected a bland/boring looking theme which is more likely to get clicks.

The thing about Adsense snipers is usually high CPC keywords are competitive keywords and the types of keywords a sniper site would take 7+ days to start ranking for, if ever…I want to ensure the success of my Adsense snipers so I’m going to be spending much more time with keyword research and try to find me some high CPC keywords that for some anomalous reason seem to have little to no competition on page 1(mostly PR 0,1 and 2’s).  These keywords exist but they’re going to be harder to find.  Subsequently I MIGHT not be pumping out sites AS fast as I would CB Snipers(3-6 day), initially anyway…but we’ll see how things go.

If I can get these things to produce at least $1/day each, I would be set, as I can pump out sniper like sites pretty quickly at this point.

I’m considering backlinking these up as well..I may try using the Firepow Blog network and see how that works out..

Earnings For Today:

  • $144.11 – One of my authority sites(Site #7) that was getting 0 sales with Market Health I switched over to CB…after 16 hops(according to old CB analytics I managed to get 1 sale + 1 upsell for a total of $65.93!  In addition I got 4 sniper site sales.
  • Adsense = $5.20 (Hubs = $1.04, Infobarrel = $0.79)
  • Hops = 257(new) / 497(old analytics)


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Day 103 – Outsourced Articles + Adsense Snipers

August 16th, 2009

Pete sent me this, it’s from Ukraine’s Got Talent

So today I got back into outsourcing articles for Hubs…This time it took quite a long time to get articles outsourced since I was having trouble finding articles targeting the keywords I wanted and I also needed to revise the articles a lot…took me about 3hours to just get 10 done.  But now once I get these 10 back, I can combine that with some 20 I have already outsourced and use 20 for hubs and 10 for Infobarrels.

Aside from this I spent a bit of time looking for new niches.  I found 1 new niche that I can target … I found about 8 keywords in it so far, I’m going to spend some more time tomorrow investigating it further, may even throw up an adsense sniper site …

I found 2 keywords which already have adsense snipers ranking in the middle of page 1 and they are the crappiest adsense snipers I’ve ever seen…There are 2 adsense blocks stuffed in at the top and there isn’t even enough text on the site for the ads to be targeted and they’re showing generic ads.  I should be able to take those easy.  The kw’s have 2.4 – 3.6k searches and $5-7 CPC too.

Well, tomorrow I’m going to spend some more time doing kw research and looking for potential adsense sniper kw’s…

Earnings For Today:

  • $20.03 – sniper site sale
  • 182 hops(new) / 391(old)
  • Adsense = $6.02 (Infobarrel – $0.73, Hubs – $0.24)


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Day 102 – Figuring Out What To Do

August 15th, 2009

LOL Brandon DiCamillo is hilarious…

So today I just finished off my last 2 sniper sites…the last batch have not been ranking as of yet for some reason but I’ll keep tabs on them and when they do I’ll put up the final review page.

I noticed that one of my sites I put up a LONG time back was ranking page #1 and I hadn’t put up the review page for it….I just went back and posted up the review for that…these kind of things can get by you if you’re putting up a lot of websites.

Oh ya, another thing I noticed was that it looks like there is another person again who is having a go at my kw’s…This guy is now ranking #10 on page 1, below me..They used the same theme, they didn’t do the niche research since they cut and pasted the technical stuff out of my blog, then they reworded everything else…

Anyways, I’ve decided that one of the things I’m going to be doing now is backlinking some of my sniper sites up…I’m going to be trying out Firepow for this as it’s one backlinking source I have at my disposal that I have yet to take advantage of….

Another thing I did today was had a talk with Ben about my hubs…it’s been a month since my first big batch of hubs, 3 weeks for the majority of the remaining ones and I’m not seeing the kind of results I had expected..

Ben’s a friend of mine so I gave him complete transparency into my accounts to see what he had to say about what I’m doing wrong…What I found out was that apparently I was in the wrong niches for a lot of my hubs…

The other thing that was a problem was Traffic…I wasn’t getting enough of it and it’s likely because I didn’t have enough backlinks to get things to rank in the niches I’m in.  Apparently Infobarrel/Ezine isn’t always enough.  So what I’m thinking of doing is finding out what my best performing hubs are and building backlinks to them with UAW and using the Firepow blog network and see how that goes…

I’m also going to be searching for Adsense niches to target where the competition might not be as tough and see how I fare…If I happen across some good keywords that I see my hubs ranking on page 1 for, I may go and create some adsense snipers as well at this point.

The next few days I’ll be doing a lot of keyword research and looking for some good niches to get into…

Earnings For Today:

  • Hmm, a $0 day again
  • Hops 219(new) / 435(old)
  • Adsense = $3.71 (hubpages $0.03)
  • Niche Devil = $2.92 .info Ebay Sale 😮


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Day 97 – Put Up 2 Sniper Sites

August 10th, 2009

MAC meets PC

Well, I’m still going to be posting here barring something that seriously impacts my income: Regarding Yesterday

Now…I haven’t done my usual amount of work the past 2 days…today I only got 2 sniper sites done…I have a total of 14 that I’m looking to develop right now(2 are done) in my main niche.  I had previously tried entering into a new niche and built 9 sniper sites as you may recall…those sites STILL haven’t begun ranking so it seems as if it’s just one of those niches where the competition is just way too strong and it takes a long while to start ranking(been about 5 days)…

Hopefully these 2 sniper sites I just worked on get indexed and rank on first page by tomorrow, if I see that happen I’ll probably go all out with building the rest of these snipers, otherwise I may shift my attention more to working on my hubs…

One thing I had mentioned a couple of days ago was I did an experiment where I converted an authority site over to an adsense site…Previously it had adsense on it but it was mainly promoting an affiliate product on market health that never got any sales for months…so I switched over to CB, but I wasn’t seeing sales popping up there really, so I just converted it over to a nice adsense theme and the result is that it now looks like I’m generating $1-$1.50/day instead of $7/month in adsense from this site(FYI, the site gets 90-100 visits a day).

Earnings For Today:

BTW yesterday I made $69.53 in CB sales and $5.04 in Adsense

  • $47.16 – 2 sniper site sales
  • Hops = 209(new)/370(old)
  • Adsense = $2.49 (Infobarrel = $0.25)


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Day 95 – Misc Stuff

August 8th, 2009

Today I did a lot of different stuff…

First of all, I realized that I had 3 sniper sites I had made previously, several weeks ago…that had now begun ranking on page 1 but I had not put up the final review for…It’s possible I lost a sale or two by not having done this sooner, but this stuff happens when you’re putting up so many sites…

In addition to that, I also have done an experiment…One of my authority sites which was not getting a sale from Market Health, has been switched over to Clickbank but is not doing the best with that either…so I’ve decided to turn it into an adsense site.  The posts are still going to have a call to action for an affiliate product, but I have switched the theme over to an adsense focused one and am going to see if I can earn some more money out of it that way…

I also put up 5 more Ezine Articles, 10 more Hubs and 5 Infobarrels…this brings the total to: 180 Hubs/85 Infobarrels/30 Ezine Articles.

I’m going to get back to outsourcing Hubs again and also fitting in some sniper sites over the weekend…I really want to get up to 300 Hubs soon…

Earnings For Today:

Wow, the first time in a long time this has happened…$0 CB sales

  • Adsense = $3.41 (Hubs = $2.14)
  • Hops = 188(new) /


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Day 94 – Hubs Are Picking Up

August 7th, 2009

Well, today I didn’t get as much as I had hoped done.  I wrote up 10 Ezine Articles, posted 5 of them…I also  pulled out 20 outsourced articles and tidied them up for posting(spell checked them, made sure my main keyword was in enough times and threw in some extra related keywords).

I think over the weekend I’ll look to setup some more sniper sites in my main sniper niche, I’ve got 14 domains that I want to develop there…I’m a lot more confident these will turn out well as I’m quite familiar with this niche…the new sniper niche I delved into seems to be a competitive one, I’m still waiting for my sites to show up in the rankings..

I’ve noticed that I’m getting regular Hub income as of late and I’ve also noticed a sharp increase in the traffic to my hubs…this graph will give you an idea of what’s going on:

Link To A Graph Of My Hub Traffic

So as you can see, over the last couple of days my traffic has practically doubled…I’m guessing there will be another boost once these Ezine Articles start going live …

Earnings For Today:

My income really has been up there the past 5 days, today was a good day..

  • $114.50 – 1 Sale for Site#1, 2 Sales for Site#3, 2 Sales for the main sniper niche
  • Adsense = $4.08 – ($1.69 Hubs), ($0.39 Infobarrel)
  • Hops = 190(new) / 352(old)


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