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Day 51 – 4 Sites Left To Build

June 25th, 2009

Ok so today I got yet another 2 sniper sites done, I’ve now got 4 more left, so I’ll be done by Friday.  After these sites are done, I’m going to go promote them all through UAW, considering I’ve got 23 to build backlinks to, at 5-6 a day, it’s probably going to take me 5 days.  Once I’m done that, I’ve got another load of keywords to turn into sites in this niche…

It’s going to be a bit of a gamble with these other keywords since the product I’m promoting only offers a solution to these people’s problems as a side bonus booklet…This is the case for 15 of the 28 newly registered domains.

For the other 13, they’re not particularly buying keywords, however in the Google Keyword Research Tool, the green advertiser competition bar is more than 1/2 full for them…it will be an experiment…I’ve gone after similar non-buying keywords in this niche before and wound up converting 1:300…The better keywords in this niche convert 1:180 or 1:200…So worst case scenario, I’ll just be seeing more 1:300 conversions, which is fine by me considering there’s a lot of potential for traffic here.

Earnings For Today:

  • $53.50 – 1 sale from the main sniper niche = $27.12, 1 Site#1 sale = $26.38
  • Adsense = $3.75
  • Hops = 416


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Day 45 – Got 2 More Sites Up + Results To Date

June 19th, 2009

The Perplexing/Engaging Matchups Rage On...

Today I was able to get 2 more sites up in my main sniper niche, however I didn’t get the reviews for both sites written up so I’m a bit behind.  I’ll need to work on that tomorrow.

Also today I put up the review post for the 2 sites I made yesterday which have both been indexed.  1 Site is on the #1 spot of page 2 while the other is #6 on page 1 (along with 2 other of my sites at #2 and #9).

Tomorrow the training course that George of Google Sniper and Alex have created is beginning, they’re going to be holding webinars 3x a week.  I won’t be able to make it to the Friday one, but I’ll be able to make it to the one on Sunday..They’ll be recording everything so I’ll probably watch it sometime on Saturday…the session is scheduled out for 3 hours.

That’s about it for today!  Had another good sales day:

Earnings For Today:

  • $88.83 – 4 CB Sales – Site #1 = $25.91, Site #2 = $20.04, $20.04, Site#3 = $22.84
  • Adsense = $4.40
  • Hops = 521

So far in the last 18 days I’ve made $1,066.97 NET CB sales and $82.28 in Adsense.  That’s $1149.25 Total in 18 days.  Last month I made $1158.80, so I’ve already pretty much matched last months revenue…

This means that if things continue, I’ll likely make around $1,800 for this month which would be $2000 Canadian for me, here’s hoping :>


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Day 43 – It's Over 600!

June 17th, 2009

Well, today I noticed that my hop total reached a total of 683, which is pretty cool.  About 12 of my sniper sites in the main sniper niche ended up with between 25-30 hops each for the day…while 2 of them had about 50 each.  This is quite a jump from what they normally bring in.

Sales have stayed about the same so far though…hopefully this will change soon as I make more sites…and hopefully my new layout will result in better conversions..if so, I can then go back and revise my other sites.

All 3 of the sniper sites I made both yesterday and the day before were indexed by Google…I went back to them and posted up the final review of the product…2 of these 3 sites are now ranking on page 1…it will be interesting to see how the traffic is distributed as I begin occupying more and more of page 1 for all of my keywords in my main sniper site niche.

Aside from that, today I built 2 more sites in the main sniper site niche.

Earnings For Today:

  • $52.87 – 1 Sale for Site #1 = $25.75, 1 Sale for a site in the main sniper site niche = $27.12
  • Adsense = $3.90
  • Hops = 683


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Day 42 – Back To Site Creation

June 16th, 2009
The 3rd Installment...

The 3rd Installment...

Hey, just want to say first off to anyone who was looking forward to seeing me do the Hubpages or GoArticles… like a lot of other ppl, I’m still trying to find my way in this IM game, still trying to figure out where my time is best spent…

As such, I”m testing the waters with a lot of different systems.

I can tell you that regardless of what I’m currently doing though, The one thing that will remain constant is my efforts to advance my business on a day to day basis….

There’s really not much to report regarding the 10 hubs I did…they’ve generated a total of 30-40 visits, no adsense earnings, that’s a project thats on the backburner now, I probably won’t be returning to that one…

As for GoArticles, I built 15 backlinks to 10 of the articles but have yet to see any of them rank.  Now I know Angela has stated that she’s run her packet of 30 on an article and seen it rank on page 1 the next day…I don’t know if it’s a case of me not doing enough backlinks, or if it’s the quality of Steve’s backlinks vs Angela’s or that I just need to give it more time.  Anyways, for now this is on hold, although I’ll check in now and then to see if anything happens.

As far as my foray into the Adult Friend Finder promotion…I’ve been getting 35-40 affiliate link clicks a day and I’ve paid for 7 days worth of advertising space for a total of $200…I still have no sales(which would come in at $75 a pop)…this may turn out to be an expensive lesson, but thats ok , all part of the learning process :>  I msg’d the creator of the WSO about whats going on and what I can do to improve this situation, but he didn’t reply and I sent the msg 2 days ago.

Now as for what I did today, today I pumped out another 2 sniper sites in the main sniper niche…I’m looking forward to see what happens here and hopefully I’ll see another boost in the amount of hops I get daily once I get through a few more of these sites.

I also noticed that 3 of my sniper sites I made last week in the weight loss niche have FINALLY started ranking on page 1.  It’s the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a sniper site to rank and these were low comp keywords…maybe it’s the niche?  Anyways, they’re not bringing in too many additional hops…one of them is ranked #6 on page 1 for a keyword with 1.6k searches for exact match, & 4.4k phrase (according to the Google keyword research tool), and yet it only got 10 visits and 2 hop clicks…strange.  The other 2 sites also only got 1 or 2 hops.

Today I also spent some time doing keyword research to find other keywords I can turn into sniper sites, I found 15 good ones with at least 3k searches for exact match.    I think from now on I’m going to stick to 3k searches for EXACT match to ensure I get a good # of hops for landing on the first page. (Interesting side note: I’ve found that the Google Keyword Research Tool’s exact match for searches is equal to Micro Niche Finder’s searches)

I also think that until I find some other method that I can see consistent results from and can be assured will increase my income from month to month, I’m going to keep the Sniper method as my main tactic, even if I have to make 50 sites to get $500/month increases.  I am still going to be searching around and trying additional things when I can though.

Earnings For Today:

  • $66.73 – 1 sale for the main sniper site niche = $26.65, 2 sales for sniper sites in Site #2’s niche = $20.04, $20.04
  • Adsense = $2.53
  • Hops = 529


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Day 39 – GoArticles + AFF

June 13th, 2009

So today I got started with that whole Adult Friend Finder thing.  I actually went and spent $200 worth in advertising.  I advertised on 1 adult site which estimates for the ad space I got that I’ll get around 400 clicks a day(this cost me around $40) and on another website I advertised where it estimates I’ll get 1100 clicks a day($160)..

The thing is, since going live, I can see that my ads have gotten many thousands of impressions, however the number of accumulated clicks to my website (which promotes Adult Friend Finder) has been extremely low so far.

The ads have only been up for a few hours and I’ve gotten 37 clicks to my site, but only 8 clicks to my affiliate links :/  I’m going to need at least 3 sales to make a profit (of $25) preferably 4 for $100 considering I get $75 per paid sign-up..these ads are going to be up for 1 week, so I’ve got 7 days to do that in.

Aside from that, I decided that I’m going to spen the majority of my time now trying out Angela’s GoArticle Backlinking tactic…The reason being is that I think I will end up seeing more results for my time investment doing that than focusing on the hubs.  With the hubs, I need to create them from scratch, they need to be of good quality and they need to be 600-800 words if I’m going to play it safe..That takes quite a while to write up.

In contrast, I already have PLENTY of articles submitted to EzineArticles that I can swipe and post on GoArticles then just build backlinks to..

So today what I did was go through some of the articles I’ve submitted for one of my main authority niches (Site #4) and look for all the articles which are based on keywords that have a good amount of searches and low competition.  I found a bunch that had an average of 1-1.5k EXACT searches according to the Google Keyword Research Tool(not the best # of searches, but that’s what I had to work with), and then went ahead and pulled those articles into GoArticles.  I did this for 11 articles…

The transition took more time than I thought…I had to revise the intro paragraph a bit so I could work in a link at the top there(which links DIRECTLY to the Clickbank sales page) and I also ended up re-writing the last paragraph just a bit as well.  Lastly there were a few times I changed the title too…

I put in individual tracking id’s for EACH article.  I can see how if I keep doing this, it’s going to make things pretty messy when checking the tracking id’s in Clickbank, but I’d like to know exactly which articles are able to get hops and sales.

Funny thing while I was doing all this was that I saw a few GoArticles on page 1 and 2 of Google where the author had been doing this same method!  There were about 30 registered backlinks to the articles, potentially from Angela’s backlinks…

After I put all the 11 articles up on GoArticles, I went and used Steve Aylor’s backlinks at 15 different sites to create backlinks via each site’s blogroll.. with the blogroll(10 links) and a blog post(1 link) I was able to get 15 links to each of the 11 articles.

Tomorrow I’ll get another 15 for these and then look for 11 more articles to do the same thing to.

Earnings For Today:

  • $80.62 (2 Sales for the main sniper site niche = $27.12, $27.12), 1 Sale for Site #1 = $26.38
  • Adsense = $1.57
  • Hops = 467
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Day 37 – 15 Days Of Sales

June 11th, 2009

I found this pic on my hd, something I did up in paint like 2 years ago..It’s one of many.  I used to draw a lot of crazy stuff…

Something pretty cool happened today…It was the first time I looked at Clickbank and saw nothing but bars for all 15 days that were displayed, check it out:

11 of the last 15 days I’ve also had more than 2+ sales…I noticed that some of the last few sites I created in my main sniper niche have begun getting sales today.

So it looks like now the next target I need to make for myself is consistent $100+ days…once I’m able to hit that, I’ll be close to 3k/month, which is what I set as a target for the end of the year.  At this point I would like to at least make 4-5k by the end of the year, if I attain that, I’m not going to have to work anymore.

So, as far as what I got done today…I posted up my 2 Hubpages I wrote up yesterday and I also wrote 5 new ones and posted those up too.  These Hubs take longer than I thought they’d take to complete.  I’m trying to create quality ones so I don’t wind up in trouble with Google down the road.  Each one is turning out to be between 650-800 words.  I also spent time looking for unique pictures for each one and Youtube videos as well…this is how I’m structuring them:










I’m still going to have to interlink the hubs and submit the feed, I’ll do that far I’ve just bookmarked 2 of the hubs.

Aside from this, I found 2 other niches I can use to create hubs within, I did some initial research in one of them and found 7 keywords, I also did more research in my first niche for adsense hubs and found 4 more keywords, that gives me 24 hubs for the first adsense hub niche and 7 for the second so far…The 3rd is going to be a good one as it has plenty of keywords over $10 (Court mentioned if you want to get $1 clicks, you need to find a keyword that has at least a $5 CPC.

I’m going to keep this pace of at least 5 Hubs a day, at that rate I’ll have 50 hubs up in 10 days time, 100 in 20….

I’m going to see about working in Angela’s GoArticle method tomorrow in with the Hubs now that I’ve got the hang of making them.

Earnings For Today:

  • $75.80 in CB Sales – ($27.12, $27.12, $21.56…all sales from the main sniper site niche)
  • Adsense = $3.51
  • Hops = 434


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Day 36 – It's Time To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum And I'm All Out Of Gum

June 10th, 2009

OK, so I’ve spent a lot of time today researching into different things I could be trying out and I’ve decided on what I’m going to be doing next.  I actually found 2 things I could potentially focus my attention on:

#1.  Building Hubs For Adsense

The idea for this comes from Court’s 100 Hubs in 30 days challenge at the Keyword Academy.  I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, but in case you have not, here it is:

What I’m going to be doing is finding keywords that I’ll be able to rank for that have a high CPC and good amount of searches, then create Hubs for these keywords.  I will then interlink my related hubs and eventually when they’re all build, work on building backlinks to them.

The main way I’ll be building backlinks to these hubs I’m thinking is through runs of UAW and/or using Steve’s backlinks to create 10-11 hub backlinks at a time via site blogrolls.

There is a revenue share of 60/40 here, with 60% of the adsense impressions going to YOU, so by piggybacking off of the authority of Hubpages and building backlinks to them, you can make some good rankings in google and then earn yourself some good amounts of Adsense money.  You can also put in Ebay or Amazon ads and potentially earn some comissions from big ticket items.

Now, the second idea I had was:

#2. Angela’s GoArticle + Backlinking Technique

If you haven’t heard of this one, find out more about it here:

Basically the idea is to post articles up on GoArticles(which get IMMEDIATELY posted, there’s no waiting involved), then begin building backlinks to them so they rank up on page 1 of Google.  Apparently GoArticle articles are more responsive to backlinking attempts, more so than EzineArticles.  Not only this, but you can put links in the article in the body and you can link directly to the affiliate sales page!  Angela mentions that she has often put up an article, done a backlinking run through one of her packets(30 backlinks), then woken up the next day to see the article on page 1.

After thinking it over, I’ve decided I’m going to do BOTH of these approaches.  Building sniper sites is an amazing way of making money, and I’m so glad I was able to find something that actually works, however I do believe at the same time that there is a better way of getting this done…I don’t want to have to build 200 Sniper Sites to only get 2k/month…Granted that’s nothing to scoff at, however, I believe there are other methods that will be even more effective and with less out of pocket expense (not that I wouldn’t pay 2k/year for 200 domains in order to earn 24k/year)….

It will be interesting to see how my sniper sites end up doing as they age and as UAW continues to build backlinks for them, maybe they will improve and bring in more $$, who knows?

In the meantime, I’m going to be trying these 2 techniques…

I’m going to give each technique a fair shot…

Already today I have decided that instead of making adsense sniper sites out of the 19 keywords I recently found, I’ll use those keywords to make Hubpages.  I’ve so far come up with a swipe file for me to use for material to write up these hubs and I’ve written up 2 600-700 word articles so far for 2 of the keywords.

When I get around to using Angela’s technique, I’m probably going to start by just using some of my existing Ezine Articles and posting them over to GoArticles so I can build backlinks to them over there.  Angela has mentioned this should work perfectly fine…that you do not have to come up with new content all together.  Whatever has the most/best backlinks will end up ranking higher.

By the way, I’m very much past the whole not being able to own all your money making web properties…this is what stopped me from trying something like this before.  All that matters is what works and what puts money in the bank account.  I’m going to keep the # of hubpages per account to maybe 10-30 per account, but I’m not going to worry about any of them getting shut down..I’m not putting all my eggs in 1 basket…Too often fear stops people from taking action, as long as the overall trend is an increase in my bank account, that’s all that matters…

Earnings For Today:

  • $54.25 – 2 Sales, $27.12, $27.13 from the main sniper site niche
  • Adsense = $10.63 – I believe this is my biggest Adsense day so far…Adsense income seems to have gone up ever since the Google PR update
  • Hops = 446




George of Google Sniper recently came out with a personal coaching WSO that I’ve signed up to, I couldn’t turn that one down considering how much I had been following along with his tactics and considering I’m looking for some new direction.  I will STILL be doing the above until I FULLY learn what George and Alex have to teach and how to implement it…

This should be interesting, I’ll report back here on how it works out , but again, I will be still doing the above in the meantime!

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Day 32 – Adsense Sites?

June 6th, 2009

Well, today I spent some time actually looking into the notion of creating sniper sites specifically for earning Adsense income…

I was able to find a niche where the CPC was around $3-6…I was able to find 19 websites that I could target, most of them had 4.4-8.4k searches for EXACT match in the Google Keyword Research Tool.

I’ve still got to get through with this batch of sniper sites, but when I’m done, I may try my hand at that…I even went looking for some adsense themes and found some which may be good (ad-flex-niche and bluesense).

Aside from that I got 1 more sniper site done in this new niche which makes a total of 4…I’m going to go through them a bit more rapid fire the next few days, I much prefer the 2 a day rythm.

Other than that, I had a pretty good day of sales again.  I had 6 sales today for a total of $133.36.  3 Were from sniper sites and 2 for site #1.

I don’t want to get too happy with this though as I feel I have a long way to go still and this needs to happen FASTER!…I need to get to the point where that is like an AVERAGE amount I get per day.  I’m either going to need to step up my site creation big time somehow or look into PPC or outsourcing…

Earnings For Today:

  • $133.36 from 6 sales ( 2 Sales from Site #1 = $26.38 + $20.36, 2 sales for the main sniper site niche = $27.12 + $16.61(this is for the second product in the sniper site niche that converts at like 1:300…the last sale is from another sniper site = $31.85)
  • Adsense = $7.22
  • Hops = 451
  • Total for the day = $140.58


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Day 29 – It's Over 500!

June 3rd, 2009

Today I had some job related business to take care of, nevertheless I managed to take that content I created yesterday and put up the site in this new niche.  I’m planning on putting up around 20 more sites in this niche as thats how many keywords I’ve found thus far that seem decent.

It seems like a bunch of my sites in my main sniper niche that had been hovering between the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2 are now rising and getting more hops due to either time or more likely the UAW submissions that are going on…as a result, I’ve seen a SIGNIFICANT increase in the number of hops registered for today.  Clickbank for some reason doesn’t count the end of the day until 3am ES and because I’m going to bed a bit earlier these days, i won’t be able to give you the exact hops or even sales for the day(if more by chance come in).  But I can tell you that last I checked, my total hops for the day was *511*!

It’s crazy!  Back on April 6th or so, near when I started this site I had only about 90 hops for the day, I’ve now increased that number 5x in 1 month!

By the way, today was another insane day for sales, I got 4 Clickbank sales for a total of $96.10!  2 of those sales came from 1 of my 4 sites in the main sniper site niche that targetted a product name as the keyword…that site is ranking #3 on page#2 of Google, it’s only gotten 2 hops yet it has gotten 1 person buying both the regular item and the upsell (hence the 2 sales).

Man, I’m just blown away by how easy it is to get hops with this sniper method…

Earnings For Today:

  • $96.10 in CB Sales – 2 Sales for a sniper site in the main sniper site niche (combined total = $49.96), 1 sale for Site#1 = $26.38 and one sale for a sniper site that has been ranked #1 for the last few days = $19.38 … This sniper site is getting 10-15 hops a day, today it got 18 hops out of 56 visits(according to AWStats)  ..this same site got a sale 2 days ago as well.
  • Adsense = $6.16
  • Total for the day = $102.26
  • I’ll report tomorrow on the total number of hops/sales for today if it changes as it’s not yet the end of the day


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Day 28 – Site Creation In A New Niche

June 2nd, 2009

Ok, so today I got started on my new niche.  I spent time today deciding on the product to promote, I went and found an image to use for my persona (off of as well as a name which had no results when searched for in Google….then I picked a keyword from my keyword list to start my first site on and wrote up a review page for the product.

The first time you write up that review for a new niche usually takes the longest.  Thereafter, writing content for all future sites in the same niche becomes easy and I find I’m able to churn out the sniper sites at a rate of 2 a day.

Today I was able to get the content written for 1 site, however I decided to wait until tomorrow before putting it up.  Reason being that I have a habit of doing all my work late at night when it’s easier for me to concentrate and I’m trying to ween myself off that as I may very well be working 9-5 sometime again soon.

I just got an interview with a client (the real interview) this Thursday at 11am.  It was actually an interview for another company (I was submitted to 2 different companies)…So I’m going to start going to bed a bit early now so I don’t wind up going to that interview brain dead :>

Earnings For Today:

  • $20.04 – Sale for a sniper site
  • Adsense = $2.44
  • Hops = 381


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