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Day 111 – Next Steps…

August 24th, 2009

Gordon Ramsey of Hells Kitchen as a kid…

OK, so I’m at the point where I’m considering if I should go and get SENuke…the thing is I’m already paying quite a lot of money for subscriptions..I’ve got Firepow, UAW, Aweber….plus there’s my reseller hosting at Host all adds up to around $190/ month.  If I add SENuke on top with it being $127 now that puts me at $317/month, pretty crazy.

If I do end up getting it though, I’m going to ensure I use it and use it A LOT…

I was looking over my niche and noticed that there are 3 keywords I’ve been knocked out of now and 1 more keyword I’m sharing.  So I’m thinking if I get SENuke, I might as well go and run it on those sites, link wheel that up and see if that allows me to regain my rankings.

Now as far as what I did today, I decided to find out what hubs of mine are making the most revenue and take note of them.  I found out that I really only have about 30 odd hubs that have generated any income, so I wrote those down and paired them up in groups of 2.  What I’ve now got are 18 pairings of hubs which I can do UAW submissions for to boost their rankings further.

So far I have submitted 1 UAW article linking back to 2 of my hubs.

I hate not having a money making system in place that is working and working well, but hopefully I figure one out that works soon.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB Sales = $16.32
  • Adsense = $8.58 (Hubs = $1.75, Infobarrel = $1.14)
  • Hops = 271(new)/494(old)


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Day 102 – Figuring Out What To Do

August 15th, 2009

LOL Brandon DiCamillo is hilarious…

So today I just finished off my last 2 sniper sites…the last batch have not been ranking as of yet for some reason but I’ll keep tabs on them and when they do I’ll put up the final review page.

I noticed that one of my sites I put up a LONG time back was ranking page #1 and I hadn’t put up the review page for it….I just went back and posted up the review for that…these kind of things can get by you if you’re putting up a lot of websites.

Oh ya, another thing I noticed was that it looks like there is another person again who is having a go at my kw’s…This guy is now ranking #10 on page 1, below me..They used the same theme, they didn’t do the niche research since they cut and pasted the technical stuff out of my blog, then they reworded everything else…

Anyways, I’ve decided that one of the things I’m going to be doing now is backlinking some of my sniper sites up…I’m going to be trying out Firepow for this as it’s one backlinking source I have at my disposal that I have yet to take advantage of….

Another thing I did today was had a talk with Ben about my hubs…it’s been a month since my first big batch of hubs, 3 weeks for the majority of the remaining ones and I’m not seeing the kind of results I had expected..

Ben’s a friend of mine so I gave him complete transparency into my accounts to see what he had to say about what I’m doing wrong…What I found out was that apparently I was in the wrong niches for a lot of my hubs…

The other thing that was a problem was Traffic…I wasn’t getting enough of it and it’s likely because I didn’t have enough backlinks to get things to rank in the niches I’m in.  Apparently Infobarrel/Ezine isn’t always enough.  So what I’m thinking of doing is finding out what my best performing hubs are and building backlinks to them with UAW and using the Firepow blog network and see how that goes…

I’m also going to be searching for Adsense niches to target where the competition might not be as tough and see how I fare…If I happen across some good keywords that I see my hubs ranking on page 1 for, I may go and create some adsense snipers as well at this point.

The next few days I’ll be doing a lot of keyword research and looking for some good niches to get into…

Earnings For Today:

  • Hmm, a $0 day again
  • Hops 219(new) / 435(old)
  • Adsense = $3.71 (hubpages $0.03)
  • Niche Devil = $2.92 .info Ebay Sale 😮


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Day 63 – Long And Intense Days

July 7th, 2009
Please Do Not Laugh, I Iz A He-Man

Please Do Not Laugh, I Iz A He-Man

I’ve really been going at it hard the past few days….I’ve been consistantly working about 10-12 solid hours a day, trying to get as much work as possible done so that I can completely master this whole living off of online income deal :>

So now that the switch has been flipped, I feel like I’ve become a workaholic, this is what I did today:

  • Wrote up 5 extra hubs to reach a total of 10 hubs(I was 5 hubs behind from the previous day)
  • Submitted the 10 total hubs to hubpages, bringing the total # of hubs online to 30
  • Took my last outsourced UAW article and posted that up
  • Posted up the final review post on 2 of my sniper sites that were indexed from the previous day
  • Created the content for my next 2 sniper sites in Word documents
  • Created my new 2 sniepr sites for the day, bookmarked them submitted the RSS feeds
  • Tried to get as many Hubs done tody(aim was 10), got 5 more done.

I can’t wait to see how these hubs turn out for me…I had a bit more of a talk with Ben, and apparently rather than make 300 hubs in 1 month, it would be better to make 200 hubs then spend some time writing 100 Ezine Articles to backlink to all 200 hubs (2 links per Ezine Article = 1 link to each hub).  I was actually thinking it might be better to run UAW on them or Steve’s backlinks, but Ben was pretty adamant about that part of the equation and how effective an EzineArticle alone can be at raising a Hub’s rankings…seeing as how he’s making a good chunk of change, I’m taking his word on it…so once I hit 200, or maybe 250, I’ll start creating Ezine Articles.

I know I said I’d document my sniper site creation process earlier, but these days, ever since I started pushing myself extra hard, i haven’t had the time to write it up in a detailed manner…but to put it simply(or verbosely):

  • I register the domain
  • I “create a new account” in my WebHost Manager(WHM) for the new domain
  • Once done, I setup the FTP info for this new domain inside of Filezilla
  • I go into cPanel for the newly created domain and create an e-mail account for it ( and set the mailbox size to 1000mb
  • I create an SQL Database, a User, then add the user to the database
  • I go into Firepow and proceed to install the blog, providing the site’s FTP details, domain title, keywords, tagline, description..

***Firepow installs everything, sets up the permalink structure, installs plugins, all that stuff..

  • I then login to via FTP to my site and upload a few extra plugins (Smart Update Pinger, Statpress, Feedburner, Evermore)
  • I create my cloaked links via Ninja Link Cloaker and upload them through FTP
  • I upload my theme of choice
  • I login to my blog and change settings in the AllInOne plugin, XML Sitemap plugin and enter in a list of places to ping after each post is made under “writing” in the WP Settings
  • I enable the theme and change the footer to get rid of the theme’s links
  • I add a text widget with my persona I created (a pic + text) as well as a categories and recent posts widget..
  • I add a banner to my aff program being promoted to appear on the sidebar
  • I put up the about us/contact/privacy policy pages
  • I put up the first welcome post
  • I put up the tip post


  • I submit the website to
  • I submit the website to
  • I create a Feedburner RSS Feed and hook that into my site via the Feedburner plugin
  • I submit the site via Bookmarking Demon to a load of Bookmarking sites
  • I submit the RSS feed via Firepow/RSS Submit/RSSBot/SENuke
  • I wait until the next day when I usually wind up on the first page of Google for the keyword
  • I post up a final page with is my story/review of the product page and place 3 links in, beginning middle and end.
  • I make that page a “static page” through settings – reading in my blogs WordPress account

Thats it!

I probably left out some stuff like enabling the plugins and stuff, but that’s pretty much it..

Earnings For Today:

  • $105.49 – 3 sales from sniper sites in the main sniper niche(2 of them from some relatively newly created sniper sites), $27.12, $27.12, $26.33, & 1 sale for another sniper site in a different niche = $24.92
  • Adsense = $4.73
  • 588 hops


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Welcome To Mike!

May 5th, 2009

Hey everyone!

Thanks for dropping by…if you’re reading this, chances are you know me from the Nicheblogger forum or perhaps Firepow…Either way I’ll write up a bit of a synopsis:

I decided to make a serious go at IM around mid June 2008.  I had my first sale for around $30 during the last few days of July, so about 1 1/2 months after I started putting in some work…Following that, I made $116.17 in August and then $323.90 in September.

A lot of those sales were the result of me going crazy on Ezine Articles, I had submitted 77 articles in August and 107 articles in September (You can see a more detailed explanation of the profit I made by visiting my “Earnings By Month” section)…These sales were coming from 3 main sites I had been working on and making posts to.

In October I stopped the Ezine Article submission and my income dropped to $268.84, the month of November it was $187.32 and in December it was $235.89.  At this point I was getting frustrated with my income not going anywhere and that’s when I came across the Niche Blogger.

Since around December 28th of 2008 I began logging my IM related activities on the NB forum on a daily basis.  I found that after I had created the thread on the forum, I had a sense of obligation to then follow through and make sure I have something to post about every day, this sense of accountability helped my business out tremendously.

I also began queuing up posts to my blogs and setting them on autopilot for 6 months, something I had never done before…I set my blogs up to post twice a week for the next 6 months (60 queued posts)….Once I had done that, I began creating new sites and queuing up 60 posts for each of those sites as well…

My income in January 2009 was $301.14..

And my income in February 2009 was $325.17..

But after putting forth consistent work into managing my blogs and promoting them, my income FINALLY began to increase!  Through constantly updating my main 3 sites and using promotional methods such as Unique Article Wizard, SENuke, Bookmarking Demon and by adding Adsense to my sites and using various other tactics, here are the results I was able to achieve:

March 2009 = $622.44 (A good deal of this increase was due to running SENuke 10-15 times.  This brought a lot Site #1’s rankings from page 2-3 to page 1 of Google.)

April 2009 = $795.19 (I got another increase here when I began to create Sniper Sites as per George’s “Google Sniper” method which is similar to Andrew Hansen’s Niche Marketing On Crack.)

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing with you all that I’m doing on a day to day basis and show you the results those actions are bringing. My hope for this site is that it becomes an open area of discussion where people can come and are free to ask questions, give their input, talk about their own progress or talk about what is being done…

I’d very much like to hear your feedback, as you have all helped me to achieve this with your input and support, feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I will do my best to reply back to you :>

Being that I’m on this path as you are, I hope you’re able to gain a lot from my perspective and use any insights you get by following along to improve your businesses.

Here’s to conquering this IM business once and for all!


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