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Day 85 – Woke Up To $128 In CB :>

July 29th, 2009

Doogie Howser M.D.

Every day as soon as I wake up I go over to the computer to check how much money I made while I was asleep….Usually it is either 1 sale or still at 0 sales for the day…rarely will it be at 2 sales.

Today when I checked though Iwas surprised to find I had $128 sitting in my CB account from 5 sales!  Then…about an hour later I got another sale bringing it to $148.88!

One of the sales came from a sniper niche that I entered that had not produced any income for me…I had basically written it off, but it finally brought in a sale.  I also got 2 sales from sniper sites I built within this last month.

Now aside from that, today was also a good day for me with Adsense, I brought in $12.34 there… only a small chunk of that was from Hubpages/Infobarrel though.

Today I put up 30 Infobarrels, I’m going to have to put up 10 more to get the total up to 80, which I’ll do tomorrow.  Once that’s done I’ll be at 160 Hubs/80 Infobarrels(all Hubs will be backlinked) and I’ll begin outsourcing Hubs/Infobarrels again.

Earnings For Today:

  • $148.88 in CB Sales, 5 of the 6 sales being from sniper sites
  • 554 hops
  • Adsense = $12.34


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Day 69 – 9 More Snipers To Go

July 13th, 2009

So today my 4 sniper sites from yesterday were all indexed, 3 were on the front page, 1 was on the second page…I went and uploaded the reviews I had written previously for all sites..

After that, I put up another 3 sniper sites for today and did some inventory on how many more sniper sites I have left to create.  Although I can potentially make 18-20 more, I’ve decided that I’m going to only make 9 more sites and call it quits at that point.

I counted up my sites and it looks like when I’m done creating the next 9 sites I’m going to have 96 sniper sites in my main sniper niche and 20 sniper sites in various other niches…that’s a total of 116 sniper sites, crazy!

I’m going to have to do quite a few UAW submissions for all these once I’m done…I’m anxious to see if my hops are going to increase or if my sales are going to increase once I’ve done all my UAW submissions…

I’m going to try and get 4 sniper sites done tomorrow and day after, so that would leave me with Wednesday being the start of me outsourcing UAW and going into Hubpage building full time.

Earnings For Today:

  • No CB sales today
  • 1 Sale from someone on this site :> $26.80
  • Adsense = $3.92 ( a good bit of this from Hubpages, from a hub I put up on the 9th)
  • Hops = 504


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Day 57 – Profit For June!

July 1st, 2009

So it’s the end of another month and time to tally the score…

Here are the results for the month of June:

Total Hops = 13,966
Total Sales = 76
Total Refunds = 5
NET Sales = 69
GROSS CB Sales = $1,844.57
NET CB Sales = $1,740.27

Adsense = $133.85

***GRAND TOTAL = $1,874.12***
(+ $715.32 over last month’s total)

For me, living in Canada, with the current exchange rate being 86 cents to the dollar, this is $2,136.49 Canadian for me :>

Here’s more of a breakdown:

-47 Sniper Site Sales (compared to 17 sales for sniper sites last month)
-My main sniper niche accounts for $864.50 worth of sales…these sales came from a total of 17 of the main sniper site niche sites.
-16 Sales for Site #1 totaling $311.99 NET sales

Click Here for a Screenshot of Clickbank, showing total hops for the month, $ earned, refunds, and a breakdown of the hop distribution to the sites >>

A look at the monthly progress now:

Feb = $325.17
Mar = $622.44
Apr = $795.19
May = $1,158.80
June = $1,874.12

I remember at the beginning of the year I had the goal of reaching 3k/month by the end of the year…I remember it seeming like this big goal and I remember not being sure if it would be achievable in that time frame or not..funny how things change…Now, given my results, I’ve changed that goal to 4-5k/month by then.

Additional Info For The Day:

  • Created 2 more sniper sites in the main sniper niche
  • Got all my ordered articles I outsourced, I’ll talk more about this tomorrow..


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Day 49 – Day Of Monies

June 23rd, 2009
Sup Yo.

Sup Yo.

Well, got through another day of building sites, I put up another 2 sites today which leaves 8 sites for me to build before I get into a few new keywords…

Today was a KILLER day for me in terms of sales…In fact I’ve never had a larger sales day than today..

NOTE:  On June 11th, truth be told, I purchased a CB product through my own link, hence the $163.75 commission day there should actually be  around $96.51 and the weekly totals should read as:

2009-06-24 $501.30
2009-06-17 $399.65 **
2009-06-10 $434.88
2009-06-03 $291.08
2009-05-27 $247.54

Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to see from this screenshot how my CB income in the last 1 month has doubled and seems to now be at at least $500/week(I still have 1 day to go before this week is over):

Here is the earning breakdown for today:

7 Sales..

1 sale from a sniper site in Site#2’s niche = $20.04
3 sales in the main sniper niche = $27.12, $27.12, $21.57
2 sales for Site #1 = $26.38, $26.38
1 sale for Site #2 = $20.04

Adsense = $5.04

Hops = 509

*Total for Today = $173.59!*

Can’t wait to see what my income will be like once these next 8 sites + the 28 I registered recently are done!  I would love to see this trend continue and bring my income to $750/week in another month…

Once I get to 1k/week, around 4k a month, I’ll be getting 4.4k/month CAN which is a little over 50k/year..I’ll pretty much be set then, hope that day comes soon :>


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Day 22 – Almost Done

May 27th, 2009

I thought I’d get around to finishing off all the niche sites today but didn’t turn out that way…there were still some issues with my hosting early in the day which made it hard to create sites, but I still managed to get 2 sites done which means I have 1 more to create before I start building backlinks for all of them with UAW.  I think after this, I won’t be creating any more sites in this niche, I’ve got 35 sites in it as it is, I’m going to branch out more…

In other news, a couple of the sniper sites that I had created previously were indexed on Google today so I went ahead and posted up the final review pages for those…I’ve now got 2 more I’m waiting on being indexed, in addition to the 2 I made today.

As far as going into new niches for sniper sites, I’ve already found 3 possible niches to head into and found a handful of keywords…I have a good understanding of all niches so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to write on them.

Today I managed to get over 300 hops again, 347 to be exact, but I didn’t land any sales..things should pick up tomorrow though…it seems like my income is going to be over $1000 for this month ($899 in CB Sales + $15 Market Health + $70 Adsense) this would be an improvement over the $795 total in April and $622 in March.

Earnings For Today:

  • $3.66 in Adsense
  • Hops = 347


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