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Day 24 – PR Surprise :o

May 29th, 2009

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Today I had some dealings with recruiters and job offers…I’m going for a recruiter interview tomorrow(after which I may get a client interview) regarding a Quality Assurance position.  Because of this I had to spend some time today refreshing my QA knowledge and going over my resume so I didn’t get as much work done today as I otherwise would have.

For anyone that hasn’t followed from the start, I’m a contract Quality Assurance/Business Analyst and I’ve been out of work for a bit now, which is why I’ve been able to devote so much time to getting all this IM stuff done.

It’s great being able to work on my business full-time like this, however if I do wind up getting a job, the pace is going to slow down…especially since these jobs are going to require me to travel quite a distance.

Well, aside from that today I did manage to get 2 UAW submissions done, building backlinks for 4 of my sites…in addition to that, I noticed that my page rank for many of my sites has gone up, it looks like Google in the last few days has done a page rank update, check your sites!

The end result of this for me was the following:

For my main authority sites:

Site #1 = PR0 to PR1
Site #2 = PR1 to PR2
Site #5 = PR0 to PR1
Site #7 = PR0 to PR1
Site #8 = PR0 to PR1

And for my sniper sites, I had 8 of my oldest sniper sites reach a PR of 1!  It seems like running UAW on the sites has paid off..interesting.

Earnings For Today:

  • Sale for Site#3 = $22.84
  • Adsense = $2.05
  • Hops = 356


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Day 11 – Deciding On What To Do & Backlinking

May 16th, 2009

So I’ve been wondering lately if I should continue on building sites or maybe try and rework my existing sites for better conversions…I think that that answer will be more apparent after a few more days go by, I want to see how well these new products I’ve selected for my troublesome sniper sites perform.

So seeing as how this is where I am, I decided to spend a couple of hours building backlinks to about 24 of my sites, can’t go wrong with that….

That’s about all that I got around to doing today, so don’t have much else to report.  I did have a new record number of hops for today though (197)…It seems that since my UAW submissions, a lot of my sites have risen for their terms in Google..some to #1!

1 of my sites that got to #1 after the submissions got a total of 31 hops, the most I’ve ever had for 1 of my Sniper Sites and that’s from only 43 visits O_o.

I also had several other sites in the double digits of hops, one at 14, one at 13, one at 11 and two at 10…Below that I had one at 9, two at 8, one at 7, one at 6 and the rest below 5…

It’s interesting how so quickly I was able to get my hops from around 60/day to almost 200/day, that seemed so out of reach a short while ago…I remember Jeremy Kelsall from the Warrior Forum mention he got like 1000 or so hops a day and that that generated him around $300/day and I remember wondering how am I going to get it up that high???

Now I know, just make more sites…a LOT more…of course there is the one issue of making sure those are profitable hops, I’m working on that :>

Earnings For Today:

  • 1 Sale for Site#1 = $20.36
  • Adsense = $2.85
  • Hops = 197


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Day 10 – Success!

May 15th, 2009

Thanks everyone for your suggestions…today I decided to swap out my old product for my troublesome sniper site niche with a new one.  By the time I was finished it was pretty near the end of the day, but low and behold, right after switching programs I managed to get 1 sale for $27.12!

So it seems like it was the program…I hope that the sales continue to come in more regularly now with this program, time will tell!

That alone took me quite a while as I had to trade out banners and switch around text on all of my sites, I’m glad it’s all over!  Other than that, today I got my UAW submissions from yesterday done, so now I’ve got all my sniper sites building backlinks on autopilot which is a good feeling.

Seeing as how I got a sales in this niche, I did some more keyword research into this niche to find other sites I could start up.  The thing about this niche is there are a lot of highly searched keywords, the only question is if they are profitable because they are only 2 word keywords.

I just may try it for the heck of it, it’s hard to pass up easy hops, I mean these keywords have 40-75k searches/month forPHRASE match…they do have high competition, in quotes it ranges between 50-150k, but I know I can take some of these….BTW, I just checked one of my sniper sites that is a 2 word keyword and it’s #1 out of 53k competition….and…I have another 2 word keyword that is #1 out of about of 61k competition.  I normally don’t check where my sites are in the rankings and only pay attention to the # of hops the sites get, so I didn’t even know my sites were doing that good :>

As impressive as those numbers seem though, I think something is wonky…the site that got #1 out of 53k competition and supposedly gets 50k searches/month for PHRASE match in the Google Keyword Tool only got 41 visits today..and 2 hops.

In contrast, I have a site that’s ranked #3 for a keyword that has 15k searches a month for phrase match and it got 43 visits and 10 hops.


I think I’m going to be spending a lot more time doing keyword research, I really want to find some money keywords in other niches..

Earnings For Today:

  • $27.12 For a Sniper Site in the the troublesome niche
  • Adsense = $3.06
  • A record # of hops, 174! (For the troublesome niche, 55 of these were for the old product and 36 for my new main product, however I also have a secondary new product I tried on a few sites that got 8 clicks….that’s 99 hops total for this niche!)


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