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Day 83 – Hubpage Backlinking

July 27th, 2009

Hahah! This guys great…

So todsy I started backlinking my hubs with Infobarrels…I noticed that once you setup an account with them, your posts are not immediately put’re on a kind of probation, you need to get “pre-approved’.  The way that happens is when one of the following conditions are met:

  1. 10 approved articles with minimal inappropriate content OR 50 approved quality edits.
  2. Have been a member of InfoBarrel for at least 14 days.

So although I put up 10 Infobarrels, they are not yet live.

I interlinked the 10 Infobarrels in the exact same way I have been Interlinking my hubs and I stuck 2 links at the bottom of each article leading to 2 of my hubs.

Aside from this, I also outsourced 10 more articles to be turned into Infobarrels and I posted up 20 Hubs bringing the total to 160 posted hubs / 10 posted Infobarrels(with links to 20 hubs)

I’m going to see if I can get the rest of the Infobarrels up tomorrow.  I have 40 more I can put up at the moment, that will bring the total to 50.  In addition to this, I have 30 more I’m waiting on being written, when that is done, that will bring the total to 80.

I may even consider putting up some quick 250 word Ezine Articles as well…I really want to see these Hubs start making some cash, so I’m going to do whatever it takes to make the hubs I do have profitable!

Earnings For Today:

Today was a good day for affiliate sales, I had 6 sales for a total of $113.20:

  • 3 Sales for Site#3, 1 Sale for Site#1, 1 sale for a sniper site and 1 sale for my main sniper site
  • Hops = 477
  • Adsense = $4.06 (Good chunk from Hubpages)


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Day 53 – UAW Time + Look At Progress

June 27th, 2009
The Evolution of Geeks...

The Evolution of Geeks...

Ok, so I just finished off the last 2 sites I’m going to be creating for a while…Now I need to run UAW on about 23 odd sites, so this should take me about 4-5 days to complete.  After the backlinking for these sites is on autopilot, if my previous sites are any indication, they should start kicking in and generating commissions more frequently in about a months time, maybe a little sooner…

I’m still kind of curious about trying out building Hubpages for adsense…I do have my hands full with lots of sniper sites to create though…

I was going through some of my old Clickbank screenshots recently and I pasted together an image here to see how my Clickbank income has been growing over the past few months..This covers February to June:

And here’s a look at how my Clickbank bars have changed over time, this is from Aug-Sept of 2008:

Here is February 2009 (Made $258 NET in CB Sales):

Here’s April 2009 ($672 NET CB Sales):

And Here’s May – June ($1,051.58 NET sales in May):

I’ll have a detailed summary of this month’s sales and profit at the end of this month…

Earnings For Today:

  • $53.31 – 1 Sale from the main sniper site niche = $27.12, 1 sale from Site#1 = $26.19
  • Adsense = $3.66
  • Hops = 378


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Day 36 – It's Time To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum And I'm All Out Of Gum

June 10th, 2009

OK, so I’ve spent a lot of time today researching into different things I could be trying out and I’ve decided on what I’m going to be doing next.  I actually found 2 things I could potentially focus my attention on:

#1.  Building Hubs For Adsense

The idea for this comes from Court’s 100 Hubs in 30 days challenge at the Keyword Academy.  I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, but in case you have not, here it is:

What I’m going to be doing is finding keywords that I’ll be able to rank for that have a high CPC and good amount of searches, then create Hubs for these keywords.  I will then interlink my related hubs and eventually when they’re all build, work on building backlinks to them.

The main way I’ll be building backlinks to these hubs I’m thinking is through runs of UAW and/or using Steve’s backlinks to create 10-11 hub backlinks at a time via site blogrolls.

There is a revenue share of 60/40 here, with 60% of the adsense impressions going to YOU, so by piggybacking off of the authority of Hubpages and building backlinks to them, you can make some good rankings in google and then earn yourself some good amounts of Adsense money.  You can also put in Ebay or Amazon ads and potentially earn some comissions from big ticket items.

Now, the second idea I had was:

#2. Angela’s GoArticle + Backlinking Technique

If you haven’t heard of this one, find out more about it here:

Basically the idea is to post articles up on GoArticles(which get IMMEDIATELY posted, there’s no waiting involved), then begin building backlinks to them so they rank up on page 1 of Google.  Apparently GoArticle articles are more responsive to backlinking attempts, more so than EzineArticles.  Not only this, but you can put links in the article in the body and you can link directly to the affiliate sales page!  Angela mentions that she has often put up an article, done a backlinking run through one of her packets(30 backlinks), then woken up the next day to see the article on page 1.

After thinking it over, I’ve decided I’m going to do BOTH of these approaches.  Building sniper sites is an amazing way of making money, and I’m so glad I was able to find something that actually works, however I do believe at the same time that there is a better way of getting this done…I don’t want to have to build 200 Sniper Sites to only get 2k/month…Granted that’s nothing to scoff at, however, I believe there are other methods that will be even more effective and with less out of pocket expense (not that I wouldn’t pay 2k/year for 200 domains in order to earn 24k/year)….

It will be interesting to see how my sniper sites end up doing as they age and as UAW continues to build backlinks for them, maybe they will improve and bring in more $$, who knows?

In the meantime, I’m going to be trying these 2 techniques…

I’m going to give each technique a fair shot…

Already today I have decided that instead of making adsense sniper sites out of the 19 keywords I recently found, I’ll use those keywords to make Hubpages.  I’ve so far come up with a swipe file for me to use for material to write up these hubs and I’ve written up 2 600-700 word articles so far for 2 of the keywords.

When I get around to using Angela’s technique, I’m probably going to start by just using some of my existing Ezine Articles and posting them over to GoArticles so I can build backlinks to them over there.  Angela has mentioned this should work perfectly fine…that you do not have to come up with new content all together.  Whatever has the most/best backlinks will end up ranking higher.

By the way, I’m very much past the whole not being able to own all your money making web properties…this is what stopped me from trying something like this before.  All that matters is what works and what puts money in the bank account.  I’m going to keep the # of hubpages per account to maybe 10-30 per account, but I’m not going to worry about any of them getting shut down..I’m not putting all my eggs in 1 basket…Too often fear stops people from taking action, as long as the overall trend is an increase in my bank account, that’s all that matters…

Earnings For Today:

  • $54.25 – 2 Sales, $27.12, $27.13 from the main sniper site niche
  • Adsense = $10.63 – I believe this is my biggest Adsense day so far…Adsense income seems to have gone up ever since the Google PR update
  • Hops = 446




George of Google Sniper recently came out with a personal coaching WSO that I’ve signed up to, I couldn’t turn that one down considering how much I had been following along with his tactics and considering I’m looking for some new direction.  I will STILL be doing the above until I FULLY learn what George and Alex have to teach and how to implement it…

This should be interesting, I’ll report back here on how it works out , but again, I will be still doing the above in the meantime!

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Day 25 – Assessment of Sniper Sites

May 30th, 2009

Ok, so today I was able to get 3 more runs of UAW done…that leaves me with about 6 more sites that I need to build backlinks for (I realized I had  more sites than I thought to create backlinks for)…Once I get that done, I’ll probably start making sniper sites again.

Now I thought it would be a good idea to do an assessment of how successful my sniper sites have been thus far.  Now this is not going to be the best assessment as not enough time has gone by and because most of my sites in my main sniper site niche only became profitable once I switched out products, but none the less, here’s my income thus far for this month from sniper sites:

AMEX     USD       Sale       1     $20.04
PYPL     USD       Sale       2     $27.12
VISA     USD       Sale       2     $27.12
VISA     SEK       Sale       1     $26.33
VISA     USD       Sale       1     $27.12
VISA     DKK       Sale       2     $26.33
VISA     USD       Sale       1     $27.12
VISA     USD       Sale       2     $27.12
PYPL     EUR       Sale       1     $26.33
MSTR     USD       Sale       2     $27.12
VISA     USD       Sale       2     $27.12
VISA     USD       Sale       1     $20.04
VISA     USD       Sale       1     $20.04
MSTR     CAD       Sale       1     $31.85
PYPL     USD       Sale       1     $20.04

Total = $380.84

So out of all the 50 sites I’ve made, this is what I’ve been able to make from them this month(with the exception of the 30th and 31st as it’s not the end of the month yet).  Now I think if I let this play out for another month, that figure will be at least $500 for 50 sites (possibly more but lets stick with this) because as I said before, not enough time has gone by and a lot of my sites only became profitable once I switched products for my main sniper site niche(at the 14th of this month).

So, lets just assume that’s the case…that means by the time I have 200 sites, if I can stay consistent I’ll be making an extra 2k/month.  That seems like a lot of work to get to 2k/month,  but then again, it’s not too hard to pop out these sniper sites.  The only thing is if I want 5k/month at this rate that would equate to 500 websites which is a crazy number :/  I’m wondering if at some point I should stop and maybe focus on building web 2.0 sites to funnel traffic to the sniper sites…

Anyways, I think what I’ll do is once I’m done backlinking with UAW, I’ll start creating sniper sites again in a new niche.  I’ll then check to see if things are going well with the new sniper sites and if my hops and more importantly my income keeps increasing, I’ll stick with it and keep building sites.

Earnings For Today:

  • Sale for Site #1 = $20.36
  • Adsense = $5.61
  • 1 refund for Site #3= $22.84
  • Hops = 335


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