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Day 148 – You Will NOT Believe What Happened Today!

September 30th, 2009


I still can’t believe it.


I had been writing up 30 articles a day for the last 2 days as you know and submitting them to Ezines.  What I found is that apparently the more articles you submit in 1 go the faster they get accepted or something, because each of those batches of 30 articles basically went live the same day or the very next day..

What I did with those 60 articles in total was link back to about 15 of my adsense snipers, spreading it out among the main page as well as the inner pages.

With 2 links per article, I was aiming to have 12 backlinks to the main domain and 3 backlinks each the the inner pages.  I haven’t gotten that done for all of them as of yet, but the plan is to get that base level of advertising done then add even more article backlinks once I have that solid base setup..

As you know my income from adsense has usually been around $5-10/day and that yesterday I went up to $19.93, have a look at this (click image for larger version):

I was going nuts!!!

I couldn’t even concentrate enough to get my 30 articles for today written, I was refreshing my adsense account every 5 minutes!

I checked my Ezine Articles to see if maybe it was referred Ezine clicks, but out of all these 60 articles, I only got 8 clicks through to my websites which is not even close to accounting for this.

It seems as if the rankings for my sites and internal sites went up and I got a surge of traffic due to all these high PR Ezine backlinks!

I just started with this whole XFactor method a little over 2 weeks ago, Sept 12th and only made 15 or so sites, I can’t believe I’m seeing these kinds of results at this point!  Hopefully this new income level continues…

Now that I made this huge chunk of money, I’ve changed my priorities…I want to play it a bit safe here and flesh out some of my existing sites beyond 5 keywords and make additional pages for them.  I’m only going to be doing it for the domains that I created that didn’t target a product keyword domain though(ex: I’ll develop additional pages for a site like instead of, the reason for this is you never know if some sort of copyright problem will arise with the latter domain.

As far as what I did today, I got 30 more articles written and I submitted the 30 articles I had written from yesterday.  I’ll probably take a break from the promotion soon though to build up the additional pages.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $63.03 – 3 CB sales, none for the troublesome product though…I’m getting the feeling that it is the new sales page after all and that the new one isn’t converting as well
  • Hops = 269(new) / 545(old)
  • Adsense = $42.91
  • Total = $105.94


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Day 131 – 50 Pending Ezines + Content Done For 1 More Sniper

September 13th, 2009

Ewoks vs. Predator

I spent a lot of time today just finishing posting up all the Ezine Article backlinks for my original 5 adsense snipers, I also posted up 6 Ezines linking back to my latest sniper which was built totally in line with XFactor’s system(submitted 36 Ezine Articles in total today).

At this time I now have 50 pending Ezine Articles which is just crazy…

I’ve noticed today that one of my sites has raised in rank to the #1 position for it’s keyword, no doubt due to the Ezine submissions…and it’s performed well for me today.. In fact, since a bunch of my Ezines I had submitted earlier went live today, I’ve had 4 of my snipers bring in some dough today.

I only hope that with the Ezine Submissions, I’m able to get a stable influx of cash from all of these sites.  I’m definitely going to be spending a lot more time on each one of my sites, no more just pumping out sites…I’m going to do what it takes to make these produce daily/consistent results for me.

Aside from that, I also was able to get the content done for my next site.  I’m spending more time on writing up my content these days as I want it to be quality, not just articles I rushed out so that my sites will each be more solid.  I’m also making sure each post on the site is close to 500 words.

Again, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when that whole lot of Ezines goes live…

I’m feeling pretty good about this way of making money..just so long as the Ezine backlinks provide enough link juice to bring me up in rankings so I can see consistent daily earnings. If not, I can always do a run of SENuke, use UAW or use other article directories and see what happens.

Earnings For Today:

  • $43.26 – 2 cb sniper sales
  • Hops = 290(new) / 550(old)
  • Adsense = $9.22 (Adsense snipers did well today)


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Day 130 – XFactor Site Up + 20 Ezines

September 12th, 2009

Joe Rogan on DMT “It’s like mushrooms times a million plus aliens.”

Today I was able to finally figure out all of X Site Pro 2!  Man, that took me a day and a half, but I wanted to make sure I understood ever facet of that program.  I was able to figure out how to get an RSS feed setup and I submitted that to a bunch of RSS directories…I also pinged my site at Ping Goat and bookmarked it with Bookmarking Demon.

Another thing I did was I scheduled some of the posts to post at a future date.  For XSitePro to do this though you need to leave it on otherwise it won’t be able to upload at the time specified.

But now that I’ve figured it out, and I’m being more picky with my niches and I’ve realized I can pump out these Ezines at a good speed, I’m feeling really good about this whole project and it’s ability to earn me some money.

Today I noticed some of my adsense sites have been getting clicks, more than usual…I believe that it’s due to some of my Ezine Articles going live (only 5 ….)

Well, aside from getting XSitePro figured out and putting up a site, I was also able to write up 20 Ezines…I think I’m going to do these in huge batches rather than doing them 12 at a time (12 for each site) since it’s much easier to just pump a bunch out in 1 sitting.

I’ve still only got 5 of my Ezine Articles approved, it’s taking quite a long time even though I’m Platinum, I don’t know whats up with Ezines lately, I submitted some of these articles back on Monday, they’ve gotten lax.

Well, here’s hoping that just pure article marketing can blast these sites to the top…

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $0
  • Hops = 261(new) / 504 (old)
  • Adsense = $4.73 (Hubs = $2.35) + some $ from 2 of my adsense snipers


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Day 126 – 42 Ezine Articles Done Today

September 8th, 2009

Got this one from MikeM..

So in sticking with the whole XFactor method, I decided to write up some Ezine Articles for my 5 pre-existing adsense snipers.  The great thing about doing Ezines the way John has laid out is that it takes you very little time to pop each article out…in fact at my peak I was getting about 11 articles done an hour/1 article every 5-6 minutes:

Thus using this system I was able to pump out a total of 42 articles total today.  This in combination with the 18 I had already done makes for a total of 60 articles, 12 for each of my 5 sites.

I’m going to be posting these articles up on Ezines over the next 2-3 days and I’m also going to get started on some new adsense sniper sites.  I’m going to spend a bit more time than I would otherwise on the research aspect considering how much time is going to go into the promotion of each of these sites.

I truly hope that all these Ezine Articles will be enough to finally give me some decent results out of my snipers which thus far are yielding inconsistent clicks.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $49.22 = Site #1 & Site #3 sale
  • Hops = 397(new analytics system…wow, a new high in hops, I strongly suspect this is due to all  my SENuke runs) / 664 hops(old analytics)

  • Adsense = $4.98 (hubs = $0.07) + some $$ from 2 of my adsense snipers


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Day 125 – XFactor Adsense Snipers

September 7th, 2009

Well, I’ve decided I’m going to have a go at XFactor’s course, however before I go starting new sites I figured I’d start it with some of my existing sniper sites.  For that reason today I posted up 12 Ezine Articles to 2 of my sniper sites.  These are each linking back to my main domain as well as 1 additional page.

I’m going to be doing 12-15 Ezine submissions per site and make sure the submissions cover not just the main domain but hit each of the 4 additional pages at least 3 times.  Aside from that, I haven’t figured out what else I will do, but if it’s not submitting to other article directories, it will probably include me doing either UAW submissions or SENuke submissions.

Aside from posting those 12 Ezines up, I also wrote 5 new Ezine Articles and I did one more SENuke submission for one of my sniper sites.  I think I was a bit hasty in saying that I didn’t see much of a change when using it on my main sniper niche as now that some time has gone by, I have seen some slight increases in rankings.

I’m going to continue to write up Ezine Articles for my 5 existing adsense snipers, so that will be about 60-75 Ezine Articles in total…then I’ll start making new sites using XSite Pro.

I’m interested to see what all these Ezine Backlinks are going to do for the sites…

Earnings For Today:

  • $36.65 – 2 sniper site sales
  • Hops = 343(new) / 596(old) seems like the hops have been gradually increasing since around the 2nd of September, likely due to the SENuke submissions.
  • Adsense = $1.58


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Day 114 – SENuke Day 3

August 27th, 2009

Today what I did was I bookmarked 5 more properties for my first SENuke submission and submitted the rest of the RSS feeds for the 1st submission…I also submitted the spun article via Article Drip Robot to about 12 other article directories(there are more directories in there to submit to than in SENuke).

I then did another submission for an adsense sniper site, creating about 15 web 2.0 sites for it all interlinked, bookmarking about 5 pages and submitting 1/2 the RSS feeds for that as well…

Following this I also wrote up a new article in spin syntax to be used for a submission for one of the sites in my main sniper niche that has been booted off of page 1 for it’s keyword.

Thus far I haven’t been doing any sub-wheels, I’m just going to do 1 submission at a time for now…if I find that the 1 submission is helping, a particular keyword in any noticeable way, then I’ll go back and add a sub-linkwheel or 2 to strengthen the network.

I’ve also been thinking that I should start running SENuke for some product keywords as when browsing the success stories forum, I’ve found that’s what a lot of people have been doign to earn some nice sums of money…

Earnings For Today:

  • I’ve noticed that I’ve had quite a few EBay sales…I never check this as sales don’t come in frequently here, but I’ve had sales for 1 of my sniper sites that I stuck ebay in for: 18th = $0.41, 20th = $18.82, 22nd = $5.67, 24th = $1.06, 25th = $4.04 …I have a total of $32.92 in Ebay comissions for the month so far..
  • CB Sales = $26.38
  • Adsense = $17.91 , a new record high for me (hubs = $6.87, infobarrel = $2.99, + some additional money from one of my adsense snipers)


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Day 104 – Adsense Sniper Is Up!

August 17th, 2009

Retarded Policeman

Today I got my first Adsense sniper site up!  Now eventually I want to be putting out more than just 1 a day, I’m just acclimating myself to a new type of sniper site…

Now I’m not going to be as specific when it comes to talking about my adsense snipers and all the steps I take in setting one up as there is a very real possibility of losing my adsense account here if the wrong person finds my site. And I already know that people are misusing the detail I put on this site to search me up jump in on my niches so unfortunately this is how it’s got to be.

Now one thing I will say is that I’m not putting up only 3 posts as I would for a CB Sniper…I’m going to put up at least 5 posts on every Adsense site I put out there and I’m going to make sure the content I write up is decent content(which it always is)..

Now I picked out an Adsense theme today as well, we’ll see how well it does, but I basically selected a bland/boring looking theme which is more likely to get clicks.

The thing about Adsense snipers is usually high CPC keywords are competitive keywords and the types of keywords a sniper site would take 7+ days to start ranking for, if ever…I want to ensure the success of my Adsense snipers so I’m going to be spending much more time with keyword research and try to find me some high CPC keywords that for some anomalous reason seem to have little to no competition on page 1(mostly PR 0,1 and 2’s).  These keywords exist but they’re going to be harder to find.  Subsequently I MIGHT not be pumping out sites AS fast as I would CB Snipers(3-6 day), initially anyway…but we’ll see how things go.

If I can get these things to produce at least $1/day each, I would be set, as I can pump out sniper like sites pretty quickly at this point.

I’m considering backlinking these up as well..I may try using the Firepow Blog network and see how that works out..

Earnings For Today:

  • $144.11 – One of my authority sites(Site #7) that was getting 0 sales with Market Health I switched over to CB…after 16 hops(according to old CB analytics I managed to get 1 sale + 1 upsell for a total of $65.93!  In addition I got 4 sniper site sales.
  • Adsense = $5.20 (Hubs = $1.04, Infobarrel = $0.79)
  • Hops = 257(new) / 497(old analytics)


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