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Day 88 – End Of July Income Totals!

August 1st, 2009

Fredryk Phox

OK, so it’s that time of the month again, time to analyze the income totals and find out how much I made!  I’ve noticed something really strange when comparing the old vs the new analytics in Clickbank:

Old Analytics

15 refunds($292.53)

3 chargebacks($76.95)  — chargebacks take money out of YOUR pocket, so if you made 1 $25 sale and got a chargeback, your balance would be -$25!

New Analytics

10 refunds($169.03)

0 chargebacks!

I’m not complaining about that!  But the oddities don’t end there…

Old Analytics

Approx 16,550 Hops for the month (+2,500 hops over last month)

New Analytics

8,634 Hops O_o !?  1/2 the hops practically! This changes my conversion rates significantly as well…My average hops per order in the new CB Analytics is 102/order vs 196/order in the old CB analytics.

Now, as far as how much income I’ve made, here’s the breakdown:

84 Sales (vs 76 total last month)
10 Refunds (vs 5 total last month)
74 NET sales

Gross CB Sales = $1,933.47 (vs $1,844.57 last month)
Refunds = $169.03
NET CB Sales = $1764.44 (vs $1,740.27 last month)

Now in addition to that I have some additional income to add on:

  • 1 Sale from this site for $26.80
  • Adsense = $143.83 (+$9.98 over last month) **EDIT : $16.53 in Hubpage earnings, $1.27 in Infobarrel earnings**
  • Now here’s a surprise…I hadn’t been checking my Ebay at all because I didn’t expect much from it…I did report I made around $38 earlier this month, but it seems like I was way off..I don’t know how I was misreading it, but I was…I had another look via reports and this is what I found:

1 sniper site with Ebay on it got me 4 sales this month:

2009-07-05    Winning Bid (Revenue)    24.58 (from a $347.15 purchase)
2009-07-10    Winning Bid (Revenue)    51.26 (from a $1376.26 purchase)
2009-07-28    Winning Bid (Revenue)    2.5 (from a $20.52 purchase)
2009-07-29    Winning Bid (Revenue)    1.32 (from a $10.76 purchase)

***EDIT : I thought that was all my income, but it seems like this revenue is then split between Ebay and me and I’m left with $40.45, which is 1/2 of the total($80.89)***

So, adding everything together, the NET TOTAL for July is…. ***$1,975.51*** (+ $101.39 over last month)

I was hoping for a bigger increase, but part of the reason is I switched over to a new method of making money where results aren’t as instant (Hub building)..

Now for the fun of it, here’s a look at some of the new CB analytics for my account:

Click here for a chart of my gross sales from July 1st to 31st

Click here for a chart of my hops per day from July 1st to 31st (This is in the new hop system which is 1/2 the hops of the old system O_O)

Now as far as what I did today, I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with Niche Devil…There was a bit of a learning curve, but once you have it figured out, you can pretty much create a new site in 15 minutes, it’s crazy!  The only question is, will the .info’s rank well?  So what I did was I put up 9 .infos and I also put up a .org for one of the same keyword as the .info….I put up the .info’s earlier in the day and a lot of them are now indexed however they are not ranking…I just put up the .org about an hour ago, so it will be interesting to see which ends up ranking first, the .org or .info (the .info has had a head start, but it’s pretty much a shoe in for the .org I’d say..)

There’s more I want to mention about what I did today, but I’ll leave it for tomorrow’s post.


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Day 84 – Setting Up More Real Estate

July 28th, 2009

Ok, so today I spent the day putting up more backlinks to my hubs via Infobarrels…I was able to get 30 up which leaves me with 40 more Infobarrels left to put up. These 40 are all done at this point, they’ve been outsourced…so they are ready to go.

One thing that kind of annoyed me though when putting these up is they removed a bunch of my links to Hubpages.. They don’t like it when you link to your site at the bottom of the article as you would in Ezines…it seems like they would prefer you work your links into the body instead. So I had to go back and find ways to get my links into the body in the natural flow of the article.

Now I tried for the hell of it a search on one of my keywords where I just put up an Infobarrel and noticed that it was already appearing on page 1 of Google for it’s keyword! I haven’t checked many of them, but hopefully the same will be happening for other Infobarrels and this will be the start of my web properties ranking well enough to generate me some clicks.

Earnings For Today:

  • $27.12- 1 sale from a sniper site
  • Hops = 537
  • Adsense = $3.66

BTW, this month looks like it’s going to be the month of refunds…I can’t believe just how many I’ve had (13) and today I just got 2 more, almost $300 worth 🙁  This is why it’s good to have some Adsense income where you don’t have to worry about refunds stealing away your income.


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Day 79 – This Could Be Big…

July 23rd, 2009

OK…I’ve gone and done something which feels like a VERY,VERY big step..

It feels like I’ve stepped into a new level of game by having done this…but now that I’ve done it, I’m starting to see how much better and faster things are going to be progressing from here on out…

I’ve decided that from now on, I am NOT going to write ANY articles.  That’s right…no more writing for me, I am now going to be outsourcing EVERYTHING.

I’ve gone ahead and put down 1k for outsourcing to Human Rewriter…it’s a big step and I’m pretty much doing it on faith at the moment, to be honest, as all I have to go on is having seen Ben’s success with this method.

Now it wasn’t easy to put this money down, but once I did and started seeing how quickly and easily I was getting work done, I started realizing that if this thing works out, this could very well lead to me getting a  full time income a lot quicker than I had previously thought!

Now with the average Hubpage being around 450-500 words, I’m finding that this translates to a cost of around $3.75 per outsourced article for the Hubs.  Considering you get a 20% bonus when you invest 1k, that’s 1,200 points which will likely yield me 320 Hubs/Infobarrels.

Now part of the reason I’ve been able to put down so much is because I’m making 2k/month…essentially my business is funding itself here…I can tell you that once your business’ income hits around $500/month though, you will reach the point where you start considering outsourcing seriously and becoming more comfortable with spending large amounts on it.

This is something I’ve worked my way into..not too long ago if you look at my archives, you’ll see I was quite reluctant to do ANY outsourcing whatsoever!

Now the reason I went with Human Rewriter is because I’ve been impressed with their level of writing…there have been times where the articles I got back were written BETTER than the source article.  Also, they don’t just rewrite sentence by sentence, they also change the structure while still maintaining the ideas that are trying to be conveyed.  This is why I think their work turns out so well..

Also, I don’t know if you’re put on a priority queue if you invest a lot, but my wait time has been reduced to 1-8 hours from 24-36…In fact, today I submitted 12 articles to be outsourced and I ended up getting 4 of them back before I was done submitting the lot!

One of the most important things I feel when outsourcing for Web 2.0 properties like Hubs is that you outsource to a place which is going to product decently written articles…You don’t want the grammatically incorrect drivel that sometimes gets passed through at Ezine Articles…You need these Web 2.0 properties to stand the test of time, if I hadn’t found a company that pops out well written articles  all the time like these guys, I would not have felt comfortable enough to outsource like this and take my game to a new level…

Now as for what I did today, as I mentioned earlier, I submitted 12 articles to be outsourced…I wasn’t able to do more work than that as I had some other things I needed to take care of, I’ve got 2 birthdays I’m going to be going to tomorrow and day after.

So now I’m going to be spending a lot more of my time just doing keyword research and looking for good keywords to turn into hubs….if all goes well, I’ll probably put down more money to continue the outsourcing.

The way I look at it is, if I spend 2k to outsource a mix of 640 hubs/infobarrels, lets say 210 Infobarrels and 430 Hubs , if this ends up yielding me a $100/day revenue stream, would it not be worth the 2k invested?

Of course it would!

The only thing is, most people don’t reach this level due to one or several of the following reasons:

#1. FEAR – This includes being afraid to invest time in your business and not get any return out of it (note, it’s all part of the process and necessary, you will eventually see returns) , Being afraid of outsourcing, being afraid of building a website, being afraid of building more than X number of websites, being afraid of putting up Web 2.0 properties because they might get shut down, being afraid of doing Adsense because you might get banned and lose all your money, being afraid of building sniper sites because they might not last in the SERPS, being afraid of writing X number of articles and not seeing any money come of it…etc, etc…

This all needs to STOP.  Stop fearing, it is crippling and halts ALL progress..If you want to make it in this business, you NEED to conquer this, no exceptions.

#2. Not putting forth the required work effort (and it is WAYY more than you think…you need to put forth concentrated effort on a DAILY won’t get anywhere until you realize that it must be DAY BY DAY, absolutely NO skipping days…that breaks momentum.)

#3. Not thinking BIG enough!  You need to put out tons and TONS of content out on the web if you want to see profits…You can’t just sit on your 3, 10 or 15 sites, you need to start thinking bigger…either turn those into massive authority sites, start pumping out articles like mad promoting them, or start pumping out tons more of those same type of websites, HUNDREDS of them…whatever model you prescribe to, you need to be looking at taking it to the extreme, that’s the one constant with everyone who’s made a full time income online.

That’s it…seriously!  It all comes down to that so keep these 3 points in mind.

Earnings For Today:

  • $63.77 – 2 sales for sniper sites, 1 sale for site #2
  • Hops = 515
  • Adsense = $2.07


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Day 76 – Hub Update

July 20th, 2009

Outtakes from Kenny vs Spenny – Kennys hilarious!

Ok, so I didn’t get as much as I’d hoped done today…I ended up finishing writing 15 hubs in a new niche.  I’m still going to have to write 5 more hubs and then upload them all.  I’m also still waiting on getting my 20 outsourced hubs back from yesterday.

I’m thinking if those hubs come back in good quality, what I’m going to do is really go overboard with the outsourcing…If the quality is good, I’ll just outsource 50 rewrites of my hubs and post those up to Infobarrels.  Those 50 Infobarrels will then link back to my 100 hubs.

The amount of money I’m making from Hubpages is still very minimal…I’ve only made about $13 so far, however it’s still way too early for me to be expecting any kind of income, I need to wait at least 2 weeks to start seeing ANY income pour in and I haven’t even backlinked yet…it’s tough because you don’t see the immediate results like you do with Sniper Sites.

Earnings For Today:

  • $53.15 – 1 Site #3 sale = $11.04, 2 main sniper site sales = $16.61, $25.48
  • Adsense = $2.60 (Some Hubpage $$ in there)
  • Hops = 582


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Day 74 – 100 Hubs Written Up

July 18th, 2009

This has been a long night…I waited too long to get started on writing my hubs but nevertheless, I got 20 hubs all written….I was just in the process of uploading, I got through about 8 but then Hubpages got all screwy, they’re messing with the website layout or something and now I can’t navigate their site to add the rest of the hubs I wrote.

So I guess I’ll call it a night and get back to uploading the remaining 12 hubs tomorrow when hopefully this will be fixed…But once It is, and I finish uploading this, this will make for 100 total hubs!

It’s a lot of fun seeing the # of hubs go up at such a fast rate, just 2 days ago I was at 60…in another 10 days I SHOULD be at 300!  Probably at that point I’ll start making 150 Infobarrels as backlinks to the existing hubs and see how that works out.

Earnings For Today:

  • $87.46 – 4 sales for the main sniper niche = $16.61, $16.61, $27.12, $27.12
  • Adsense = $5.63 (Some Hubpage income here)
  • Hops = 515


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Day 72 – Research For Hubpages

July 16th, 2009

So today aside from putting up the review pages to a few of my sniper sites that have just now become indexed, I spent the day researching various niches and keywords that I could potentially write Hubpages for.  I was told by Ben that a good thing to do is to spread out the Hubpages across many niches, that way you can more readily find which niches are the winners and ones you can focus on…It would definitely suck to make all your sites on 2-3 niches, only to find out they’re all duds..

So far I’ve researched 5 niches for a total of 70 keywords….I’ve also got a few other niches I have yet to dig into and pull keywords out of, I’ll do that tomorrow…Once I feel like I’ve got a nice large list of keywords to work from in various niches, I’m going to begin pumping out the Hubpages en-mass.

One of the things though with this approach is that when spreading out my Hubpages over many niches, it’s going to take me a lot more time and effort to write up the hubs as I have to research that many more niches…In the end though it’s for the better..

Not much else to report…Tomorrow I’ll do a bit more research and begin creating the hubs…

Earnings For Today:

  • $76.18 – 4 sales from main sniper site niche = $16.61, $16.61, $16.32, $26.64 (All of these sales have come from relatively new sniper sites I made on June 30th/July 8th)
  • Adsense = $5.44
  • Hops = 659


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Day 71 – Sniper Wrap Up And It's Over 700!

July 15th, 2009

The More You Ignore It, The Cooler You Look.

Well, looks like the hops have finally reached past 700, today I clocked in at 716 hops :>

Other than that, I finished off my last 3 sniper sites and now am finally going to be focusing my energy on building hubs…

I’m going to need to spend a good deal of time tomorrow researching various niches to jump into for the hubs.  I want to start off putting hubs in as many niches as I can so that I find out which are the good niches to focus on early on.

I’m also going to be outsourcing some UAW articles over the next little bit, gotta go figure out how many articles will need to be outsourced and also come up with what keywords they should target before I outsource them.

Once I’ve got a good idea of what niches are going to be profitable, I’ll start writing the hubs..I’m hoping that after all is said and done, I can pull in at least a solid 2k/month from Clickbank and another 3k/month from Adsense via Infobarrel and Hubpages..

After I do my hubpage and Infobarrel spree, I may then consider other ventures, like possibly creating adsense sniper sites or amazon sites geared around product keywords like what the Niche Market Ninja is doing…But first things first…

I still have a few other possible sniper sites I can create in this niche, although I’m going to keep them on the back burner for now, I need a break from the sniper sites…I’ve created 116 Sniper sites thus far…

Earnings For Today:

  • 3 Sniper site sales, $16.61, $16.61 and $27.12(this one is from a site I put up on the 23rd of June)
  • Hops = 716
  • Adsense = $6.49 (Hubpage clicks in here)

Additional Notes For The End Of The Sniper Spree:

Just want to make a note here…George speaks of making somewhere in the range of $200-500 per sniper site, however in my experience after 100 odd sniper sites for keywords with searches per month of 3k-14k EXACT match, this is not the case.  Whenever I make these sniper sites, I expect them to at best generate 1-3 sales/month..Out of all my sniper sites I’ve ever created, this has been the norm, and I have a lot of sites ranking in the top 1-5 positions for page#1.

Additionally, I don’t expect to see all my sites bringing in that, usually it’s only like 1/3 of my total sniper sites that bring in those sales each month.  That’s not to say only 1/3 are profitable, some sites may only make a sale every other month and who knows, perhaps more sites will become profitable as they age and I generate more backlinks…but this has been my experience thus far.


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Day 70 – 6 Sniper Sites Done..Crazyness!

July 14th, 2009

Not work safe, but DAMN funny! 😀

OK, today I was on a roll and I just kept pumping out Sniper Sites….I really wanted to get these over with so I can start up on the Hubpages, and with that drive, I pumped out 6 full sniper sites today!  On average it took me about 30-45 min to write the content and 45-50 min to put up the site, bookmark/rss submit …I was multi-tasking and clicking like crazy… Sometimes you just get into those zones!  If you have a strong enough motivation, it’s crazy what you accomplish.

Another reason I as able to get all that work done was because a lot of the sites I was working on were very similar and the posts just needed to be rewritten in slightly different wording for each blog.

Now in addition to that, 1 of my sites from yesterday was indexed on page 1 and I posted up the review page for that.

Earnings For Today:

  • $116.05 in CB Sales – 2 sales for the main sniper site niche, 1 of the sales is from a new site I put up on the 8th or 9th ( $27.12, $27.13), 2 Sales for Site #3 = $17.98, $4.10, 2 Sales for Site #2 = $19.68, $20.04 (I’m thinking one of the reasons why Site#2 might be doing better might be because I’ve setup an autoresponder to collect emails on my sniper sites and redirect the users to my main authority site in that niche via the msgs (Site #2) …I’m not 100% certain that this is the case though..
  • Adsense = $7.83
  • Hops = 659 (finally it’s climbing! And you better continue to…or else)
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Day 69 – 9 More Snipers To Go

July 13th, 2009

So today my 4 sniper sites from yesterday were all indexed, 3 were on the front page, 1 was on the second page…I went and uploaded the reviews I had written previously for all sites..

After that, I put up another 3 sniper sites for today and did some inventory on how many more sniper sites I have left to create.  Although I can potentially make 18-20 more, I’ve decided that I’m going to only make 9 more sites and call it quits at that point.

I counted up my sites and it looks like when I’m done creating the next 9 sites I’m going to have 96 sniper sites in my main sniper niche and 20 sniper sites in various other niches…that’s a total of 116 sniper sites, crazy!

I’m going to have to do quite a few UAW submissions for all these once I’m done…I’m anxious to see if my hops are going to increase or if my sales are going to increase once I’ve done all my UAW submissions…

I’m going to try and get 4 sniper sites done tomorrow and day after, so that would leave me with Wednesday being the start of me outsourcing UAW and going into Hubpage building full time.

Earnings For Today:

  • No CB sales today
  • 1 Sale from someone on this site :> $26.80
  • Adsense = $3.92 ( a good bit of this from Hubpages, from a hub I put up on the 9th)
  • Hops = 504


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Day 66 – 2 More Snipers, 5 More Hubs

July 10th, 2009
Special Dad

Special Dad

So today I managed to get 2 more sniper sites created as well as 2 more hubs.  In addition to that, I also uploaded the 10 hubs I made yesterday bringing the total to 50 online hubs plus these 5 soon to be online ones.

Tomorrow I’ll work on the other 5 hubs for this niche I have planned and I’ll also research into a new hub niche to tackle.  With these Hubpages, I’ve found you have to be more patient than with sniper sites.  With sniper sites I can be indexed the next day and start seeing hops right then and there.  However with Hubpages, you need to wait about 1-2 weeks to start showing up high enough in the search engines to receive some clicks.

Of coures it depends on the niche you’re targetting, but this is what I found in the past with my 10 initial hubs and it is what Ben has found through his experience as well.

Earnings For Today:

  • $101.73 – 3 sales from the main sniper site niche = $27.13, $27.12, $27.12 and 1 sale for Site#1 = $20.36
  • Adsense = $5.05
  • Hops = 526


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