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Day 93 – Hubs Ezines And Snipers

August 6th, 2009

You MUST listen to this guy’s music if you haven’t already…Ronald Jenkees

Well, so far I’ve put up 9 sniper sites in this new niche and although they’ve been indexed, none are ranking yet…this is not what I’m used to as in my main sniper niche I would end up ranking the next day on page 1.

Seeing as how I’m not sure exactly how I will rank in this niche, I decided to hold off on building more sniper sites in it until some of my first 9 show up in the rankings.Β  Until then I decided to start working on my Hubs and Ezines..

What I did was write up 5 more Ezine Articles, then submit those as well as the prior 15 I wrote up…so now I’m going to have 40 hubs backlinked once these go live.Β  I also spent some time putting up 10 hubs that I had outsourced..bringing my total to: 170 hubs/80 Infobarrels/20 Ezines.Β  Ultimately I intend for this to get to 300/150/150…with that amount of content, hopefully given time it will generate $30/day (of course if things go well, I’ll do more than just this)…

Aside from this, I also for the hell of it decided to do more research into my main sniper niche..and found 10 more keywords that I can still go after, so I might take 2-3 days sometime soon to put those up…that might be able to generate an additional $100-200/month.

Earnings For Today:

I almost had another $100+ day!

  • $94.95 in CB Sales = 2 sales from site#1, 2 sales from my main sniper niche
  • Adsense = $2.82 (Hubs = $0.82) I’ve noticed that Hubpage income has been constantly flowing in the last 6 days
  • Hops = 209(new) / 418(old analytics)


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  1. alex
    August 6th, 2009 at 07:20 | #1

    Good job dude. I’m reading your site every single day through google reader to get the motivation for me to continue my little game online – I’ve just got my ~100$ month and I’m so happy.
    I’m curios, do you know other people blogs where they write about their internet journey like you and you like to share with us? I mean, it highly motivating when you work all the day to read some people blog posts about how they start easily and put their way through a full time income.

    I’ve been working for six months as a web programmer then I realize that I have to follow my passion and my income online. Heck, I was doing ~300$ a month on my day job (I was 19), and now I do almost ~100$ per month online, so I’m in track.

  2. August 6th, 2009 at 08:00 | #2

    Hi Mike.. You’re just unstoppable πŸ™‚

    I think it’s really nice that you are up on the $100/a day.
    Congrats man.

    anyway… I’ll keep on blogging and hopefully I’ll be able to come up to your level sometime soon.

  3. Mikeman
    August 6th, 2009 at 11:33 | #3


    Hey Alex, there are a few other people who have blogs where they chart their progress, look through my comments and click through to some of the poster’s personal websites..

    and congrats on the $100/month milestone man.


    hah, thanks Isak, I may be skeptical, but the only time I’ll consider myself at the $100 a day mark is when my income over a month averages out to $100/day…Right now this just might be a lucky streak, I don’t know yet.

  4. MikeM
    August 6th, 2009 at 15:27 | #4

    Hey Mike…really impressive! I’ve been inspired to take action and have set a goal to do 100 hubs with 50 info barrels by the end of August.

    I do have a question regarding keyword research for the hubs. Court’s method has us looking at “green” keywords that have a potential of $50 or more per month (CPC*Searches*.4*.05*.25). However, I remember you mentioning that you are targeting keywords with 300-3K searches per month exact. Unless all your keywords are like $20 have you reduced your minimum?

    Also, after you have gathered all your keywords do you just look at the top 5 sites to judge PR and competition. Or do you also check out the keyword in a phrase match ” ” query as well?


  5. Mikeman
    August 6th, 2009 at 15:42 | #5


    Hey Mike, I think you’ve got a good goal there, I’d round it off with 50 Ezine articles as well…

    Regarding choosing keywords for Hubs or Infobarrels, I can’t really advise you on this as I myself am trying to figure this thing out myself…

    All I can tell you is that I have been choosing keywords in the same way I have been choosing sniper site keywords.

    I don’t use any formulas, that’s not my style, I like to take each keyword on a case by case basis and go based on my instinct and intuition. That is something I can’t quantify and give to you…

    But what I can say…is I look to see if there are other Web 2.0 sites on page 1 like Ezine Articles, Streetdirectory, Articledashboard etc…If I see them ranking on page 1, that tells me that a hub can likely rank on page 1 as well with some backlinking.

    Obviously the higher up the web 2.0 property is ranking on page 1, the better it will be for your hub.

    I also look to see that there are PR N/A’s, 0’s,1’s and 2’s on page 1…If I see those ranking in the middle of page 1, it’s a good sign, it means I can at least take middle of page 1….If I see those at the bottom of page 1, that means I’ll likely end up at the bottom of page 1 with my hub which isn’t optimal and sometimes I scratch such a kw.

    hopefully that much helps…but you need to understand, finding out what a good keyword is can NOT come down to only a simple formula…you need both the formula AND the real world experience! This is what Court has and that is why that formula works for him, he combines HIS formula with HIS keyword experience, you can’t just run with only 1 half of the equation.

    You need to get that real world experience and also come up with your own formula.


  6. MikeM
    August 6th, 2009 at 17:04 | #6

    Mike that does help a lot. thanks for the insights.

    I’m going to disappear for a while and won’t come back until I’ve finished at least 50 hubs, 25 infobarrels and 25 ezine articles linked to the hubs.

    If I find anything on the way or get good results I will share with you. You’ve done way more to help me out and I hope I can return the favor.

    Thanks man.


  7. Bruce
    August 6th, 2009 at 22:57 | #7

    Mike, Ronald Jenkees sounds awesome…thanks for sharing that!

  8. Mikeman
    August 7th, 2009 at 02:40 | #8

    np Mike

    Ya, Ronald Jenkees has some serious talent..

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