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Day 90 – Decided To Start Snipers Up Again

August 3rd, 2009

Haha, Michael Cera…

Now I know a lot of you were expecting to see another jump in income this past month, but the fact is, sometimes you can work your ASS off and stay at a stand still!  It’s all part of the frustrations that go along with IM.

Well, considering this and considering it’s the start of a new month…I want to ENSURE I make some progress.  Seeing as how I’m relatively new to the whole making money with Hubs and the only thing I KNOW I can  make money off for sure is with sniper sites, I thought it wise to go back to making some sniper sites.

Now this does not mean I’m abandoning Hub building..My goal with Hub building is to get 300 hubs built with 150 Infobarrel backlinks and 150 Ezine Articles backlinking those hubs as well.  I’m going to be working on my hubs on a day to day basis still, but I’m going to try and spend more of my time focused on building snipers.

Now MikeM, I know you asked if I’m seeing the kind of results I expected with the Hubs…the answer is, it’s still too early for me to pass judgement.  I’ve got 160 hubs up and 80 infobarrels backlinking them but a lot of that is relatively new.

One thing I HAVE found out though(through experience and speaking with others) is that backlinking is INCREDIBLY key to this.  If you want to see some fast profits from your hubs(like Court saw), you can’t just put up 100 hubs and expect to see cash rolling in.  You need to backlink those up with Infobarrels, then again with Ezine Articles and even more if possible(ex: UAW).

The other factor is of course time, however time without the backlinks is not good enough, so if you’re only planning on putting up 100 hubs with nothing supporting them, you’re going to be dissapointed.

With that said, it seems like things picked up for my Hubs today, although I can’t disclose clicks…

Now as for Niche Devil, this is also something I’m going to see if I can squeeze in.  My intent is to get 100 .infos out there and see what happens.  So far what I’ve found is if all you do is put them up and ping them, they don’t get indexed, you NEED to run BMD on them if you want them to get indexed.

I haven’t had all of mine indexed as I don’t want to do too many bookmarks at once, but I am now just finishing up the last few bookmarks on my 30 ND .info sites.

One other thing I want to mention is that I found one of my .info sites RANKED!  I was surprised, although it was found WAYYYY back on page 17.  If this were a .org/net or com, and I had done my usual RSS submissions, I know this would have shown on page 2 at the least for this kw.  It’s interesting to see how differently .info’s respond.  Well, hopefully the .infos end up ranking and bringing in traffic sometime soon, I still don’t have any traffic to speak of for them.

Now as far as what I got done today…I did some research and found 15 keywords in a new niche to target and put out 1 sniper site.  I also outsourced 10 more Hubpages.

Earnings For Today:

  • $126.83 – 2 sales for the main sniper niche, 2 sales for another sniper niche and 1 sale for one of my authority sites that RARELY gets sales.
  • 251 hops(new), 480 hops(old)
  • Adsense = $4.69 (hubs – $2.43)


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  1. MikeM
    August 3rd, 2009 at 06:56 | #1

    Thanks for the info Mike! So just to reiterate for the best strategy for the hubs does this makes sense?

    1) Write the content for the Hub (450-550 words)

    2) Backlink with an Infobarrel

    3) If possible, backlink with other Hubs in the same niche

    4) Write an Ezine article to backlink the Hub

    5) Submit an article to UAW and set to 7/day

    On top of this do you do BMD on the Hubs as well?

    Thanks Mike.

  2. August 3rd, 2009 at 06:58 | #2

    Mike – From my experience, .info domain names simply do not rank well. Take, for instance, http://chasingthebull.info.

    I have posting to this site for over a year, it has a page rank of 2, talks about passive income on almost every single post, yet come in ranked at 100+ for almost every ‘passive income’ keyword (which are not that competitive). I have literally created back links to this site until my fingers bleed and nothing helps.

    If you can find some low hanging fruit it may work well. With that being said, I have had almost NO luck at all!

  3. Shelly
    August 3rd, 2009 at 09:35 | #3

    Congrats on the sales Mike!

    Are you going to do any sniper adsense sites?

  4. Rob
    August 3rd, 2009 at 10:21 | #4

    All I can say is “if anyone can make this work” it’s you, Mike. You definitely follow everything by the book and do everything to make it work. Including but not limited to a wealth of relatively expensive tools and services to accelerate the process of ranking. Not to mention the blood, sweat and tears.

    It’s common knowledge that .info do not rank, yet you still show no “fear” and plug away determined to make those work even when the odds are against you.

    You are a true internet marketing warrior. We are all learning from your example and you will be rewarded.

    I am still in awe and humbled. I’m you’re number one fan!

  5. August 3rd, 2009 at 12:37 | #5

    @Rob – I definitely think if anyone can do it, Mike would be that guy. I just think, unfortunately, that .info domains get a lot less Google love than any other type of domain.

  6. Mikeman
    August 3rd, 2009 at 13:06 | #6


    Hey MikeM, ya, except interlinking your hubs in the same niche is NOT optional, it’s a MUST! This is why you should be doing at least 10 hubs in 1 niche so that you can interlink them all:

    Hub2 links to Hub1
    Hub 3 links to hub 2 and hub1
    Hub 4 links to hub 3, 2 and 1 etc..there’s no limit on the # of hub to hub links you can have.

    And ya, you want to get Infobarrel/EZ links to your hubs. That SHOULD do the trick from what I’ve heard. UAW would be a bonus…another bonus would be adding Ezine Article links to the Infobarrels.


    Dusty, ya, I’m new to .infos and how well they do, thanks for the info on that..Vic still recommends them though and I have seen some comments that people have seen some income coming in…so I suppose a way exists to make them profitable.

    Thanks Shelly, I’m not planning on doing adsense snipers at this time as I want to go back to doing what I know works for sure for me, but I will get into it at some point…

    Rob, thanks for this man :)…as far as the tools being expensive, they’re not as long as you only get them when you business can pay for them. I’ve never looked at my business as something I can take profits from but rather a source of income I can use to reinvest. This is key to building it up to a full time income.

  7. Bruce
    August 3rd, 2009 at 16:25 | #7

    Uh…Rob cannot be your Number #1 Fan, because I am your Number #1 Fan, …Ok?

  8. Mikeman
    August 4th, 2009 at 03:01 | #8



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