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Day 9 – Where To Go From Here?

Today the plan was to get 4 more submissions done for Unique Article Wizard, but the last few days UAW has been acting up for me, they’ve been doing daily backups and site maintenance and during that time it’s really hard to get a submission through.

Today it was so bad I was only able to get 1 through…I wrote up 3 more but I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to submit them.

After I do that though, I’ll have done UAW submissions for all of my Sniper Sites and then the question becomes what next?Β  See, I’ve made 39 Sniper Sites and increased my daily hops quite significantly as a result, but the thing is the sales have not been going up as well.Β  This is the kind of stuff which stops people from continuing on, it really sucks…So now I’m wondering if I should keep on creating sites or not.

I think a big part of this is finding the right keywords, perhaps that has been the issue, I don’t know yet at this point…

Well, I’ve found a replacement product to use for my troublesome Sniper Sites, so I may just switch to that in the coming days and see what happens with those 22 sites.Β  Other than that, I think I’m going to spend some time tomorrow doing a lot of keyword research and see if I can find some gems that will renew my desire to create these sites in spite of the results so far..

Earnings For Today:

  • Adsense = $1.63
  • Hops = 136 (70 hops for the 22 troublesome Sniper Sites)


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  1. May 14th, 2009 at 04:30 | #1

    Hmmm it’s got to be the product I think. People are clicking but not buying. Hopefully the new product will convert better. What is the gravity on the current one? I am also starting to see that you have to be very very picky on your keyword. My new sniper site just got indexed like 2 days ago. I’m ranked #8 and I got 33 hops yesterday but no sales! I’m hoping to make that first sale soon if the 1 in 100 holds up. The gravity is over 100 on the product.

  2. Peter (pacecom)
    May 14th, 2009 at 05:13 | #2

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t want to discourage your business plan in any manner. However, if I had your ability to crank out content at the rate you are capable, I would be concentrating on building Niche Blogs with 60 articles setup to fire off every 3 to 4 days. I believe there is wisdom in Amy’s method of creating a site that will only grow in page rank and thus in income.

    The reality with Niche Blogs is that you really don’t start seeing much income until month 3 or 4. That is what I am beginning to experience now. My 1st Niche Blog is on Finances and it’s only monetized with Adsense because the clicks I am getting are minimum $1.50 and maximum $3.75. There was no traffic for 3.5 months! Now I am having some $5-$7 days with only 20 uniques a day! I can see this one site alone making $50 a day easily within a year.

    I know you need to make the money now so as not to have to work your day job. I just hope you are not forgoing short-term profit for long-term success. I have looked into the sniper material. I believe that there will be a sniper slap at some time in the future. Google will find a way to disallow a PR0 site to sit above a PR3-PR4 on page one forever. That’s just my humble opinion.

    If Amy was able to make $5,000 a month after one year with Niche Blogging, I believe with your talent you could double that figure. The key is, do you have the patience to build your business at that “slow” of a rate? I know you are young and at your age, one year seems like a long time. However, IMHO if you pursued the Niche Blogging route, one year from today you would be set for life with web properties that will only grow in relevance and never be subjected to a slap.

    Your Friend,

  3. Evita
    May 14th, 2009 at 07:17 | #3

    Yup, Mike, I think the keywords are really important. As is the niche.
    And the offer. As a model for making money, sniper sites make a whole ton of sense. It is just getting it just right…. πŸ™‚

    I tend to get too excited if I find a “great” longtail with a matching domain. I need to learn to restrain myself and think about it. πŸ™‚

    The more we do this, though, we’ll begin ti get more of a feel for it.

    I have 4 sites in one niche. Not indexed yet, but I won’t set up any more until I know how profitable this niche is. (Product is car rentals)

    I have 2 sites in another niche, just indexed, had 25 visitors yesterday with 10 hops. Is that an OK hop through rate? When I see how it goes, I have another domain in that niche, but will hold off for now until I know if it will be worth another site or not.

    Found another niche last night. It is a “how to” thing with a nice looking CB product with a $60 commission, 5400 searches (exact) and I can get the domain. On the fence with this one. MNF gave a commercial intent of 0. lol… But even if I sold one a month, would make it worthwhile….

    Lot’s of decisions….

    Mike, what is your MO for looking for niches?

  4. Evita
    May 14th, 2009 at 07:45 | #4

    PS. I luvs dem pics.

  5. Shelly
    May 14th, 2009 at 10:00 | #5

    Peter – Amy switched to using WordPress and making Niche Blogger type sites in August 08. She has many sniper sites herself.

    Mike – Have you ever thought about making squidoo lenses and flipping them? Tiff flips them for $100 each! I would think you should make a few a day. Or maybe you could flip sniper sites? Have you thought about putting Adsense back up on your sniper sites?

  6. May 14th, 2009 at 11:45 | #6

    Mike, I know it can be totally frustrating to put so much time and energy into a site or niche and not see any results. I am not sure how George claims to have made a success out of 3/4 sites or whatever his numbers were. Out of my 9 sniper sites that I have built in the past 2 months, only 1 site has been able to make about 6 sales. not sure if its my keywords or niches I chose or if all along, these sites will be like niche blogs and not really earn anything until 3-4 months form now. I read this post the other day, and even though I am not site flipping; the dude makes sense on the “passive income” topic. It is making me realize I should not abandon my sniper sites but put more content into them so that in a few months time, they will earn me passive income. It’s not too late to turn them into a more authority site.

  7. Mikeman
    May 14th, 2009 at 13:00 | #7

    Hey Sara, the gravity of the current product is 80, it is one of the top products in the niche, that’s what is confusing…

    33 hops from 1 site is REALLY good, nice…

    Hey Pete, that’s awesome that you’re having that kind of success! I haven’t shared that experience with my efforts as of yet unfortunately and it’s been about 3.5 months since I created Site#4-8…So far Site #4 and #5 have made 1 sale each and the sites combined have made only a handful of adsense money.

    It hasn’t all been a bad experience as queuing up posts for Site#1, an established site, has helped it out quite a bit. However I have not seen a good enough return on my efforts for me to continue down that path.

    I believe queuing up posts works best in obscure niches with little competition…I may try queuing up posts for such a niche that I have a sniper site in.

    The thing about me though is I don’t follow any 1 method, it’s not my style. I intend on building backlinks to all of my sites as I already have by running UAW on all my 39 sniper sites. This will result in anywhere from 30-60 backlinks registering in Google. I will continue to build backlinks for all of these sites as well, I don’t plan on just leaving them.

    There are others who have made a business out of creating these types of mini sites over the years, Andrew Hansen with NMOC which was hugely successful comes to mind and more recently I noticed Niche Market Ninja(http://nichemarketninja.com/) has come out with a WSO which shows how he built an empire of over 200 of these mini sites that bring him in 30k/month.

    I appreciate the kind words, I’m definitely not going to stop queuing up posts for sites though..I’m just looking for that 1 tactic that works and works well that I can duplicate over and over to yield a full-time income you know? I don’t feel like that’s clicked in yet..

    It could be queuing up posts, it could be making tons of mini sites, or it could be a combination of those, I have had success, but nothing wild as of yet that has given me a clear road to take.

    btw, I appreciate the comment on my age, unfortunately(or fortunately) it’s a matter of me looking younger than I am :>

    Haha, Evita, I understand that excitement…it leads to you wanting to buy the domain right then and there before anyone else does :>

    25 visits and 10 hops is a GREAT hop rate! It’s rare that you get a site that converts to hops that well.

    Ya, that last keyword you found there looks good, especially if the competition isn’t that bad, that would be great…the question is that keyword going to be profitable? That’s the same thing I’m wondering with the domains I’ve purchased..

    As far as looking for niches..I only look for Clickbank products at this point in time nowhere else…so I search for niches through CB, then when I find one, I do a search using the Google Keyword tool on one of the main keywords and get a feel of the kind of traffic that the niche will bring in…

    Then I go into Google and type a potential sniper site keyword in to find it’s competiton in quotes and out of quotes…I do this several times for several keywords and after looking at the competition I’m up against and the search volume I’ll get, I get a feel for if it’s a niche I should get into or not.

    Shelly, I absolutely HATE the notion of flipping…it just feels like trading hours for dollars to me, I want to develop a passive income so that’s not something I’d ever want to do, unless I have no other choice for $$. I think if i find a Sniper Site in a niche where the CPC is high enough, I’ll leave the adsense on…

    Hahah, Sara.. that guy’s funny. Based on my results I’m not sure how George did it either…I’m guessing by building lots of backlinks to his sites and giving them time to mature.

    Ya, the great thing about making these mini sites is you can turn around and make them into authority sites down the road..

    wow..this was a long post.


  8. May 14th, 2009 at 19:16 | #8

    Mike, whatcha think about Bookmarking demon. I use another program that I got a good deal on. Only $8.00 but sadly it freezes up after about 20 sites so it’s really more a pain in the arse than anything. I have been looking into BD but then I read other reviews and it makes me rethink it.

  9. Evita
    May 14th, 2009 at 19:38 | #9

    Sara, what program did you get for $8?

  10. Mikeman
    May 14th, 2009 at 20:25 | #10


    I got Bookmarking Demon quite some time ago, back when it was under $100…I also bought Social Bot(a cheaper tool) around the same time too.

    I used to use Social Bot up until one of the more recent releases of Bookmarking Demon(I think version 4) which made it 10x better.

    One of the features that put it ahead for me was the fact that you can automate the creation of accounts at all of the bookmarking sites. Social Bot is only semi-automated.

    The good thing about it being so easy to create all these accounts is every now and then I can go and create new accounts for every bookmarking site and slowly build up several accounts at each site so that my bookmarks are more spread out.

    The other thing I like is they allow you to enter in some RSS feeds that they can randomly pull news items from and submit that along with your bookmarks so they look more natural(I use msnbc, digg and yahoo feeds)…

    One other thing is that with BMD you can add extra bookmarking sites to submit to above the 100 or so they provide(thanks Pete).

    I haven’t really had any desire to look for any other Bookmarking product since BMD 4 came out.

    Can’t really think of any downsides other than it becomes unwieldy bookmarking the more sites you have and at that point that might become something you want to outsource.

  11. May 14th, 2009 at 20:56 | #11

    Well, maybe it’s still early but it will be interesting to see how the sniper sites work out for you. I bought the ebook and picked up an idea or two, but overall my feeling was that it sounded too easy to work long-term.

    But even if you don’t get the sales you hoped for, you still own the real estate.

  12. Mikeman
    May 14th, 2009 at 21:08 | #12


    Hey Carrie, best way to find out if any idea works or not is to give it a fair try …

    It’s important to be adaptable as well…

    I can tell you though that if any of my profitable sites start falling in ranking, I’m going to be queuing up posts and adding more backlinks real quick, I always take other people’s plans and make them my own and I think that’s something everyone should do..

  13. May 15th, 2009 at 05:25 | #13

    I totally agree. You never know what works until you try and adaptability is very important.

    I guess the sniper method doesn’t fit well with my personal approach, but I did take concepts and apply them to my approach, if that makes sense. From there you just keep learning, applying and modifying till you find the right combo.

    You have a good attitude, I think that will do you well.

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