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Day 88 – End Of July Income Totals!

August 1st, 2009

Fredryk Phox

OK, so it’s that time of the month again, time to analyze the income totals and find out how much I made!  I’ve noticed something really strange when comparing the old vs the new analytics in Clickbank:

Old Analytics

15 refunds($292.53)

3 chargebacks($76.95)  — chargebacks take money out of YOUR pocket, so if you made 1 $25 sale and got a chargeback, your balance would be -$25!

New Analytics

10 refunds($169.03)

0 chargebacks!

I’m not complaining about that!  But the oddities don’t end there…

Old Analytics

Approx 16,550 Hops for the month (+2,500 hops over last month)

New Analytics

8,634 Hops O_o !?  1/2 the hops practically! This changes my conversion rates significantly as well…My average hops per order in the new CB Analytics is 102/order vs 196/order in the old CB analytics.

Now, as far as how much income I’ve made, here’s the breakdown:

84 Sales (vs 76 total last month)
10 Refunds (vs 5 total last month)
74 NET sales

Gross CB Sales = $1,933.47 (vs $1,844.57 last month)
Refunds = $169.03
NET CB Sales = $1764.44 (vs $1,740.27 last month)

Now in addition to that I have some additional income to add on:

  • 1 Sale from this site for $26.80
  • Adsense = $143.83 (+$9.98 over last month) **EDIT : $16.53 in Hubpage earnings, $1.27 in Infobarrel earnings**
  • Now here’s a surprise…I hadn’t been checking my Ebay at all because I didn’t expect much from it…I did report I made around $38 earlier this month, but it seems like I was way off..I don’t know how I was misreading it, but I was…I had another look via reports and this is what I found:

1 sniper site with Ebay on it got me 4 sales this month:

2009-07-05    Winning Bid (Revenue)    24.58 (from a $347.15 purchase)
2009-07-10    Winning Bid (Revenue)    51.26 (from a $1376.26 purchase)
2009-07-28    Winning Bid (Revenue)    2.5 (from a $20.52 purchase)
2009-07-29    Winning Bid (Revenue)    1.32 (from a $10.76 purchase)

***EDIT : I thought that was all my income, but it seems like this revenue is then split between Ebay and me and I’m left with $40.45, which is 1/2 of the total($80.89)***

So, adding everything together, the NET TOTAL for July is…. ***$1,975.51*** (+ $101.39 over last month)

I was hoping for a bigger increase, but part of the reason is I switched over to a new method of making money where results aren’t as instant (Hub building)..

Now for the fun of it, here’s a look at some of the new CB analytics for my account:

Click here for a chart of my gross sales from July 1st to 31st

Click here for a chart of my hops per day from July 1st to 31st (This is in the new hop system which is 1/2 the hops of the old system O_O)

Now as far as what I did today, I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with Niche Devil…There was a bit of a learning curve, but once you have it figured out, you can pretty much create a new site in 15 minutes, it’s crazy!  The only question is, will the .info’s rank well?  So what I did was I put up 9 .infos and I also put up a .org for one of the same keyword as the .info….I put up the .info’s earlier in the day and a lot of them are now indexed however they are not ranking…I just put up the .org about an hour ago, so it will be interesting to see which ends up ranking first, the .org or .info (the .info has had a head start, but it’s pretty much a shoe in for the .org I’d say..)

There’s more I want to mention about what I did today, but I’ll leave it for tomorrow’s post.


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  1. Bruce
    August 1st, 2009 at 20:28 | #1

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!…those are excellent numbers.

    I still can’t believe it when I see your running timeline of “Day 88” and realize you have only been doing this plan for less than three months.

    Mike, I hope others realize how generous and forthcoming you are with these detailed numbers. VERY FEW online marketers would share such info so openly. I hope you double these and then double them again – you deserve it!

  2. Mikeman
    August 1st, 2009 at 22:12 | #2


    Bruce, thanks a lot for that man…I’m just giving some of the details I remember wanting to see from other marketers when I first began :>

  3. September 4th, 2009 at 18:39 | #3

    Nice to see you pulling in with around $2,000 per month now. I can’t wait till I get there.

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