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Day 64 – 40 Hubs Done So Far

Man, I’m so tired these days by the time I write these updates..

Today this is what I got done:

-Wrote up 5 more hubs
-Posted up to hubpages the 5 hubs from yesterday plus the newly written 5 hubs for today (40 hubs total are up now)
-Posted up the review pages for the 2 sniper sites created yesterday (which were both indexed today on page 1)
-Created 2 new sniper sites

Now I spoke again with Ben on a good format for the hubs and came to realize that mine needed improvement.  I was previously doing the following:

[pic] (a large one)


However after realizing that I could have double the CTR if I tried another layout, I decided to revamp my hubs from here on out..I also spent some time revising 1/2 my existing hubs, still have to revise the other half….basically this is what I’m doing now for my 450-500 word hubs:

[text] (200-250 words go here)
[pic] half the regular size
[text] (rest goes here)

That’s it…

The comments were getting in the way of the bottom adsense block at the end of the article so that was removed, the video was a distraction, the large image that I was using before was too big and the amazon/ebay was detracting from the adsense clicks.

Regarding Amazon/Ebay, if you’re going to keep it due to the keyword being for a high value product, apparently it’s more profitable to only link to Ebay on Hubpages as Ebay has a 1 month cookie vs Amazon’s 24 hour cookie.  I know that the Niche Market Ninja guy does things the other way around, however that is for niche sites.  Anyways, if I do go with Ebay, I’m likely going to right justify it against the last body module.

After I changed my hubs to look like this, I could see how this would result in a lot more adsense clicks, it’s a lot easier to see the ads without all the distractions I used to have.  With this layout you have adsense blocks at the top, an adsense block in the middle of the article under the pic, and an adsense block at the end.

Well, I need to jump into a new niche again for writing hubs, I’ve got a few ideas but haven’t had the time to do keyword research really.. thus far I’ve been doing it at the same time I write up the hubs.

I’m a bit behind in the hub creation, it seems like I’ve really put my standards up high trying to get 2 snipers done a day plus 10 hubs…it’s a lot of work, but I’m still going to hold that as a target for each day.

Earnings For Today:

  • Sale from someone on this site :> = $67.49
  • Adsense = $2.46
  • Hops = 615 (looks like hops are going back up now)


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  1. July 8th, 2009 at 14:50 | #1

    Haha nice to see you got a good chunk of commission for that. 😉

    Thanks for the hub tips again Mike. <3

  2. Mikeman
    July 8th, 2009 at 15:09 | #2


    Heyy.. np Sara, would have been a $0 day otherwise :>

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