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Day 53 – UAW Time + Look At Progress

June 27th, 2009
The Evolution of Geeks...

The Evolution of Geeks...

Ok, so I just finished off the last 2 sites I’m going to be creating for a while…Now I need to run UAW on about 23 odd sites, so this should take me about 4-5 days to complete.ย  After the backlinking for these sites is on autopilot, if my previous sites are any indication, they should start kicking in and generating commissions more frequently in about a months time, maybe a little sooner…

I’m still kind of curious about trying out building Hubpages for adsense…I do have my hands full with lots of sniper sites to create though…

I was going through some of my old Clickbank screenshots recently and I pasted together an image here to see how my Clickbank income has been growing over the past few months..This covers February to June:

And here’sย a look at how my Clickbank bars have changed over time, this is from Aug-Sept of 2008:

Here is February 2009 (Made $258 NET in CB Sales):

Here’s April 2009 ($672 NET CB Sales):

And Here’s May – June ($1,051.58 NET sales in May):

I’ll have a detailed summary of this month’s sales and profit at the end of this month…

Earnings For Today:

  • $53.31 – 1 Sale from the main sniper site niche = $27.12, 1 sale from Site#1 = $26.19
  • Adsense = $3.66
  • Hops = 378


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  1. September 4th, 2009 at 18:08 | #1

    Hahaha that’s a funny geek evolution image as well as a sick clickbank screenshot of your progress. Very inspirational. Great job man.. I need to get working although you have many more posts left to read.

  2. Hann
    January 31st, 2010 at 23:09 | #2

    Hey Mike, just started following this blow here and just wanted to say what an inspiration you’ve been to me. I’ve since started to ramp up my online efforts and am putting out more sites and getting them ranked.

    I wanted to ask about how you specially use UAW for all your sniper sites. Like, do you do one UAW submission per site? Do you also vary the anchor text as well? Thanks!


  3. Mikeman
    February 1st, 2010 at 02:23 | #3


    Hey thanks Hann :>

    Check the read-me at the top of the page and you should get your answer there.

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