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Day 297 – Adsense Sniper #180

February 26th, 2010

First of all, I made a mistake yesterday…I just noticed I got a BLS sale (thank you :>)ย  for $29.10..that means yesterday was my 6th day over $200 at $217.61.ย  I remember the last time I was counting days over $100 with Clickbank and noticing that they were happening 2 times every 15 days…now here I am noticing $200+ days occur about once or twice a week, crazy!

I’ve been busy moving all my furniture into my new condo..also got to deal with the moving guys scuffing up the walls and shit, so I gotta wake up early and get that sorted out..so going to cut the update short right here.. but ya, today I was able to put up another site.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $19.86
  • Hops = 103
  • Adsense = $105.36
  • Total = $125.22


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  1. Mikeman
    February 27th, 2010 at 23:39 | #1

    Kasey Langton :

    I noticed somedays you can get over 200 hops for CB and no sale. and somedays barely get 100 hops and make a sale. effin CB

    Yup…that’s the nature of CB..


    Susan, I’m not quite sure I understand the question..but the limit of URL channels is 200 and I’m approaching that..the only way for me to continue tracking per site(via channels, which I plan to do) is if I open another account.. That’s not a topic I want to talk about on publicly on this site though unfortunately due to the fact that too many people view this blog.

    @Kasey Langton

    Kasey, about sites getting 100% CTR, I don’t worry about it..sometimes I have sites getting 150%…one time it was at 200%.

    50% can happen with some regularity, especially if the site only had like 6 impressions and 3 clicks…as you get up in impressions, it’s less likely to see numbers like that though.

    Sometimes this may be someone genuinely looking for info, other times it could be someone who doesn’t like your site clicking a bunch of times..

    I don’t worry about that, unless I were to see a site constantly getting a 100%+ on a regular basis…if that happened, you’d want to look into installing a click lock program on that domain.


    Hey thanks Tom…2.4k+ is just for the main kw…inner page kw’s can go as low as 300.

    and I only go for exact match, no pre or suffixes.


    Hey Bill, you should be submitting a feed…a feed will either end in “.rss” or it will be something like “http://mikeiser.com/feed/”. Whatever the case is for your site, you need to submit that.

    I’m not sure what you’re creating your sites with, but in XSite Pro, there is the option to create an RSS feed…in WordPress the feed is usually “http://yourwebsitename/feed/”.

    With your site loaded, you should see an orange icon to the right of the address bar in your webbrowser, click that and it will load your feed location up in the address bar..whatever that is, that’s what you submit.

    And ya, I personally wouldn’t submit my website content to article directories, but nice going on getting both of those bits of content ranking :>


    Hmm, you could probably find this out by searching my archives…

    I’m getting about $5/day from sources other than Adsense snipers(authority sites, hubpages, infobarrels), so considering that, October I made an avg of $25/day…so that would be $20/day.

    I had 18 sites at the beginning of that month and 43 sniper sites at the end of that month..

    I also did a ton of promotion near the end of September to those few site which lead to such a huge spike from like $8/day in Sept to $25/day in October..


    Hey Renata, nothings wrong with the link, there is a perpetual waiting list but if you’re on that list, near the end of each month you’re sent a link on where to sign up.


    Thanks Vince :>


    About blogger blogs, I can’t comment on this method as I haven’t attempted it..but if I were short on money, I’d find a way to save up some and start off right from the start with my own web properties rather than build up someone else’s..


    Vince, I use Copyscape…it barely costs anything to buy Copyscape credits and I don’t use it on EVERY article I receive, only every now and then do I check the articles I get back or if I suspect something..

    For new writers you may want to check more frequently though.

    also you can use this:



    Hey Arvind, nice man.. I don’t see such large variations in eCPM, although I do see some..

    I do know though that by going after high CPC kw’s you see more fluctuations in your earnings. I tend to go after kw’s with $1 – $3.50 CPC. Or kw’s with a .40 cent minimum within Spyfu…given your eCPM though I think you’ve gone for keywords that are even below these specs…I can’t tell you what my eCPM is due to this site bearing my name, but I will say it’s on the upper end there and I never see it as low as your low.

    The more sites you get out, the more stable your income will be though and I think you’re going for keywords that are too low in CPC..although it’s just a guess.

  2. February 28th, 2010 at 06:29 | #2

    thanks for the answer Mike!

    now I see that 10 5-page domains would probably be not enough for 20$/day incomes..

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