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Day 29 – It's Over 500!

Today I had some job related business to take care of, nevertheless I managed to take that content I created yesterday and put up the site in this new niche.  I’m planning on putting up around 20 more sites in this niche as thats how many keywords I’ve found thus far that seem decent.

It seems like a bunch of my sites in my main sniper niche that had been hovering between the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2 are now rising and getting more hops due to either time or more likely the UAW submissions that are going on…as a result, I’ve seen a SIGNIFICANT increase in the number of hops registered for today.  Clickbank for some reason doesn’t count the end of the day until 3am ES and because I’m going to bed a bit earlier these days, i won’t be able to give you the exact hops or even sales for the day(if more by chance come in).  But I can tell you that last I checked, my total hops for the day was *511*!

It’s crazy!  Back on April 6th or so, near when I started this site I had only about 90 hops for the day, I’ve now increased that number 5x in 1 month!

By the way, today was another insane day for sales, I got 4 Clickbank sales for a total of $96.10!  2 of those sales came from 1 of my 4 sites in the main sniper site niche that targetted a product name as the keyword…that site is ranking #3 on page#2 of Google, it’s only gotten 2 hops yet it has gotten 1 person buying both the regular item and the upsell (hence the 2 sales).

Man, I’m just blown away by how easy it is to get hops with this sniper method…

Earnings For Today:

  • $96.10 in CB Sales – 2 Sales for a sniper site in the main sniper site niche (combined total = $49.96), 1 sale for Site#1 = $26.38 and one sale for a sniper site that has been ranked #1 for the last few days = $19.38 … This sniper site is getting 10-15 hops a day, today it got 18 hops out of 56 visits(according to AWStats)  ..this same site got a sale 2 days ago as well.
  • Adsense = $6.16
  • Total for the day = $102.26
  • I’ll report tomorrow on the total number of hops/sales for today if it changes as it’s not yet the end of the day


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  1. Debbie
    June 3rd, 2009 at 08:08 | #1


    What a great day you had. Do you find the sniper sites do well also in msn and yahoo? For a nicheblogger site that seems to move around on page 1 all the time, I am now number 3 in msn and noticing a lot more visitors with an increase in hops/adsense too.

    For the sniper sites do you ever get e-mails on people about the cb ebook asking you if it works or advice? Do you make as many resource boxes for those uaw submissions as you did for the nb sites? Maybe you won’t need that job after all.


  2. Deb
    June 3rd, 2009 at 09:09 | #2

    It’s inspiring to see you doing so well….congrats on climbing over 500 hops – and getting sales. For all the work you put in, it’s nice to see you being rewarded

  3. Shelly
    June 3rd, 2009 at 09:58 | #3

    Congrats Mike!

  4. Mikeman
    June 3rd, 2009 at 12:11 | #4

    Hey Debbie,

    I honestly haven’t checked the other search engines much, but I do know that my sites tend to rank faster and higher on Yahoo than in Google most of the time.

    I haven’t checked ANY of my sniper site emails, haha…I do however get constant questions, or just people saying thank you for the info for Site#1…There’s no way you can go about answering these questions when you have so many sites, so I only worry about the sites for which I’m building a list with which right now is only Site#1 and #2 (although I do have some sniper sites in Site#2’s niche for which I’ve added an opt-in form.

    For the resource boxes in UAW, all I do is add 2 links and then make sure each link has 6 possible variations. That leads to around 1024 unique resource boxes..I don’t change any of the surrounding text, only the link text..you don’t want to do any more than that because after 1024 resource boxes, it becomes buggy when you try to submit your article.

    If only those 500 hops translated to 5 sales every day :>

    Thanks Deb and Shelly, I’m hoping my next few sniper sites will convert better than my last ones…

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