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Day 28 – Site Creation In A New Niche

Ok, so today I got started on my new niche.  I spent time today deciding on the product to promote, I went and found an image to use for my persona (off of bigstockphoto.com) as well as a name which had no results when searched for in Google….then I picked a keyword from my keyword list to start my first site on and wrote up a review page for the product.

The first time you write up that review for a new niche usually takes the longest.  Thereafter, writing content for all future sites in the same niche becomes easy and I find I’m able to churn out the sniper sites at a rate of 2 a day.

Today I was able to get the content written for 1 site, however I decided to wait until tomorrow before putting it up.  Reason being that I have a habit of doing all my work late at night when it’s easier for me to concentrate and I’m trying to ween myself off that as I may very well be working 9-5 sometime again soon.

I just got an interview with a client (the real interview) this Thursday at 11am.  It was actually an interview for another company (I was submitted to 2 different companies)…So I’m going to start going to bed a bit early now so I don’t wind up going to that interview brain dead :>

Earnings For Today:

  • $20.04 – Sale for a sniper site
  • Adsense = $2.44
  • Hops = 381


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  1. Evita
    June 2nd, 2009 at 08:11 | #1

    Good Luck on the interview on Thursday 🙂

    Have picked up a couple of domains in where competition is less than 20,000 and searches are >3000 where the CPC is >$3. Have started to eye the Adsense possibility when doing key word research, and that opens up new possibilities… And remember, the Google external Adwords tool will show you the searches within Google alone…

    How hard is it to set a site up with 3-5 pages? (Not counting the privacy etc.) No need to hunt for aff. products. Easy as pie you just insert the adsense, do some optimization and move on to the next site.

    My optimization strategy is to sub the RSS feed, bookmark the site and do a UAW article. Some I also submit to Isnare. Then you wait and see how it did. Why spend more effort than you have to? If, after some weeks you still aren’t ranking well, then go ahead and get more links etc. Chances are though, that as your domain ages a bit, your rankings will continue to increase and as you get picked up by the smaller search engines your traffic will increase too. It just takes more time to get into Yahoo, MSN etc. (At least in my experience)

    I think having related, tightly niche oriented content is another key to rank well. And having links with your keyword as anchor text from each page back to your home page, (even from your privacy page etc) makes a big difference.

    Many only look at traffic from Google. But, my most successful page for Adsense, gets 80% of the traffic from Yahoo. (Google does not like this site for whatever reason) Google is not the only game in town. 😉 I sorta like Yahoo.

    Some of these sites will rank well with no backlinks at all, as long as you get the domain for your k-word, which I believe is key, and competition is not very well optimized.

    Key word research is the absolute back-bone of this way of doing IM.

    For some reason, none of the blogs I have set up come anywhere close in the CTR that my html sites do as far as Adsense in concerned. May just be my experience….

    When someone lands on my Adsense site, I want the only links visible above the fold to be adsense links. And not a lot of other distractions such as graphics etc. For my sites that seems to work pretty well. But, for some reason it doesn’t work on my blogs. ??

    I am now doing only html sites, using Xsitepro, which is a snap to set up, and gives a LOT more flexibility than WP. You can setup your RSS feed in less than 60 seconds… I just love Xsite pro.

    OK, enough, back to work!!


  2. Deb
    June 2nd, 2009 at 08:27 | #2

    Good luck on your interview

  3. Mikeman
    June 2nd, 2009 at 13:41 | #3

    Deb, thanks for the well wishes

    Evita, I like your strategy…and ya, doing internal links back to your own site with your main keyword is something I do for all my sites, I forgot to mention that.

    The difference in your blog CTR and your XSite Pro site CTR probably comes down to the ad placement and theme choice…

    The guy who ran the $100/day adsense challenge (http://100buckschallenge.com/) is making up to $40/day with this blog:


    Maybe that will give you some ideas for a new blog theme.

    So it seems like you’re making sniper sites for Adsense then..How’s that going for you?


  4. June 2nd, 2009 at 18:21 | #4

    I like your idea Evita! That’s what I am doing with my sniper sites that have clickbank duds.

  5. Shelly
    June 2nd, 2009 at 19:23 | #5

    Mike – I’m so happy you shared the 100buckchallenge cruise site! 😀

  6. Mikeman
    June 2nd, 2009 at 19:58 | #6


    NP, he basically revealed it in one of his latest updates where he said he was on page 1 for the “European Cruises” keyword.

  7. Evita
    June 2nd, 2009 at 20:01 | #7

    Yeah, thanks for sharing the cruise site. Last time I saw it he didn’t have any adsense ads on it.

    I LOVE the theme. There’s nothing but links and more links for the eyes to see unless you start scrolling. 🙂

    Will try this layout on some of my sites!

    Just found out that a colleague was suspended, possibly fired, so will prolly be working a lot of hours for a while. Good cuz I need the money, but will have less time for my IM.

    Oh well, gotta get disciplined like Mikeman!


  8. Shelly
    June 2nd, 2009 at 23:39 | #8

    Mikeman :
    NP, he basically revealed it in one of his latest updates where he said he was on page 1 for the “European Cruises” keyword.

    I didn’t think he was updating anymore so I stopped checking. Thanks!

  9. Debbie
    June 3rd, 2009 at 08:05 | #9


    Thanks for showing his method/site. I just checked and it looks like it is on page 2 now in google so I wonder how much that will change the income. Hopefully it will get back to page 1 with more linking. There seems to be both a wf thread by him and his blog so there is a lot to catch up on for me. PS Good luck on interview tomorrow.


  10. Mikeman
    June 3rd, 2009 at 12:15 | #10


    NP Deb..he’s on page 1 of Google for me, position 6. Perhaps it’s jumping back and forth.

    I’m interested to know what theme he used there, although I haven’t been able to find it…

    Thanks for the GL,


  11. June 29th, 2009 at 21:53 | #11

    the Theme is generated with a software called Artisteer

  12. Deb
    June 29th, 2009 at 23:17 | #12

    oh my gosh, small world…I’ve been playing with Artisteer this past week…home edition is something like $50 – super user friendly to use, and you can try it out and see if you like it. It just puts a “test” type label on it so you can’t use the themes until you pay for it – but it lets you get a feel for the program

  13. Mikeman
    June 30th, 2009 at 00:46 | #13


    Cool, thanks Damian, I’ll look into that program …

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