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Day 238 – Adsense Sniper #109

December 29th, 2009

Got another adsense sniper up and also spent a bit of time playing with Backlink Solutions.  I didn’t complete a submission as I was unsure based on what I had done if nested spun syntax was allowed in the submissions, so I decided to open up a support ticket before making any submissions.

I noticed that there were some issues as well, like if you had a period or semi colon inbetween 2 braces, it would be omitted in the final output and result in a spelling error.. ex:

The dog went over the {roof|shed}.{However|But} he didn’t die.

In the above instance, I noticed the period was being omitted and the words before and after the period were being squished together…the only way around this was to put in a period as part of the spun content and insert spaces:

The dog went over the {roof.|shed.} { However| But} he didn’t die.

Anyway, once I figure all that out, I’m going to start using it.  I’m thinking of running it twice per site.  The first run will alternate the main keyword link with one of the inner keyword links and the second run will alternate the remaining 3 inner page keyword links…this way with 2 runs per site, I’ll be building backlinks to my main page as well as the internal pages.

I just wrote up a post about 130 odd words/7-8 sentences, stuck that in Magic Article Rewriter and hit the “Apply Magic” to have the content auto spun to around 25% unique.  I made a few adjustments for grammar to that and then took 3-4 of those sentences and re-wrote those 3 times each.  Having done this last bit got the uniqueness above 30% , however it brought up the whole nested spun content issue which I’m looking into…

Aside from all that, I’m still looking for outsourcers via GAF and ODesk, I’m in the process of interviewing some of them and having others start up on some trial articles….BTW, in ODesk, don’t have 2 posts open at a time..I was doing that and getting more applicants, but apparently its against ODesk rules as they closed my posts and notified the candidates that it was an invalid posting. :/ …so now as soon as I find my job is not getting applicants, and I’m not happy with any of them, I’ll just close the job and repost it.

GAF doesn’t seem to have this issue though, you can just pay a refundable $5 charge to post multiple times..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $76 – 4 sales – 2 sniper sales, 1 site #1 and 1 site #2 sale(authority sites)
  • Hops = 151
  • Adsense = $57.54 (some new sites are starting to pop up as earners now that I have done UAW runs on those sites, however I’m still hovering at the $60 avg/day range)
  • Total = $133.54


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  1. Susan
    December 29th, 2009 at 08:28 | #1


    Man you are doing great it seems like you are hitting your $100 per day. Your progress has really kept me motivated that if I just keep working I will eventually reach my goals as well.

    Thanks for sharing everything in your progress and I here’s to your income growing more everyday!

  2. Deb
    December 29th, 2009 at 10:26 | #2

    Hi Mike,

    It’s great to see these high earning days continuing. Can I ask you if you find value in the xfactor forum? Does it have more than the ebook or new ideas?

  3. Bruce
    December 29th, 2009 at 16:15 | #3

    You’re do’in good Mike…setting a great example…hey, just wondered have you ever tried using Power Article Rewriter? ..I’ve had pretty good success with it. (I’ve never tried Magic Article Rewriter)

  4. Mikeman
    December 29th, 2009 at 17:52 | #4


    Hey Thanks Susan :> Ya, Clickbank picked up due to the holidays..seeing as how I’m outsourcing now, I should probably aim for 5k/month since 1k/month of that is going to be going to outsourcing fees.


    Thanks Deb, about the XFactor forum, I don’t really go there often, but that doesn’t mean that someone else might not find value with it. I may have found a nugget or 2 of good info there since checking it out.

    It’s more of a community where you can ask questions and have them answered or get inspiration via the success stories..


    Thanks Bruce, ya, I used Power Article Rewriter before I got Magic Article Rewriter..they both do the same thing except Magic Article Rewriter is a bit more robust as you can save a database of substitute words and also make use of the instant spin option to generate articles around 25% unique…although that is a separate product you need to buy that is like an add-on.

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