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Day 204 – Bought 28 Domains + Some Adsense Sniper Tips

November 25th, 2009

Thanks Tim for that suggestion to try out HideMyIP….I got the free version and used that today and never encountered any issues with using Micro Niche Finder getting the Google ban… so it seems like it did it’s job!

In fact, I was able to go all out researching today and registered a whopping 28 domains!  This excites me as every time I buy up a lot of domains that I have a good feeling about, I KNOW FOR A FACT that my income will go up once I’m done developing them.   I had this same feeling before when I registered some 30 odd domains and built sniper sites #40-70..

So now that I’ve uncovered all these great niches and am feeling good about them and I have all my previous domains building backlinks on autopilot with UAW, I’m going to get back to developing these Adsense snipers, which will take me up to 100 Adsense Snipers!

When I can I’ll do some work on WPMage, still got to get my first site going there…

I figured since I’m fresh from a round of successful keyword research that I’d share a few tips with you to help you out as well:

A Few Generic Tips:

1.  Research And Buy Up The Domains You’re Going To Develop In Bulk

Once you get to the point where you have a fairly good grasp on keyword research(enough to know when you have a winner or potential winner on your hands), start buying up your domains in bulk.  When you try to go at this by only researching a little here and a little there and registering 1, 2 or 3 domains at a time your progress will be severely hampered.

By doing your research thoroughly and buying up a lot of domains you feel really good about (10+), you will feel a lot more optimistic in developing the properties.  The reason being that you will know that out of the 10+ sites you’re building that at least SOME of them are going to rank on page 1 and be successful, consistent earners.

By purchasing the domains in bulk, it also forces you to commit to the development of these blogs.  By having invested in these domains you will be more likely to go through with your initial plan and develop them all so as not to waste your investment.  Now not all 10 of those blogs are likely to turn out as expected, however that’s not the point, the more blogs you pump out, the greater the chance you stumble across the winners.

Personally, having registered these 28 sites has renewed my enthusiasm as I’ve found some great domains in this lot and I know that some are going to stick.

2.  Don’t Get Stuck In The “Re-coop Investment” Mentality

This one is SUCH a killer for so many people…they are always looking to regain their investment, every penny they put into their business, all that is focused on is how to get that penny back.

Having the right mindset is critical to being successful in this business, you need to focus on what you want.

So the big question is, “will focusing on re-cooping all your investments help you to a full-time income?”

The answer is clearly not…The right mindset you need to bring to the table is to invest WHATEVER IT TAKES into your business to attain the passive income level you’re seeking.

If you have to invest $10,000 in domain name registrations, hosting, and Internet Marketing courses in order to generate a $100/day income, so be it!

When I make domain purchases for instance, my focus is nowhere near looking at the cost of the domains and how much out of pocket I am…I’m focusing on how these new domains are going to be adding to my bottom line…even if the majority of these fail to earn anything substantial, I’ll at least have a few winners that will yield me some passive income which will bring me closer to my goal.  And if I were new to registering and developing these domains with the Adsense Sniper system, at the least this would be a great learning lesson.

So rather than having the Re-coop investment mentality, instead adopt the “Do whatever it takes to achieve my passive income goal” mentality.  I know I for sure wouldn’t be where I am had I not adopted this way of thinking.

Tips On Adsense Sniping:

1.  Drilling Down

When you’re doing your keyword research, always make sure you “drill down” as much as you can in any given niche.  What do I mean by that?  Well, say you do a search on “Gas Grills”.  You will get results tailered to that query, but at the top of the list will be a few keywords with a relatively high search count that you can do seperate queries on.

For instance in this example, once you’ve looked through all the results for “Gas Grills” you can then do a search on “Weber Grill” which has 135,000 exact search results and is likely to bring up some additional keywords you would not have seen otherwise..  You can also drill down with “barbeques” at 110,000 exact searches or “charcoal grills” at 40,500 exact searches.

Sometimes you can even do this a 3rd or 4th time if there are enough keywords with a high amount of searches..  Doing this, has been one of the KEYS to me finding as many keywords as I have.  Had I not done this, I’d have left a lot of money on the table with many of my niches.

2. Don’t Discount Yellow/Red SOC

Especially since keywords are being snatched up left and right that perfectly meet the XFactor guidelines, you need to broaden your net a bit when looking for your keywords.

In Micro Niche Finder, if everything else checks out but the SOC is yellow or red, I often times see that as opportunity..I ENJOY seeing that because I know most people aren’t targeting that and there is a good chance that I can find myself a keyword there.

I’ve seen sniper sites rank for yellow SOC all the time and even red SOC that is under 1,000.  Actually, there are some situations where a sniper site will rank on page 1 even with an SOC over 1,000.

But generally, if you like the CPC, competition and # of searches but the SOC is around 500 or less, this can STILL be a good sign.

The first thing you need to do is to find sniper sites that rank when the SOC is yellow or red and analyze the first page for that keyword.  Take note of the page rank of the other sites it’s competing against, the backlinks they have…take note of how many PR N/A’s, 0’s, 1’s etc.. there are and what kind of domains are ranking(Yahoo answers/Amazon/Yelp/Ezines etc) .  Pay attention to where the sniper site is ranking and what page rank it has and how many backlinks it has.

After you analyze enough front pages where a fellow sniper site has ranked despite the SOC being in the yellow or in the red, you will begin to get a feel for what you can rank for with yellow and red SOC’s.  Eventually it will get to the point where even if you don’t see a sniper ranking for a yellow or red SOC keyword, you can still figure out if YOU can rank there if you were to try…

Until you get to that level though, if you see another sniper on page 1 for a yellow or red SOC kw less than around 500, that has a PR0 and less than 30-50 or so backlinks, it’s usually a good sign that you too can rank on page 1 along with them or overtake them with a run of UAW.

3.  Don’t Be Too Mechanical In Your Keyword Research

Now I’ve been throwing out a few numbers here, and things to look for, but I STRONGLY advise you to use your intuition as your main guiding compass.  Don’t EVER get caught up in these formulas that you need to see X PR 0’s and X backlinks before you can consider the keyword…nothing is so black and white when it comes to keyword research and if you take this mechanical approach you are limiting how good you can get at this whole keyword research game…you’re also going to wind up frustrated and confused when things you see don’t align with the formula.

People who develop these formulas do so only after having developed their intuition first through massive amounts of keyword research….Your goal should be the same, develop your intuition through massive amounts of hands on experience, then you can come up with your own set of guidelines that make sense to you.

Well, I’ll stop there as this is getting pretty long, I’ll make more posts like this though if I find myself with a bit of extra time and if you guys are finding value in it..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $25.48
  • Hops = 134(new analytics)
  • Adsense = $39.87


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  1. Henrock
    November 25th, 2009 at 09:59 | #1

    Been a reader for quite some time… another tip for hunting adsense snipers…

    If you have a gut feeling about the success of a site, run with it. One of my top earners averages $15/day through adsense, and it shows a $.05 CPC and no numbers according to Google… I knew that it would be a hot product upon release and took the risk. So far the risk has paid off enormously.

    Also, if you are an expert in one niche, stay in tune with what is going on… often times you can get the jump on things, which leads to an easy page one. While it might take a few weeks for income to stream in, when it does, you’ll be very happy. I have domains that I know won’t make a dime for 3 months, but when they do, they’ll bring in well more than I invested. Sometimes its not about what have you earned for me today, but rather, what will you earn for me in the near future.

  2. Lisa
    November 25th, 2009 at 10:33 | #2

    Great tips Mike. I do find value in these types of posts. Mindset is soo important. I totally agree about the whatever it takes mentality.

    Actually, last week I had a little epiphany about not worrying about how many sites I need to build or how much money I need to spend or IF my Adsense acct was going to be disabled, etc. Once you get these sites going they should continue to grow and make you money.

    BUT then I got an email from Google about my ADWORDS acct. and how they were disabling it. That is crazy because I haven’t used adwords in a few months. I asked why and they said – repeated advertising policy violations. I really cannot figure that one out. So now I’m freaking out about my Adsense acct again.

    I guess it shouldn’t really matter as long as there is decent content on the sites. But really…what is decent? I feel like I’m just rehashing product features and reviews. And I do feel that since I’m putting up product type sites the sites are a little more MFAish so that might send up a flag.

    I know you’ve said not to worry about things you can’t control and that does make sense. So I guess I need to just roll with the punches. I guess it would be easier if I wasn’t so deperate to replace my job income haha :).

  3. Bruce
    November 25th, 2009 at 15:41 | #3

    Excellent advice Mike!…you really have it together MIndset-Wise. Your thinking on this whole issue of “recouping money” vs. investing what it takes – period, is so, so true.

    Some will say, “but what if I can’t afford it?”, but even people who are periodically broke, find a way, (if they want it bad enough)…I know because I’ve done it in the past, and I was seriously broke.

    You set a great example of both MINDSET and WORK HABITS.
    Speaking of that, it occurs to me on the eve of Thanksgiving, that you would have made a great Pilgrim, Mike! 🙂

  4. Mikeman
    November 25th, 2009 at 15:45 | #4


    Hey Henrock, nice tips man thanks for sharing..


    That sucks Lisa, and totally understandable why you’re now concerned with Adsense…

    Were I in your shoes, I would be prepared to switch my adsense account over to a corporation should you encounter any issues with your current one.

    Here in Canada it costs about $100-200 to incorporate a new company, and with each company you have you can setup a new adsense account.

    All I can say is that when I put up sites, I don’t feel that they are MFA, I feel like I’m providing quality content and so I’m not worried…

    Just focus on putting out quality content…if you want you can also stick Amazon on your sites…other than that, there’s nothing much you can do, and yes, you shouldn’t worry over what you can’t control.

  5. Mikeman
    November 25th, 2009 at 15:54 | #5


    A pilgrim, haha, thanks Bruce. Ya, that’s exactly right, if you want something bad enough you will find a way…

  6. Lisa
    November 25th, 2009 at 20:09 | #6

    Thanks Mike, my husband has an acct so I can use his too. I’ve had my acct for over two years and never had a problem. But I also didn’t have as many sites. I need to look into the corporation or LLC thing too. For now I will just focus on quality content.

  1. November 25th, 2009 at 12:52 | #1