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Day 201 – UAW Submissions + WordPress Mage

November 22nd, 2009

So today I spent some more time with UAW…I submitted 3 more UAW articles that will build backlinks to 6 of my site’s main domains at a rate of 15 submissions/day.  I also went ahead and outsourced 7 articles to each be re-written 3x for 7 more UAW submissions.

At this point, I just have 13 other sites that I’ll need to outsource UAW for and then 66 of my 72 sites will have backlinks building to their main domain(which will likely wind up being 30 backlinks at the end of the runs for each site).

Aside from that, I have also been wanting to start up WordPress Mage, although I had a little issue with my new hosting company to take care of.  I had wanted to have a pre-owned, aged domain as my main domain to build add-on domains ontop of as this gives all WordPress Mage sites a bit of an extra boost..thing was I signed up with a new domain so I needed to get tech support to switch it over.

Once that’s done though, I’ll be able to get started with the building of my sites…I’ve got some 20 odd domains that I bought with GoDaddy to work on, but I’m going to build them nice and slow.  By the way, the WordPress Mage system is launching on Monday November 23rd…they’re planning on keeping it open for 4 days or until they sell out.  They’re only going to be releasing some 450 copies of it.  Other than George, looks like Holly Mann is also promoting it.

I’m hoping with my CB income drop and loss of my top adsense site, this can help me pick up some of the slack.  There are a bunch of people on the forums making money with this and due to the way in which this is setup, it doesn’t require much work…the only thing to be cautious of is building up your income too fast and getting auto flagged by the Ebay bot that looks for suspicious accounts, although you can also make money with Adsense, Amazon, CJ or CB.

Right now you’ll only see the free blueprint, but this link will lead to the WordPress Mage system in a day when it launches.

After I finish doing all these UAW submissions, I’ll look into making double posts for my sites main keywords, which should be an interesting experiment, then decide on where to go from there…

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $0
  • Hops = 145(new analytics)
  • Adsense = $32.48 (new sites I’ve created keep popping up now and then as new earners, albeit not consistantly as of yet)


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