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Day 2 – Unique Article Wizard-A-Thon & Outsourcing

OK so today was quite tiring, I needed to do some UAW submissions for many of my sites so I could automate their backlinks.  Up to today I had already run UAW on 8 of my sniper sites, but that left 21 in need of backlinks…so today, I queued up *7* articles for Unique Article Wizard.

Each run of UAW takes me about 1 hour and for each of those 7 submissions, I put in 2 links at the end, each link pointing to a different sniper site, so I’m building links to 14 of my sniper sites with all of this work… I set UAW to distribute the links to around 1k article sites for each submission at a rate of 5-7 a day.

That just leaves 7 sniper sites to run UAW on which I can take care of in 4 more submissions, then I’ll need to do some submissions of my sniper sites to some of the websites from Steve’s Backlinks package.

Oh, BTW yesterday I had thought I reached a high with 90 hops, but the day wasn’t over, the number of hops yesterday reached 104! O_o

One thing I wanted to mention yesterday was I had tried a service from a WSO which offered 100 high PR backlinks(mostly from Steve’s Backlink package) to a site of yours for I think it was $67..After buying that, I got a nice report of where all my links were and so far, the result has been I’ve moved from #5-6 on page 1 to #1 on page 1 for my keyword.  It will be interesting to see though if that placement sticks as I’ve achieved that before in the past and dropped back down.

Having taken this step, I’ve now been thinking more and more about outsourcing.  I think that once you reach the point where you’re earning $300-$500/month you can start considering outsourcing content creation to someone in the Philippines with a lot more comfort since your business profits would cover it.  At around $2-$3/h, you can hire someone to do content creation for you full-time($300-$500/month).  Until you get to the point where your business can fund something like that though, Outsourcing can be a scary place to venture.

I think I’m going to go back to site creation tomorrow…

Earnings For Today:

  • 1 Sale for Site #1 = $26.38 (#of hops = 81)
  • Adsense = $5.62

Thought I’d mention that I have a bunch of sniper sites made in a certain niche where the keywords I targeted have anywhere between 5-22k searches a month for phrase match.  I’ve gotten quite a lot of hops from the sites placing on the first page (126 so far spread out over several sites) but haven’t gotten a sale out of it yet….While these are really high search numbers, the keywords are not the most targeted “buying” keywords….Will be interesting to see when these turn a profit.


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  1. Debbie
    May 7th, 2009 at 07:39 | #1

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for today’s update. That is great about the number of hops. When you outsourced to that person for the Steve backlink package, does he also put a post on the blogs for you? That is really good it moved up so quickly too. Do you submit the rss feeds from the profile pages through submitters? I haven’t outsourced much but I did pay someone in the Philipines to set up 3 blogger blogs with a few posts and he did that for 2.00 each so it was a nice time saver. I definitely want to learn more about this as you do it.


  2. Evita
    May 7th, 2009 at 08:23 | #2

    Would you consider putting some affiliate links on here?
    I’m looking for an additional host and would be happy to buy through a link of yours. I’m sure others would be happy to do that as well.

    Just a thought.

    Also had another thought….soon we’re gonna need a forum with all the questions and all the stuff we all learn as we do these sniper sites.{Wink-wink}


  3. May 7th, 2009 at 08:49 | #3

    Evita, I sometimes wonder why George has not created a sniper site forum. I think for any system/program there should be a forum. Then questions can be asked easily and george wouldn’t have to respond to the same question 100 times.

  4. Shelly
    May 7th, 2009 at 10:24 | #4

    104 hops is awesome!

  5. Donna
    May 7th, 2009 at 10:57 | #5

    104 hops is awesome! Mike you really inspire me to work harder. I want to see days with over 100 hops!

  6. Mikeman
    May 7th, 2009 at 12:14 | #6

    Hey Debbie, thanks, ya….he does make 1 post, that post contains 2 links also which in my case was for someone else’s site, my site was in the blogroll along with other people’s sites, he does a bunch of people’s links at one time.

    BTW, I saw the same results after submitting to around 15 of Steve’s sites, but my site went back down…I just checked and my site is still #1, I’m hoping it stays.

    I got a list of the RSS feeds and the links which can be bookmarked as well…I only submitted 8 of the feeds using RSS Submit though.

    Ya, outsourcing is definitely a must in this business, at least if you want to grow your business without working your butt off all the time.

    Evita, sure :> My main focus with this blog wasn’t to make money, I didn’t want to be the guy who makes money by helping other people make money..That’s also why I didn’t make a WSO out of this..I’ll see if I can post up on the side sometime today links to products/services I personally use.

    Feel free to ask any questions here, I don’t think it’s too crowded just yet… but if things get that way, I’ll look into setting up a forum :>

    Thanks Shelly and Donna, ya, I was VERY happy to see I passed the 100 mark! Before I created all these sniper sites I was getting 40-60 hops a day…now it’s almost doubled! Getting extra hops is soooo much easier the more sites you have.

  7. Evita
    May 7th, 2009 at 12:48 | #7

    I know you don’t do this to make money. But what you do is greatly appreciated, and if we buy sth. that puts a few dollars into your pocket, then it is a win-win situation. 🙂

    100 hops is fab!! How many visitors in total did it take to get the 100 hops?

  8. Mikeman
    May 7th, 2009 at 13:34 | #8


    You know, that’s an interesting question…I actually didn’t know how many visitors it took to get that, but I just took some time to compute it (although I accidentally used yesterday’s data which is for 83 hops total):

    Site#1 = 217 visits – 23 hops
    Site#2 = 72 visits – 8 hops
    Site#3 = 50 visits – 11 hops
    Site#4 = 60 visits – 1 hop
    Site#5 = 61 visits – 2 hops

    Sniper#1 = 22 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#2 = 14 visits – 3 hops
    Sniper#3 = 7 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#4 = 19 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#5 = 26 visits – 11 hops
    Sniper#6 = 15 visits – 4 hops
    Sniper#7 = 17 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#8 = 15 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#9 = 19 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#10 = 20 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#11 = 10 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#12 = 27 visits – 6 hops
    Sniper#13 = 20 visits – 1 hop
    Sniper#14 = 36 visits – 2 hops
    Sniper#15 = 27 visits – 2 hops

    754 visits = 83 total hops

    Since I did the calculations on the wrong day, I just extrapolated it out to find out around how many visitors I’d need to get 104 hops and found it to be 950:

    950 visits(not uniques) = 104 hops

    So simplifying it, basically 1k visitors in my case brought 100 hops.

  9. Evita
    May 7th, 2009 at 15:22 | #9

    So basically, 750 visitors made you $32. (more or less)
    Some of your sniper sites, even though there is not enough data to really know yet, seem to get a great hop through. #2, 5 and 12 are just percolating ;>

    Anyway,,, just thinking out loud.


  10. Mikeman
    May 7th, 2009 at 18:08 | #10


    Well, all visitors aren’t created equal so I wouldn’t exactly think of it in those terms.

    But ya, those sites are getting some good hops, I’m just waiting for them to convert..2 of the sites you mentioned are in the same niche, a niche which I’ve made 12 sites for, gotten 154 hops total for but no sales as of yet…

  11. Yarra
    May 7th, 2009 at 23:19 | #11

    I’m with Evita. Mike, do post up your affiliate links here. Your sharing is very much appreciated :>

  12. Matt
    September 6th, 2010 at 21:27 | #12

    Hi Mikeman,

    Found your site today, and I apologise about the old blog reply but I jumped to post #1 to try and understand your journey.

    After research I know what a Sniper site is, but what’s the difference betwen a “Site” and a “Sniper Site” ??

    Email me if you respond, please.

  13. Mikeman
    September 7th, 2010 at 22:43 | #13


    Hey, Matt..the difference between a regular site and a sniper site is usually that a sniper site is only about 5 (sometimes less)pages, while a regular ‘site’ or ‘authority site’ has much more content than that.

    Sniper sites are also targeted to the keyword they’re trying to rank on page 1 for by having their domain name = the keyword…Granted, you can take a site like that and grow it out to a regular site if you want just by adding a bunch more pages to it.

  14. September 8th, 2010 at 06:36 | #14

    Thanks for the prompt reply Mike.

    Mike, I love you, honestly. That may be a strong comment but the content you have added on this blog is valuable.

    I found your blog through a google search for tutorials on Scrapebox a couple of days ago. Since then I’ve started at #1 of your blog and I’m now on Day #73 and even tho it’s taking up a large part of my days I’m going to attempt to read all the way through to the present day.

    I’m moving to Toronto in November Mike, I’d love to grab a coffee if you have time!

  15. Mikeman
    September 9th, 2010 at 23:04 | #15


    Lol! Thanks Matt, glad it’s still able to help out..

    I gotta say I never do coffee meet ups with guys… or a guy who said they love me, but as long as it’s some kind of ‘bro talk’ then it’s cool :>

  16. September 9th, 2010 at 23:48 | #16

    Whilst Toronto may have quite a gay following, fortunately I’m a married man so you’re quite safe Mike!

    Quick question, have you ever come up with a scenario where Google has demoted one of your sites to public service ads? I setup a sniper site yesterday but for some bizzare reason Google hates it.

  17. Mikeman
    September 13th, 2010 at 00:22 | #17


    NOt sure if that’s something Google does, demoting sites you just built 1 day ago..Did you check spyfu to see how many advertisers there are for the keyword?

    It could be that there are very few advertisers…

    Could also be that you haven’t given it enough time…

    Also, I turn off the option to display those public service ads, I make it in the settings so that if it can’t find any ads, it displays nothing.

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