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Day 199 – My #1 Site Is Now Gone, Rolling With The Punches

November 20th, 2009

This is sick..

Man, my income might take a 15-20% dive since my main money maker has gone from being ranked #1 to #72….

I thought initialy it was because I saw a new site pop up around position #7…but soon after, a new PR 3 site popped up in position 1 where I once was.  Now there are 2 possible reasons why this happened:

1.  Someone decided to do some backlinking for this kw and booted me out.  My site shows 0 backlinks for the main domain, however I did bookmark, submit RSS for it and Digg it..I also submitted 6 Ezines to the main domain…but that might not have been enough to stop this site.

2.  I did do a run of UAW on 2 of the inner pages of this site at a rate of 40/day…that was done at the beginning of the month and was to last 18 days..that means that it recently stopped.  This sudden lack of incoming backlinks may have been a flag that backlinking was unnatural and I was catapulted back to #72 (this has happened to another one of my sites so I feel this is likely what happened).

One good thing though is that I bought up and developed another top level domain for this keyword and its sitting near the bottom of page 1…what I noticed was that as soon as my site at #1 disappeared, some of those visitors started going to my other site at the bottom of page 1(#8).  That site made 2-3x what it normally does due to my #1 site’s absense.

This confirms what I’ve known to be true, that if you have a domain which is an exact match for the keyword the person is searching for, you can steal a larger share of page 1 traffic, EVEN if you’re at the bottom of page 1!

Well, back to what happened,  I’ve decided that due to the circumstances, I’m going to switch over to backlinking for a while to see if I can work to reclaim that and also I might as well backlink up my other sites as well.  I still have about $500 in Human Rewriter that can be used to outsource articles for UAW submissions, so that is what I will be doing…getting UAW submissions done for the main domains of all or at least most of my sites.

Today I did 3 submissions to UAW for the main pages of 6 of my sites, some were to my top earners which I had not yet run UAW on…I set it to go at 20/day rather than 40, hopefully that doesn’t cause any adverse effects at that rate.

In addition to that, I did 1 Ezine Article submission as a test.  I’ve been hearing how Ezine has become more strict and that they’re rejecting articles that have unrelated resource boxes,s o I just tried 1 to see if it will go through or not..if it goes through I’ll know I can continue with my Ezine submissions as I did them before.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention about yesterday.. A while back Jared shared an adsense strategy which showed you how to increase your Adsense revenue by adding a robots.txt and editing the index.html of your site with some code.  Well, yesterday I had implemented this on 2 sites which had a high # of visitors but poor CTR….strangely enough, today they were my 2nd and 3rd best sites for the day today.

Now that might just be a coincidence, I don’t know at this point, but what I did was apply this to another 11 of my sites which could use a boost in CTR, so I suppose I’ll see soon enough if that was just a fluke or not.

Earings For Today:

  • CB = $0
  • Hops = 137 (new analytics)
  • Adsense = $50.97 ( would have been higher if my site didn’t disapear 1/2 way through the day)


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  1. November 20th, 2009 at 08:49 | #1

    Ahh it’s so annoying when these things happen. Your income is still going steadily upwards though, so hopefully some of the newer sites will start brining in more soon.

    By the way your tips yesterday were really great – I am sure they will help a lot of people.

  2. November 20th, 2009 at 13:48 | #2

    Mike I submit to Ezine all the time and often have unrelated links in the resource box, and I’ve yet to have an article not get approved! Usually I’ll try to make one of the links relevant, and the other will go to any of my other sites, nut sometimes neither link is relevant and so far no problems! You can’t lose anything by trying anyway – if an article does get refused, just change the resource box to a more relevant link and resubmit!

  3. Mikeman
    November 20th, 2009 at 14:10 | #3

    @Ruth – Web Career Girl

    Thanks Ruth,

    I can already see the drop, it’s painful because that site was bringing so much of my income in…I’m going to put specific attention on getting this or my other TLD at #8 back into the #1 spot, but it might take a lot of time :/


    Ya, that’s what I was thinking, I’ve done it all the time, I just heard that changes have been taking place very recently like in the last week. The last thing I’d want to do is go and edit 30 articles that come back rejected, but ya, I’m sure this 1 Ezine test will be accepted.

  4. Lisa
    November 20th, 2009 at 15:07 | #4

    It will be interesting to see when and where it pops up. My top earner left for a week and then came back and is at #3. I guess we can’t get too comfortable with the sites that are bringing in the money – at least not for a long time anyway.

  5. Mikeman
    November 21st, 2009 at 00:05 | #5


    Ya..when sites are new they’re volatile.

  6. nick
    November 22nd, 2009 at 06:36 | #6

    Hi Mike

    What Jared shares as in your post is called adsense section target which target a specific area in your webspage and the adsense ads will be displayed with relevant to the content.

    If you are using workpress. look for “advance adsense” or “advanced adsense”
    It will automatically insert the adsense target code into your post and target the blog post content

  7. Mikeman
    November 22nd, 2009 at 07:37 | #7


    Thanks Nick, that might be of help to others here using WordPress, I’ve been using XSite Pro 2 all this time.

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