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Day 196 – AS#69&70 + A Look At My Adsense Income Progression

November 17th, 2009

So in the last 18 days I’ve gotten 30 more adsense snipers done and gone from 40 to 70 Adsense Snipers…the question is, how much has that helped my income?  Well, I decided to go and do a bit of research into how my income has been progressing to find out:

I started building my adsense snipers around August 16th, from then until August 22nd I had built 5 snipers, not in line with the XFactor system though as I had not heard of it.

On Sept 11th though, I started up with the adsense snipers again and started building them with XFactor’s theme…

To give you an idea of where I started from and how things progressed have a look at this:

Week Of Sept 11th – Sept 17th (Built Adsense Sniper #6-#12)

Total = $43.95
Average = $6.28/day

Adsense sniper income had not kicked in at this point, the income was mainly coming from Authority sites + Hubs + Infobarrels.  Jumping ahead a bit….

Week Of Oct 20th – Oct 26th (Built Adsense Snipers 39-40)

Total = $154.58
Average = $22.08

Week Of Oct 27th – Nov 2nd (Built Adsense Snipers 41-49)

Total = $197.06
Average = $28.15

Week Of Nov 3rd – Nov 9th (Built Adsense Snipers 50-60)

Total = $241.99
Average = $34.57

Week Of Nov 10th – Nov 16th (Built Adsense Snipers 61-70)

Total = $303.29
Average = $43.33

Now I did do some Ezine Submissions around Sept 27th which kick-started that $6.28/day and brought it up to the 20’s…other than that, the SENuke backlinking and UAW backlinking to the inner pages did not have any noticeable effect on my earnings…it did not cause any of the inner pages to rank.

I did start doing some UAW submissions on October 1st to the main domains of 20 of my sites which in combination with Ezines probably helped some of them raise up in the rankings for their main kw.  However, I think one of the main factors for my sites ranking for their main keyword has also been time, as I have a few that have reached #1 or #2 with no backlinks.

In analyzing how my income progressed to this point, some of it has to do with my old sites starting to rank higher for their main kw’s and thus bringing in more money, but I can say that creating an additional 30 sites since Oct 27th has played a HUGE part in my income increase as well…it’s brought in a few new high earners($3-4+/day) although they are not consistent as of yet, and many new middle earners that pop up every other day($1-2/day).

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $0
  • Hops = 212(new analytics) / Old analytics is GONE!
  • Adsense = $52.51 (my highest day so far)


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  1. Susan
    November 17th, 2009 at 08:15 | #1

    Hey Mike I haven’t said anything on your site in a while because I have been busy with my projects; however I am a daily follower of your site and am amazed at how quickly your adsense income has jumped.

    I was focusing on just building backlinks for some of my older sites but recently have started pumping out sites like you. No I am not pumping out 2 everyday like you; instead I am doing about 2 a week. Great job on your income progression and you should continue to see it grow more as those other sites begin to age more.

  2. Lisa
    November 17th, 2009 at 08:15 | #2

    Awesome Mike! This is encouraging. I’m only at 12 and making about 1-2 a day. I’m going to try really hard to get up 30 sites in the next 30 days. The only way I think I can do it is if I just put up 1-2 pages (at about 300-1000 words) plus about, contact, private pages. Then go back and add a couple pages after I get the 30 up. What are your thoughts on that?

  3. November 17th, 2009 at 10:02 | #3

    Hey Mike,

    I know I wrote on your post yesterday about the backlinking approach you take to each of your sites, but since SENuke and UAW aren’t having an effect on inner pages should I just skip building links to inner pages all together or do you think they have some effect for the main page?

  4. Jay
    November 17th, 2009 at 13:22 | #4

    Hi Mike,

    Do you still feel that it’s worthwhile to build the inner pages? Before it got deleted, there was a thread on the WF by an X Factor student who had his first $100 Adsense day. He mentioned that he didn’t bother building more than one page, since it seems more difficult to get internal pages ranked and it requires more time backlinking than he was willing to spend. The discussion was getting interesting right about the time they killed the thread.

    I’m wondering if you had considered this approach. If you could achieve the same results with one page and pump more sites out it seems worth trying. That’s a big if though. I’m thinking of trying it myself and only adding additional pages if I cant get the main domain ranked. Thoughts? Thanks!

  5. nick
    November 17th, 2009 at 14:02 | #5

    i believed that it is the additional content pages which has been creating the income for u.

    A couple of week back, i was stagnant. trying to make and build authority sites and waste time on them.

    With your concrete evidence (and mine) of many small sites > 1 authority site, i be doing this in for this and next month, though my working rate is not as fast as yours.

  6. Mikeman
    November 17th, 2009 at 16:13 | #6


    Hey Susan, ya haven’t seen you for a while.. Pumping out sites is fun, especially when you know you’re going after good keywords that you’re likely to rank for.


    You’re making 1-2/day? Nice! If you get even 1/day for the next 30 days and you go after the right keywords (2.9k+ exact searches..2.4k at the lowest / low competition(2-3 PR N/A’s or 0’s), you’ll be seeing an increase in your income FOR SURE at the end of that.

    About only putting up 1-2 pages and going back later…I personally wouldn’t do that for these reasons:

    1. Once you’ve got all your 30 websites up and earning, you’re not going to want to go back and add all those pages.

    2. It’s easier to add pages while you’re in the mindset for writing for that niche. Every time you make a new site, you’re entering into a new niche you have to familiarize yourself with before you can write about it.

    Therefore it’s best to just pump out 5 posts while the niche is still fresh in your mind. It should take you no longer than 2 hours to get 5 pages of content done and no longer than 1 hour to put the site up. You can find 3 hours each day for that..

    If it’s taking you longer to put up your sites, you need to become more efficient and streamline the process more.


    About building links to inner pages…I’ve run UAW on 20 inner pages and SENuke on another 26 inner pages and I have yet to see 1st page rankings for my efforts..that’s not to say that it’s not possible to get those rankings somehow it’s just not going to be easy…

    The easier route to faster income would be to forget ranking the inner pages and just pump out as many sites as you can and only focus on backlinking the main page if anything(with articles/UAW)


    Hey Jay,

    The problem with only building 1 page sites is that you’re putting yourself at risk of being labeled a made for adsense site.

    Had I gone and put up 1 page sites, I’d be at 300 or so sites by now and likely be making 3x what I am, but it would be a very shaky income that I wouldn’t be comfortable living off of.

    If you’re trying to build a business here, one you can support yourself off of, you don’t want to take risks like that…the more sites you create that are 1 page sites, the greater your odds are going to be of getting found out and getting that dreaded e-mail, although I’ve heard of people with under 50 websites getting it.

    If you’re going to do stuff like that, you might as well just go do black hat stuff, it will be more lucrative. I used to earn $100/day on Youtube and another $100/day with classified ads this time last year, but that was shaky ground, I was not comfortable with living off that income and I decided to go white hat and build a REAL business.


    Hey Nick, additional content pages? The additional pages are not getting any traffic, I’m able to see that in analytics. 95% of the traffic is coming from the main keyword.

    Ya..When you match your domain to the keyword exactly and you go after a keyword that has low competition, most of the time you get front page listings 1 day to 1-2 weeks later.

    Getting inner pages ranking through backlinking takes a lot longer to see results..

  7. Jay
    November 17th, 2009 at 17:42 | #7

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the one pagers Mike. You make a good argument against and one I hadn’t really considered all that much. Thanks again.

  8. Lisa
    November 18th, 2009 at 06:53 | #8

    Thanks Mike, I will take your advice and not short cut the process!

  9. November 18th, 2009 at 11:09 | #9

    Hi! I really thank you for your revealing blog. I just get loads of good info here.
    Let me ask you…

    WPmage was touting 1 pagers and taking an ezine article and just putting an image with it to make it ‘unique’. From your comments I guess you don’t agree. Right?

  10. Mikeman
    November 18th, 2009 at 21:09 | #10

    Np Jay & Lisa


    Np Bill..glad you’re getting a lot out of it.

    I never heard of that one…not sure what you mean…are you talking about making the static front page of the WPMage site unique?

    I can say that when I make my static front page, I’ll likely pull an Ezine run it through a spinner (content boss/magic tokens database), then spin it a bit myself, and add a picture.

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