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Day 18 – Another Detailed Look At My Hops

Well, today I did a bit of research into other possible keywords to make sniper sites out of, I want to find more keywords in other niches and diversify a bit so I found about 21 I can go after, 15 are decent ones, 6 are a bit iffy.

Right now I’m sticking to only niches which have Clickbank products as I want my main source of income to be from there…

Today one of my previous sniper sites was indexed and I posted up the last post (the review) and for the day it generated 6 hops on page 2 – position #1…

I also setup 2 more Sniper Sites in the main sniper site niche..that brings the total to 28 sites in the main sniper site niche and 45 sniper sites in total…the rest of the breakdown is as follows: 2 sniper sites in Site#1’s niche, 11 in Site #2’s niche and 4 in a new niche I had ventured into.

Thought I’d show you what the inside of Clickbank looks like for me these days…tried to make it clear which sites are getting what hops with colors..

I also added the number of visits each site got (according to Google Analytics)..it’s important to note that Google Analytics shows a lower number of visitors for each site than the Cpanel AWStats does for some reason…I don’t know why, maybe it doesn’t include spidering activity as visits or something?Β  But there can be a big descrepencysome of the time (ex: 1 site in AWStats shows 58 visits while in Analytics only 18).

Also…one of the sites has almost all of it’s visitors clicking through to the aff link and another with 0 visits but 1 hop, don’t quite understand those sites, maybe Analytics isn’t 100% accurate in it’s tracking…

Another note, there are some instances where 1 site has 2 seperate tracking id’s.Β  It’s a bit messy but hopefully you can make sense of it (you might want to right click then select view image to make it bigger):

For comparison, here’s what my Clickbank account looked like on May 5th:

Earnings For Today:

  • $26.33 Sale for a site in the main sniper site niche
  • $2.64 in Adsense
  • 255 hops


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  1. Shelly
    May 23rd, 2009 at 08:44 | #1

    You sure get a ton of hops!

    Love the pic!

  2. May 23rd, 2009 at 09:27 | #2

    Mike, I think maybe you are right about the spiders. I use both analytics and Statcounter. I always block my own IP because that will add a lot of page loads and visits too. By doing that, my analytics and statcounter are usually pretty close. I never look at Awstats because the numbers are higher and don’t seem realistic to me.

  3. Mikeman
    May 24th, 2009 at 01:14 | #3

    hops are kinda fun to collect, you know, it’s like a game to keep them going up :>

    Ya, Sara…I would go by the Awstats before and think my conversions were like 20-25%…but now looking at Analytics, it seems like it could be a bit higher.

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