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Day 141 – Amazing Results!

September 23rd, 2009

Daft Punk

OK first of all, today I was able to get another adsense sniper(#17) done as well as the 2 pages of content I needed to create for adsense sniper #16…

But what I really want to talk about is the amazing result I’ve had with an adsense sniper I setup just yesterday…

I put up the site for a kw and the very next day I was ranked within the top 5 on page 1…By the end of the day, I must have gotten between 50-100 visitors opposed to the usual 10-20 I’ve been getting with other sites(can’t check yet, awstats is not yet active)..

Now I can’t talk about how much it made, but it made up a huge chunk of my total adsense income for today which is $9.08.

This just goes to show you how much of this game is good keyword research and niche selection.  Find the right keywords with high searches, high CPC and low competition and you can really boost your income fast with this method.  Hopefully this site maintains it’s rankings and the income will continue at this rate from this site…

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $42.99 – 1 sniper sale + 1 sale for site#1
  • Hops = 218(new) / 483(old)
  • Adsense = $9.08

As far as my CB earnings, I’ve gotten some sales today for some other products(not the main product that I sell), so it seems as if that change they made to their homepage is responsible for the horrible conversions.  These guys are really bugging me, first they prevent linking to their images forcing me to host the banners on my site, then they go and mess around with their sales page and make things WORSE.  This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed them mess around with the sales page with poor consequences either.


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  1. Peter (pacecom)
    September 23rd, 2009 at 04:22 | #1

    Congrats Mike,

    Can you expound on high searches, high CPC and low competition? Are you referring to high searches on the main keyword only or are you adding up all 5 keywords if your site is 5 pages? What do you consider a high CPC range? Is it the 0.50 to 1.5 that has been talked about or a much higher adsense range? Again, are you referring to only the main keyword or all 5? Finally, how are you defining low competition? Is it based on the on page PR of the listings on the keyword pages? If so, what level of competition will you go after? Eg. page PR 2-2-3-0-1-(-)-1-2-1-2

    Sorry to grill you Mike but you always seem to be the one with the answers :>


  2. Evita
    September 23rd, 2009 at 08:34 | #2

    Cool when that happens 🙂

    I had a site that the day after it was indexed made $10. Then it went down in rankings some, still on the first page and was doing well until it was demoted to page 3. It’ll come back in time.

    I need to be more selective too, in my kw research. I tend to get overly excited when I find something that seems easy to rank for, when I should curb my excitement and look for the real gems.

    You learn as you go I guess 🙂

    How many pages are you putting up per site as a minimum, Mike?


  3. September 23rd, 2009 at 14:21 | #3

    That’s great! My first Adsense sniper has made over $11 in it’s first 7 days so I know this method works!

  4. Mikeman
    September 23rd, 2009 at 14:55 | #4

    @Peter (pacecom)

    Hey Pete, I would have given the exact #’s for all, but I know that some ppl who are following along too closely might use that against me.

    I was referring to just the main keyword.. and as far as what keywords I’m selecting, I’m going by XFactor’s guides (almost)…There are some keywords that have a higher SOC that I know through my own experience that I can rank for even though they’re in the yellow or red.

    When I was talking about competition, I mean the first page competition, and the page rank of the pages, yes…

    I’ve mentioned this before, it’s hard to quantify what goes on in your mind once it becomes automatic, it’s not a set in stone system, a big component of it is intuition.

    But one tip is if you see any Amazons, yahoo answers, yahoo groups, PR N/A’s, 1’s, 2’s with very little Yahoo backlinks, or low PR/low ranking Bizrates, Tradekeys or nextags, the keyword is usually a good one.

    The best way to figure this out is through practice though.

    One last thing I can say is that the CPC I went after was quite a bit higher than what John suggests, the # of searches was over 3k, and the competition was also quite a bit lower than what he suggested, although if I went after a kw with more competition, I probably would have achieved the same results after a bunch of EZ backlinking.


    Nice Evita! It seems like mine has done the same, it is now gone from the rankings…

    Ya, I know that feeling, I did that with the CB snipers a lot.

    I’m putting up a minimum of 5 pages.


    Ya, it’s crazy how much these sits can pull in…as long as you can stabilize your rankings!

  5. Bruce
    September 23rd, 2009 at 16:29 | #5

    Hey Mike, here’s an idea for the slow CB sales of the main affiliate product you’re promoting.

    Have you ever considered using Archive. org tool and bringing up the ‘old” main sales page of their site….then copy the code over into a page you put up yourself.

    Then, just link the purchase button to their actual order page – COMPLETELY SKIPPING THEIR CRUMMY SALES PAGE!…I know this is a bit of work, but it should produce just as well as it did before.

    AS I a copywriter, I know this kind of thing is done quite a bit. You may need to get their permission, but if they are at all smart(?), they should see the wisdom of having the old page up as well….just a thought, since its insane to let them mess up their own business and yours.

    …unfortunately, many CB product owners are idiots.

  6. Bruce
    September 23rd, 2009 at 16:32 | #6

    Yeh, I look like a real pro writing, “As I a copywriter…” Sheesh!
    you know what I meant!

  7. September 23rd, 2009 at 19:14 | #7

    Just finished Xfactor’s book. Amazing! I am truly pumped about his system. I’m just trying to make up my mind about purchasing Xsitepro. That’s a big wad of cash for software but his method seems solid so I am sure it won’t be long to see a return on the initial investment.

  8. Mikeman
    September 23rd, 2009 at 20:05 | #8


    Bruce, that is an awesome idea, thing is I checked it and it only has stuff from 2008 which is way outdated, I need the early 2009 copy..

    Well, I might just have to promote someone else, although they were the best converting and also the best paying out of the bunch…I’m going to be making less money overall from here on out it seems, unless I can get the salespage from them.

    Don’t know how much longer I can wait through the string of $0’s though.. This is one issue I never thought I’d have to face, apparently now you need to worry about the aff program owner as well.


    Ya…excpet don’t bother yourself with thoughts of getting back your investment, that is one of the worst mentalities to have and I’m surprised more people don’t take the time to talk about this as a lot of people tend to get stuck in it.

    No one who has made a substantial amount of money has done so while worrying about re-cooping their investments, you need to focus on what you want and forget about the costs involved to reach that. You need to just do whatever it takes to get the full time income you’re after.

    If you end up wasting 15-20k in order to setup a passive income stream of 5k/month, so be it.

  9. Debbie
    September 23rd, 2009 at 21:29 | #9


    I don’t know if this will work, but if you put in the domain name in google of the site you liked the copy of, there is a chance that in the cache google still has the older page (if it was just changed a few days ago). That can be a way you can save to your hard drive and have it. Maybe you can give them specific dates of when your sales dropped and your analysis of why and ask them to look into if that was true for other affiliates too. IF they see the connection, they may use their former page. Of course if they paid a copywriter 5k for the new one they may have a sense they need to use the new one. People are not too bright sometimes.


  10. Mikeman
    September 24th, 2009 at 05:36 | #10


    Not exactly sure how to do that, but I spoke with them, I’ll talk about it in the next update…

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