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Day 134 – Ezines

September 16th, 2009

Going to keep this one pretty short as I’ve been going to the gym 5-7 days a week and am pretty worn out today…

I’ve noticed that for a time yesterday and today I had 3 of my first 5 adsense snipers #1 for their keywords when some of my Ezines had gone live….then recently the rest of them went live all at once and that seemed to have harmed the rankings a bit.

But it was enough to show me just how powerful these Ezine backlinks are, you’ve just got to be careful with the speed at which you build them.. although it’s just the Google dance.

I spent today writing Ezines, I wrote up 22 which when combined with my 8 left over leaves me with 30.Β  I need 36 Ezines to finish up my backlinks (12 for the last 3 sites)…

I’ve now been able to get some of my first 5 adsense snipers ranking high on page 1 however I haven’t seen a significant boost in income or traffic in the time I was boosted up.Β  I’m now interested in getting my internal pages up and ranking…I’m probably going to have to do more backlinking to each individual page, at the moment each internal page only has 3 Ezine backlinks.

Earnings For Today:

  • $69.23 – 1 sale from one of my authority sites I converted over from Market Health to CB, nice…the rest are sniper sales.
  • Hops = 337(new) / 623(old)
  • Adsense = $6.13 (Hubs = $3.26, Infobarrel = $0.88) + authority site $$ and adsense sniper $$


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