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Day 13 – Revamping?

Well, I had a talk with George (George Montagu Brown of Google Sniper) again and he had mentioned that some of my 2 word  keywords might not be good but others he didn’t see a problem with…He suggested I needed to presell them, something I hadn’t done enough of for these 22 sites.  I took a departure from my normal routine of telling a story as George had suggested for these sites…I structured it more like a blog post by giving them what they’re looking for then finishing it off with a talk about how the product does it better..the gamble doesn’t seem to have paid off.  Additionally for this niche I did not include the about me section so it looks like some revamping is in order, especially since this is producing so many hops.

Some good news today though…I got another sale from one of the 22 troublesome sniper sites for $27!(this was from one of my sites that was a 2 word keyword btw)..  The only thing is my hop to sale ratio right now stands at 245 hops / 2 sales(much better than 500/0), so what I’m going to do is go over my sites and revamp them a little and make them more like my other sniper sites that have been doing better.

BTW, I do have 2 products I’m promoting in place of the old one that wasn’t converting.. the product I mentioned above is doing well, however I have another product at 127 hops / 0 sales…this product is being advertised for the 2 word keywords that George thought weren’t good.

Hopefully I can get these 22 sites to convert a bit better, so far since I made the change of products, I’ve had 2 sales for $27 each in 4 days time, that’s one sale every other day if this keeps up which would mean +$400/month (here’s hoping).

Aside from this, today, I created 2 more sniper sites in a totally new niche.  One of the sites I made in the afternoon and it ended up being indexed sometime in the evening.  I went back to that site and posted up my final post which is the review for the product, this site has gotten 2 hops for today.

I have 1 more domain in this new niche to make a site out of and I’ll be doing that tomorrow along with revamping some of my sites in the troublesome sniper site niche.

Earnings For Today:

  • $53.50 in CB Sales… 1 Sale for a sniper site in the troublesome niche = $27.12, 1 Sale for Site #1 = $26.38
  • Adsense = $1.39
  • Hops = 178


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  1. May 18th, 2009 at 11:04 | #1

    Mike that’s awesome about the recent sale! 2 sales in 4 days is a tremendous accomplishment. I hope you get many more to come.

    Nice to see that you are still asking George for advice and it’s great that he is still all ears for you and ready to provide advice.

    Check out Lynn Terry’s post on pre-selling. I absolutely love Lynn. I’ve been following her since I started IM back in September.

  2. Arie
    May 18th, 2009 at 11:17 | #2

    I really like this post. As I have purchased sniper guide, I also plan to use this, however I just have one site up. I will build more tomorrow.


  3. Mikeman
    May 18th, 2009 at 12:47 | #3


    hey, thanks Arie…ya these things become super easy to throw up once you’ve done a few.

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