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Day 124 – Almost Had A $200 Day

September 6th, 2009

“You’re a fucking ugly bitch, I want to stab you to death, and play around with your blood.” – Best scene from American Psycho

Damn!  Today I woke up to $150 in my Clickbank account…I was hoping that because it was up so high at that point I’d reach $200 by the end of the day…what ended up happening though was I reached $187.40 in Clickbank sales with $4.25 in Adsense, so $191.65, 9 bucks short!

The reason it was so high today was because I had 1 customer make 3 purchases, and another make 2, that plus 3 other customers each making 1 purchase added up to $187…

Well, aside from that, today I spent researching different niches to start putting up some XFactor’ish adsense sites.  I tried making use of Micro Niche Finder and using the SOC(strength of competition) as a guideline but with my extensive reserachign I ran into a Google block where it wasn’t returning any informationwhich was quite annoying.  So that method of keyword research has an annoying barrier preventing me from taking full advantage of it.

I do have my own method of finding keywords though so I just went based off of that when that happened.  Aside from keyword research, I got 13 Ezine Articles written (but not submitted).  I’m going to be using them to backlink each of my 5 adsense snipers I’ve made thus far….each site has 5 pages, so with 2 backlinks per article, that will cover every page for every site.

I’ve noticed that some of my adsense snipers have been climbing in the rankings…I have 1 of them that was stuck on the middle of page #2 now up to the top of page #2 and another that was stuck on the middle of page #2 at #8 on page #1…

They’re still not at a place though where they are earning consistent daily income, so my guess is they need a lot more backlinks to each of their pages… In addition to the Ezine Backlinks, I’ll probably throw in some additional article directory backlinks or SENuke submissions as well.

Earnings For Today:

  • $187.40 in CB Sales – 8 sales all from sniper sites
  • Hops = 318(new)  / 560(old)
  • Adsense = $4.25 (hubs = $0.31)


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  1. Peter (pacecom)
    September 6th, 2009 at 06:29 | #1

    Fantastic sales day Mike. Looks
    like things are back on track!


  2. shelly
    September 6th, 2009 at 11:03 | #2

    Wow what a great day!

    I use Market Samurai and whenever it stops giving me results I restart it and get results again. Does MNF use proxies or is this a Google time out?

    My newest xfactor-ish site made it up to #7 but now it’s sitting at 118! I have 8 EZAs linking to the site and another 5 waiting for approval. How many EZAs are you planning on linking to each site? I think John recommends 12 articles per site. I wonder if I should move on to my next project and let this site sit a little or if I should write more articles for EZA? What do you think?

  3. Mikeman
    September 6th, 2009 at 11:45 | #3

    @Peter (pacecom)

    Hey thanks Pete


    Hmm, I’ll have to look into that.

    You should definitely move onto another site, never ever stick on just 1 site and wait for that to be a success before moving on.

    If you want to develop an empire of sites, you need to be able to multitask, to put up and manage several sites in 1 go..

    While you’re getting another 2 or 3 sites going you can also come back to that site and throw up a few more links to it, it shouldn’t take you long with John’s approach to writing articles.

    As far as how many articles I’ll submit..I’ll probably do around the suggested amount but it depends on if I run SENuke/UAW as well or not.

  4. shelly
    September 6th, 2009 at 12:00 | #4

    Thanks Mike – I figured I should move on but needed a push. I’m on to my next site.

    Market Samurai uses proxies so there’s no google timeout. 😀

  5. jb
    September 6th, 2009 at 17:59 | #5

    I had an Xfactor style site which was on #8 page 1 for several weeks and was earning a steady $2.50/day. Google has just sent that site to page 3 and is now just at a few cents/day, so rankings do matter a lot. But I agree with Mike. You can’t just sit around and wait for that site to move up. The key is making more sites or promoting the ones that you haven’t promoted in a while.

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