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Day 122 – SENuke Day 8

September 4th, 2009

I spent today doing some additional SENuke submissions for some of my main sniper sites..

I completed 2 submissions, then wrote up a new spun article and completed a 3rd submission with that..Each submission BTW involves me making about 14-15 Web 2.0 sites…1/2 of them being do follow, linking to each other in a ring and then to my main site, the other half being no-follow, linking to each other in a ring and then linking back to my site.Β  I submit some of the RSS feeds for the Web 2.0 sites and bookmark a few of them.

Aside from that, it looks as if my income is back to normal, today I made another 6 CB sales.

Pretty tired right now, so I’m going to keep this short..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $136.68 (4 sniper site sales, 1 sale for site #1, 1 sale for site #2)
  • Hops = 123(new) / 490 (old analytics) …the new analytics tracking seems WAY off…123 hops and 6 sales??
  • Adsense = $1.28


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  1. Stacey
    September 4th, 2009 at 22:17 | #1

    What’s up with those Hops? CB can’t get its metrics straight? Oh well, as long as those sales keep coming in. So I’ve been meaning to ask you — are those linkwheels worthwhile? How do you stay under the radar, as far as the Big Bad Goog is concerned?

    Thanks Mike, and keep up the great work!

  2. Mikeman
    September 5th, 2009 at 00:03 | #2


    Well, I haven’t been using linkwheeling in the most optimal way…first of all, it would work 10x better if I picked keywords with much less competition, low enough that the web 2.0 properties could rank on the 1st page as well but that’s not the case with the sites I’m building backlinks for…

    Also, I’m only making 1 linkwheel, I’m not adding any sub-wheels to back up the main one…

    For this reason I haven’t seen any results really..the only real result I saw was me retaking position #3 on page 1 for a kw I was not even showing up for..but that’s about it out of a dozen or so runs.

    I don’t mind that I’m not seeing any immediate benefits though as I’d like these sites to be a bit stronger backlink-wise anyways.

    About staying under the radar, I guess you mean building links too fast…Google will do it’s “Google dance”, not much you can do about it, so I don’t worry…

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