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Day 113 – SENuke Day 2 + Tony Robbins Frank Kern John Reese

August 26th, 2009

For the video guys, check out this video of Tony Robbins interviewing Internet Marketers Frank Kern and John Reese on the traits and mindset needed to take massive action on a daily basis and develop an extremely profitable online business:


This is a MUST see guys, it will really help you out!  Seeing as how I’ve switched from my usual CB snipers to a new money making method I’m not as familiar with, it’s helped me, and I’ll be watching that more than once.

Now, the last time I used SENuke for building Web 2.0 properties was probably back in Feb-March, not quite sure, around there though….I knew that SENuke was good for boosting pages up in ranking but even then I don’t think I realized just how powerful tihs program can be.

Now that I have a bit more IM experience, and now that I’ve just run it for the first time in a while, I’m realizing how this is going to seriously increase my productivity.  Last night I created about 500 profiles in the “profile nuke” section…These are the profiles that you’ll find in say Angela’s backlinks where you can get yourself a bunch of easy high PR backlinks.  A lot of these sites have captchas, but SENuke has the ability to let you pay $7-8 for 1000 captchas at some captcha solving sites and have that hooked into the program so all you have to do is set it and forget it….with $8 spent, I woke up to almost all of those 500 accounts created…I then went and had all of the accounts automatically confirmed via SENuke.

I’ll need to wait a while for those profiles to age so that my username drops from the “recently added” listings before I add links to all those profiles though, but that feature alone seems pretty damn powerful.

In addition to that, today I did 1 submission.  Things went a bit slow the first time around as I was getting used to this new version and all the new web properties.  There’s now an option in SENuke to linkwheel all the properties together, so you can have each Web 2.0 property linking to the next one, over and over forming a loop spreading link juice, it’s all done automatically too.

When I tried it though I had a few problems and the linking didn’t work out as I anticipated…partly due to the fact that I cancelled a run then began it again.  Additionally I made the mistake of not linking to my main adsense sniper site at each Web 2.0 property.. I was so focused on getting the link wheel working I forgot to do it!  So..I had to go back and manually add that to about 18 different Web 2.0 sites..it took me 45 minutes to login to each one and put in the anchor text O_o

After having done that manual work though, you can really appreciate how much time this program saves you…I mean, today using an article with spin syntax, 30% unique, I was able to submit to 18 Web 2.0 sites and interlink them all as well.  I still haven’t finished submitting to all the article directories either(about 10 of them) which I’ll do another day.

After I did these submissions, I then went and bookmarked about 5 of the Web 2.0 pages to the available bookmarking sites…Over the next day or 2 I’ll bookmark the rest in batches of 5, I just don’t want to raise any flags by bookmarking too much.

Additionally, I submitted only 1/2 of my RSS feeds, I’ll do the other half tomorrow.

BTW, that paid captcha solving is only for the profile nuke, when you’re creating Web 2.0 sites you get free captcha solving from the SENuke team itself…they have people who fill out the captcha’s for you within 15 seconds which is pretty cool…

Well, now that I have a bit more experience with IM and more motivation and drive, I feel I may be able to make better use of this program than I did before…Now when I first used this program, I used it mainly on one of my authority sites to boost pages from page #3-2 of Google up to page #1…this resulted in me getting an extra $300/month.  I ended up stopping using it because I didn’t know how else to use it, but now with a bit more experience, I know of many ways I can implement this.

I only hope that by implementing this extensively I see an increase in my income which justifies the high cost of the program…actually, I’m hoping for a lot more than just justifying the cost of the program..I’m hoping this will be the key to earning me thousands rather than hundreds like the last time I used it.

Anyways, in addition to running SENuke, I also wrote up a new article in spun syntax to be used as a submission for one of my other Adsense sniper sites…In a short while I should be comfortable enough with the system to do several runs a day.

By the way, this link wheeling doesn’t just stop with 1 wheel of Web 2.0 sites around your money site, there are many different techniques out there which show you how to boost the power of your network by adding additional “sub wheels”…like for example, if you have a Squidoo page as a part of your initial link wheel, you can then do another linkwheel which links to that Squidoo page mainly, then another sub wheel which links to just the WordPress site on your first linkwheel….

I’m still not sure which linkwheel strategy I’m going to go with..but I’ll be adding 1 ore more layers to the first link wheel, thats for sure, in addition to doing the article submissions too…My only concern is getting my main site sandboxed, that’s what I’m going to have to watch out for.

Earnings For Today:

My income seems to be going down as of late.. I’ve never had my income dip below $400-500 in a long while, and it’s now gone to $391 and now $288 for the week…I believe this is linked to me having my sites knocked out for 3 of my kw’s (2 sites for each kw knocked out…I’ll be revisiting these sites with SENuke though)

  • $49.22 – 1 Sale for Site#3 and 1 sniper site sale
  • Adsense = $13.43 (Hubs = $3.67, Infobarrel = $3.24) + 2 of my adsense snipers contributed to this as well
  • Hops = 290(new) / 563(old)


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  1. Evita
    August 26th, 2009 at 07:21 | #1

    Excellent video!!

    The “Knowing” or belief, really is what runs the show. I’ll be watching this video more than once for sure.

    Whatever it is we want HAS to be the next logical step. Sometimes we have to work ourselves up to it, step by step. Having a goal that we don’t believe will backfire for sure. If Frank had envisioned the “millions in a day” scenario before he was even at the $300, there would prolly had been enough internal opposition to prevent him from taking much action at all…

    The trick is then, IMO, to know when we are outside of our “possibility range”. Then we can either ratchet it back some, or use some mind technique like NLP or EFT or whatever, to begin to blow holes in that limiting belief in order to get rid of it all together.

    A great thing is to focus on and “harp” on any little success. Think about the successes, however small, as you go to sleep at night, and the first thing in the morning. It’s nice to have a friend or two that you can share the successes with, I call them “Gush-Buddies” who will share in your excitement, or if that is not available, do it in your mind. Whatever one can do to keep that energy of success going 🙂

    OK, so I’m off to set up a daily “ritual” for getting in the zone.

    What do you all do, and especially Mike, (cuz I know you got this down…)to get in the zone at will?

    PS. Thanks again for posting that video!

  2. David
    August 26th, 2009 at 14:18 | #2

    You really should start bookmarking and linkwheeling your hubs one at a time over a period of time. This way you’re getting tons of links to your articles and they move up the SERPS. Maybe then your adsense income will move up much more.

  3. Mikeman
    August 26th, 2009 at 15:46 | #3


    Glad you got something out of it…

    Ya, the biggest thing I got out of it was the certainty…if you have certainty that doing X action is going to bring Y result, you will go NUTS…I know that’s what I had when I was doing my CB snipers in my main sniper niche.

    When I switched to other niches and went into hubs and now adsense snipers, that level of certainty changed.

    I know now that the key to maintaining that level of certainty is through constant visualization and getting into state daily.

    Now as far as what I’ve done up to this point, I’ve always had that sense of entitlement. That sense that it is my destiny, to make not only a full time income online, but to make hundreds of thousands and millions online. I feel this is part of why I was put down here on this Earth, I believe it to that extent…and that has helped me to barrel through the work that I have.

    I also have done visualization of me in a bigger house, with a nicer car and really visualized how my life will be, although I haven’t been doing it on a daily basis, which is what I got from this video, that I should be visualizing and getting into that state daily instead of every other day.

    Another thing which helps me get into state to get stuff done is the feeling of being accountable. I feel like I’ve setup this momentum of making a post every day for over 100 days and now I absolutely MUST get work done every day in order to maintain that. Being accountable helped me develop and maintain my momentum. Accountable not just to this blog, but to all of you who read it and look for the updates..


    Hey Dave, ya thanks, that’s a good idea…I think I will try that in addition to using UAW on them…

  4. MikeM
    August 26th, 2009 at 17:11 | #4

    Hi Mike,

    I am back from a whirlwind of Hub and Infos. I have to admit it was really tough to put up all of that content and work without absolute certainty it will pay off. Even though others have made money online it’s still a leap of faith to dedicate that much effort without seeing instant results. This is probably the hardest part for me personally.

    I’m starting to realize how much of this game is EMOTIONAL. I put up a bunch of Hubs, made a few dollars, got really excited, and then got depressed when I had a string of $.01 days and some $.00 days. For the past week there’s been no Hub clicks whatsoever. Every time I check my Adsense I can feel my emotions get a bit out of whack, especially if there’s nothing there.

    This is why I feel most people quit completely. For some who get lucky with the right niches, etc they get instant feedback. For others, it may take a really long time to figure out the right approach. By then, most people have completely given up or moved onto the the next shiny thing.

    For me, I’m questioning the next bunch of hubs and having internal conflict over something that is not guaranteed 100% to work. Some people with stronger will power will just shrug it off and build the next 300 hubs. Seeing that video made me realize I need to stop thinking about how much work I’ve put in and focus on continuing to take MASSIVE ACTION. Also to be smart, learn from whatever feedback I’m getting and continue to course correct until I reach my goals.

    Anyway, that’s my rant.

  5. Evita
    August 26th, 2009 at 17:16 | #5

    Many years ago I started a massage and facial business. I was going part time at work and was plenty worried about making it.

    Then one night as I was drifting off to sleep and in the twilight zone, I had a VERY real and powerful vision, or knowing, rather, where I experienced myself walking to the bank with money stuffed in my hands.

    I then *knew* that I would be OK. And I was.

    This is over 20 years now, and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

    Since then I have started a number of other ventures with varying success, mainly not so successful, which set off a not so helpful belief, which I have been working on to disarm.

    Now I’m making some money with IM and I’m getting that KNOWING that what I do IS producing income. (Woo-Hoo!!) Now the “job” is to reside in that knowing so much that it becomes the norm for me.

    Things are definitely moving in the right direction!


  6. Mikeman
    August 27th, 2009 at 03:14 | #6

    Hey Mike I know what you’re talking about…I too was really frustrated with my hubs and now I’m VERY surprised to see they actually improved to the point that my Adsense income is now hitting $15+ a day from $5/day..

    But ya, a lot of my niches were no good, it’s tough putting out a bunch of stuff and seeing nothing for those efforts, but it’s all part of the game.


    Nice Evita :>

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