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Day 11 – Deciding On What To Do & Backlinking

So I’ve been wondering lately if I should continue on building sites or maybe try and rework my existing sites for better conversions…I think that that answer will be more apparent after a few more days go by, I want to see how well these new products I’ve selected for my troublesome sniper sites perform.

So seeing as how this is where I am, I decided to spend a couple of hours building backlinks to about 24 of my sites, can’t go wrong with that….

That’s about all that I got around to doing today, so don’t have much else to report.Β  I did have a new record number of hops for today though (197)…It seems that since my UAW submissions, a lot of my sites have risen for their terms in Google..some to #1!

1 of my sites that got to #1 after the submissions got a total of 31 hops, the most I’ve ever had for 1 of my Sniper Sites and that’s from only 43 visits O_o.

I also had several other sites in the double digits of hops, one at 14, one at 13, one at 11 and two at 10…Below that I had one at 9, two at 8, one at 7, one at 6 and the rest below 5…

It’s interesting how so quickly I was able to get my hops from around 60/day to almost 200/day, that seemed so out of reach a short while ago…I remember Jeremy Kelsall from the Warrior Forum mention he got like 1000 or so hops a day and that that generated him around $300/day and I remember wondering how am I going to get it up that high???

Now I know, just make more sites…a LOT more…of course there is the one issue of making sure those are profitable hops, I’m working on that :>

Earnings For Today:

  • 1 Sale for Site#1 = $20.36
  • Adsense = $2.85
  • Hops = 197


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  1. May 16th, 2009 at 11:12 | #1

    What about building more web 2.0 sites with buying keywords to point to your main site? You know like “buy apples”, “apples review”, “cheap apples” and “find the best apples”. This is what I plan to do for a review site I have. I already have a network working as the “funnel system” to all link to one another and to my main page. But I only used one buying keyword for that network, so now I am thinking of finding another buying keyword to add widen the funnel and get more traffic since web 2.0 sites are obviously going to hit the first page of google faster.

  2. Mikeman
    May 16th, 2009 at 14:04 | #2

    Thanks Sara, that will definitely be one of the things I fall back on if I need to take a break from creating sites(via SENuke)…I recently found something interesting that I’m going to try, I’ll talk about it in the next update…

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