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Day 107 – Adsense Sniper #3

August 20th, 2009

OK, so today I got another adsense sniper site out of the way and also wrote up a UAW article.ย  I saved the UAW article 1/2 way through completing the submission, I need to get another site done before I submit it as I do 1 UAW submission for every 2 sites.

As far as my income is concerned, although there are times where I may have a very big day of CB sales or a high amount of adsense revenue, I’d say I’m still on track to make 2k/month, no big changes in income yet…

I’m hoping that the next big break in my income will come as I figure out these adsense snipers….The key is going to be finding a way to get them to rank on page 1, and bring in a good amount of traffic…A lot of this is going to depend on me finding myself a good niche or niches as well as finding a backlinking system which I can consistantly use to get my site up there at the top of page #1 as high CPC keywords can be hard to rank for in many niches.

I’ve been looking into various ways of doing this and as I mentioned before, I think I’ll be trying SENuke in addition to UAW.ย  This means I’ll be spending a bit more time building backlinks, moreso than I did with my CB Sniper sites, but seeing as how the only thing I need for each site to be successful is traffic, I’m going to see to it each site is getting enough traffic, even if that means I’ve got to do a bunch of Ezine Submissions for low hanging fruit related keywords.

I thought I’d also mention that I’m going to be playing with targeting keywords that have a CPC of $2 or even lower if I find a keyword with a ton of searches…this is the only way I’ll find out what works and what doesn’t, trial and error.

Earnings For Today:

  • $53.61 – 2 sniper site sales
  • 227 hops (new) / 480 hops (old)
  • Adsense = $3.37


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