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Day 105 – 2nd Adsense Sniper Up

August 18th, 2009

Joe Rogan’s a thinker..

So today I got my 2nd adsense sniper up….I also noticed that my first adsense sniper ranked the very next day (I had picked an obscure niche with a decent CPC hence the quick ranking), it’s ranked near the top of page #2 though.ย  It’s going to take a bit of backlinking to get it up to page #1, but today I just did a UAW submission to build backlinks to my first 2 Adsense snipers.

I’ve now decided that I will be using UAW on the adsense snipers I create….I’m going to use it to backup 2 adsense snipers at a time and I’m going to put it up right after the 2nd adsense sniper is completed.

Following this, I have been toying with the notion of using SENuke as well.ย  I was thinking I can spend 1 hour creating spun article that’s 300 words(each sentence is spun about 4-5 times), then use that to do MULTIPLE SEnuke submissions… each time changing the anchor text or linking to differen’t internal pages to get my additional posts ranking as well.

THEN…if I really wanted to I COULD also stuff that into an automated aricle submitter for even more backlinks.ย  I think this is a pretty good system here…but I’m first going to start off with UAW only and see what happens.

I also spent a bit of time looking for new keywords…I found 3 thus far…I really need to spend more time finding good keywords…I find that the creation of these sites is so much easier when I can see ahead what the big picture is… ie: I know what the next 20 odd adsense snipers are going to be about…Once I can see that far ahead I’ll feel a lot more comfortable and likely be able to really start pumping these out…Having a plan is is so key..

Earnings For Today:

  • $46.42 – Site #1 & Site #2 sales
  • Hops = 268(new) / 461 (old)
  • Adsense = $10.21 (Hubs = $2.03, Infobarrel = $6.65


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  1. September 4th, 2009 at 18:53 | #1

    Great stats. Looks like adsense is picking up as well as a consistent income from your clickbank snipers.

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