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Human Rewriter – Not Paying Affiliates?

August 26th, 2010

Hey guys,

As you know, many marketers as well as myself have used Human Rewriter for content…They’ve always delivered what I ordered in the time frame they specified and I’ve had no issues with the quality of the work for my purposes(UAW submissions)…

However, these days the company’s integrity is in question as they have not been making affiliate payments.

I noticed back on May the 1st of 2010 that I had not been paid via the automated payment system since March 15th (payments are supposed to go out twice a month).  I e-mailed support and was told that I wasn’t picked up by the automated system for whatever reason and they sent me the payment manually.

That was all well and good, however since then(May 1st) I have not received any payment…

I sent a message July 22nd to support to ensure that my payment would be sent out, I was told it would be automatically sent on August 1st.. Still no payment was sent however, so I e-mailed them again on August 5th to let them know, I was told by support they’d speak to accounting about this.  I sent an e-mail asking for an update on August 11th and August 16th, and received no reply, so on August 24th I sent the following:


It’s been 12 days since my last message, and 18 days since I sent the initial message and I haven’t received any response regarding the lack of payment for the last few months. There is currently $615.40 owing and I’ve waited past a reasonable amount of time, without any word back.

Is Human Rewriter going to honor this payment? If I do not hear back, I won’t have any other choice but to make sure other Human Rewriter user’s or potential users aware of what is happening here.

I’d like to be put in touch with Terry Smith from accounting to have the $615.40 transferred manually.

Thank you,

-Mike Iser”

Following this e-mail I did receive a response.  It appeared to be a copy and pasted message as the previous recipient’s name was left in:


Unfortunately I have little (actually no) control over affiliate payments, and cannot make a statement as to when they will resume being paid out.  I have attempted to contact our accounting people several times in regards to this issue, but have received no response.  All I can tell you is that we will more than likely be phasing out the affiliates program when the site undergoes its next update.  It also looks like the business may be changing hands.

Their affiliate commission model is to pay 20% commissions on what referrals spend for life, so it seems as if they are no longer willing or able to continue with that and at the same time have decided to sell the business…

No communication between support and accounting + not paying + selling the business?  Doesn’t look good…

Seeing as how I did not see anyone talking about this on the Warrior Forum or anywhere else, I thought I’d make a post to let others who use or may use this service know exactly what is happening.

Below is the email transcript:

Human Rewriter – 1
Human Rewriter – 2
Human Rewriter – 3
Human Rewriter – 4
Human Rewriter – 5

If anything changes, I’ll post about it, but right now, not looking good.

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