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Day 309 – Outsourced 14 New Sites + Pics Of My Condo

March 10th, 2010

Well, today I spent some time doing keyword research for main domain keywords for new sites as well as searching for inner page keywords for all of them..I had 1 of these 14 sites already fleshed out yesterday, but I found inner page keywords for the remaining 13 today… I also had found 10 of these main domain keywords yesterday, however was able to find the additional 4 domain keywords today.

In other news, I moved into my new place yesterday and have taken a bunch of pictures of the inside:

Here’s the master bedroom + my new computer desk + computer:

Same room at night, which is when I’m usually working:

My Kitchen, still a mess as I just moved in :p  Was cutting out some cupboard liners on the left hand side there, also I picked up a cutting board and a 6″ Shun Chef knife recently:

My living area, sofa(really soft and comfy, you sink into them) + floor lamp + TV..still need to get a 5×8 shaggy white rug there:

I still don’t have my dining room table in yet, which will end up in between the living area and kitchen, but this is what it will look like:

My 2nd bedroom, I didn’t want to make this my office as I liked the view in the master bedroom better, so now it’s an ironing/storage room:

Master bedroom en-suite bathroom..took me a long time to find the perfect shower curtain and shaggy rug to match:

Guest bathroom (took a while to find a nice soap dish/trash can combo too, the same ones are in my master bathroom):

So I’m finally moved in here as of yesterday!  I got everything pretty much, I got some new J.A. Henckels cutlery coming in the mail via Amazon in 2 days, some new Simple Human trash bins too..other than that I’m pretty much done!

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $11.04
  • Hops = 217
  • Adsense = $101.81
  • Total = $112.85


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Day 302 – Adsense Sniper #185

March 3rd, 2010

Got another adsense sniper up…

I should be wrapping up moving into my new place within a week – week and a half, although there are a few things that are still going to be outstanding.. my dining table won’t be coming in until mid next month and I still need to get a few knicks in the walls fixed.

I can’t wait till I’m moved in and can focus more on my business though, I really want to see my adsense income go up past $110/day, it’s been stuck there WAY too long!

Earnings for Today:

  • CB = $63.70 – 2 CB Sniper Sales
  • Hops = 204
  • Adsense = $103.78
  • Total = $167.48


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Day 293 – 5 Ezine Submissions + 7-10 New KW's

February 22nd, 2010

Just did 5 more Ezine Submissions using my outsourced UAW articles and also spent some time doing keyword research so that I’d have something to give to one of my outsourcers for the week(I currently have 3 outsourcers working on new site content, 35 articles/week each.. my 4th has gone AWOL).  I registered 7 domains, but found probably a few more, which is why I put 7-10 as I have yet to register a few other domains..

I also found 4 inner pages for 4 of the 7 domains for my writer to work on and I’ll be sending her the other inner page keywords tomorrow.

I’ve got a backlog of sites to create…I think I have about 10 sites already written by my outsourcers that I have yet to put up …I’ll still need to correct the spelling and grammar though for at least 7 of those as 1 of my writers doesn’t write in perfect English.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $0
  • Hops = 210
  • Adsense = $104.94


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Day 278 – 4 New Domains + BLS + Inner Page KW Research

February 7th, 2010

Best watched in the *highest* resolution…

Got a lot of miscellaneous stuff done today..

I first of all queued up 5 more Backlink Solutions runs which will build backlinks to 15 of my newer adsense snipers.  I also did some keyword research for the inner pages for the new sites I’m going to be building in the not too distant future..In searching for inner page keywords, I was able to find 4 new keywords to use as domains as well.

I did a lot of inner page keyword research following that and basically found keywords for 17-18(can’t remember) of my domains that I have yet to develop (that’s 68-72 inner page keywords found).

Once I get my current work back from my writers, I will have 21 new domains to outsource writing for…once that is all done, it will take me up to somewhere around 180 odd sites.

Once I get BLS out of the way, I’m planning on taking the plunge and doing some Scrapebox runs on my adsense snipers (rather than my CB snipers), will be interesting to see what happens there.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $0
  • Hops =189
  • Adsense = $108.70
  • 1 XFactor Book Sale = $30.80 (Thank you :>)
  • Total = $139.50


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Day 273 – Adsense Sniper #151 & 152 + Scrapebox + Additional Pages

February 2nd, 2010

Hmm, had to remove this video, it was causing problems with IE loading, it’s here though: Lol @ 0:01 – 0:11

Today I put up 2 more adsense snipers as well as 10 extra pages for some of my existing sites…

Regarding my writers, 2 of them decided to drop out today…1 was a writer who had been lax in their submissions, for some time now, one that I was about to let go, the other one that I just had brought on.

I still have 2 new writers though, I’ll see how things turn out with them.

Aside from that, I’m still seeing some crazy results from Scrapebox:

Site #1 = 12 backlinks – 14 – 22 – 45 -105 – 136
Site #2 = 29 backlinks – 35 – 37 – 47 – 82 – 94
Site #3 = 17 backlinks – 18 – 20 – 20 – 43 – 52
Site #4 = 0 backlinks – 14 – 18 – 18 – 26 – 40
Site #5 = 1 backlink – 1 – 5 – 5 – 37 – 53

Not sure of the staying power of these links, we’ll have to wait on that, but this is still extremely impressive.. I’m thinking instead of doing a 2nd UAW run on some of my best performing sites, I may try doing Scrapebox runs…I’m still up in the air about it though, we’ll see, because I know for a fact that UAW will result in an increase in income, I’m still not sure about the end result of running Scrapebox will be…

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $25.48
  • Hops = 161
  • Adsense = $116.83
  • 1 XFactor Sale  $30.80 – tnx man
  • 1 UAW sale = $26.80 Thanks :>
  • Total = $199.91 (damn almost $200..Still a record high earnings day!)


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Day 257 – Adsense Sniper #136 & #137 + Read Me Page

January 17th, 2010

Lol at their reactions..

Got another 2 adsense snipers done today and also posted up 6 additional pages to some of my older sites (I have 1 ghostwriter constantly writing up pages for my older sites)…I was also able to find 4 additional keywords to make new sites on.

Now aside from working on IM, today I also took some time out to come up with a FAQ/Tip/Info/Read Me page for this site.  I’ve noticed for a while now that I’ve been getting questions that I’ve already answered in the past so I decided to load this up as something to refer to.  I’ll be adding more to it as time goes on.. Click here to check it out (you can also find it at the top of the site as a tab)

This page also has links to some helpful tip posts/interesting posts that have been posted throughout the life of this site, so you may want to check that out there as well.

Finally I stuck in a section where I have links to all of my month end total posts…

Hopefully this is something that you guys will find of some value with as with over 267 pages and 1,988 comments, this site has gotten pretty damn big!

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $20.04
  • Hops = 177
  • Adsense = $71.03
  • UAW Sale = $26.80 (thanks James :>)
  • Total = $117.87


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Day 253 – Adsense Sniper #130 & #131 + Income Pics

January 13th, 2010

I Found out that one of the sites I was about to put up didn’t have the nameservers pointed correctly so that kind of delayed me a bit, going to have to wait ’till tomorrow to develop that one..I still managed to get 2 sites up as one of my outsourcers has lately been doing 10 articles a day.

That also brings me to another point, I’m running out of keywords for new sites…I found 3 new ones, but I’m going to have to find a lot more soon if I want to keep pumping out new sites(which I do).  I want to keep building new sites until I reach at least a $100/day average in adsense as building a bunch of sites and then backlinking them up is the only sure-fire way I know how to increase my income…I’m not as certain about building multi-page sites over 5 pages so I’d rather keep that as a secondary task..

I do however have 1 or 2 other outsourcers at the moment I’m putting through the 5 article trials to see if they are reliable, and if I find another person I can continue to pump out 2 sites a day while at the same time build up content on older sites.

It seems I’m at a solid $80/day, here’s a look at how things have progressed lately (BLS = Backlink Solutions):

It’s an avg of $63.19 from Dec 12th – Jan 12th, however after the BLS runs, from Jan 2nd to Jan 12th it’s $79.11.

I’ve still got to do a run of UAW on sites 100+ at some point…

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $50.96 – 2 CB sniper sales (CB is back at around $300/week rather than $200 or even less…at it’s peak, I used to get $400-450/week)

  • Hops = 204
  • Adsense = $78.38
  • Total = $129.34


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Day 246 – Adsense Sniper #118-119 + Adsense Milestone #2

January 6th, 2010

Got another 2 adsense snipers done today…it seems like I’ve now got 2 people I can rely on to create content for me daily…I’m in the process now of looking for a 3rd trustworthy outsourcer so I’ve started posting back up on ODesk and GetAFreelancer..

Aside from that, check this out:

I almost broke $100 today in adsense!  Wow…that BLS really did a number on my sites!

I’ve got backlinks going right now to 51 of my 119 adsense snipers via BLS, who knows where my income would be if I there was no 1000 backlink limit and I was able to build backlinks to all my sites!  All I know now is if I can maintain an average of $100/day in adsense, that plus my 1k in Clickbank/month = a full time income, it seems so close now and seemingly out of nowhere! 🙂

Still spending time researching other backlinking programs too, thanks everyone for the suggestions…

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $45.52 – 1 sniper sale , 1 sale for authority site #2
  • Hops = 178
  • Adsense = $94.54
  • Total = $140.06


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Day 245 – Adsense Sniper #115 – #117 + Adsense Milestone

January 5th, 2010

Got 3 adsense snipers done today…

Also, posted up 5 inner pages to some of my sites, part of the trial articles I had outsourced…

Today was when I was supposed to have 2 new writers start writing for me…what ended up happening is 1 of the writers wrote the assigned articles while the other didn’t.  This is one of th most annoying things to have to deal with when it comes to outsourcing, I’m amazed at how unprofessional so many people are.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that I may hire even more than 3 people, maybe even 5 people…rather than draw out the outsourcing with 3, I may opt to just get a whole bunch of outsourcing done now in 1 shot then cut back on the outsourcing down the road..Anyways, I’ll see how things go.

In other news, I had another Adsense milestone today..$83.19, not that much over the previous one ($82.01 on Dec 7th), but I now can see this is due to the Backlink Solutions runs I did recently:

The impressions and clicks on the last 3 days, which I can’t disclose to you due to TOS of Adsense, further corroborate this.

I’d like to find another backlinking type service which would also bring traffic so I can increase my income even further seeing as how I’ve hit the 1000 backlink limit with Backlink Solutions..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $75.70 – 3 Sniper Sales
  • Hops = 170
  • Adsense = $83.19
  • Total = $158.89


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Day 238 – Adsense Sniper #109

December 29th, 2009

Got another adsense sniper up and also spent a bit of time playing with Backlink Solutions.  I didn’t complete a submission as I was unsure based on what I had done if nested spun syntax was allowed in the submissions, so I decided to open up a support ticket before making any submissions.

I noticed that there were some issues as well, like if you had a period or semi colon inbetween 2 braces, it would be omitted in the final output and result in a spelling error.. ex:

The dog went over the {roof|shed}.{However|But} he didn’t die.

In the above instance, I noticed the period was being omitted and the words before and after the period were being squished together…the only way around this was to put in a period as part of the spun content and insert spaces:

The dog went over the {roof.|shed.} { However| But} he didn’t die.

Anyway, once I figure all that out, I’m going to start using it.  I’m thinking of running it twice per site.  The first run will alternate the main keyword link with one of the inner keyword links and the second run will alternate the remaining 3 inner page keyword links…this way with 2 runs per site, I’ll be building backlinks to my main page as well as the internal pages.

I just wrote up a post about 130 odd words/7-8 sentences, stuck that in Magic Article Rewriter and hit the “Apply Magic” to have the content auto spun to around 25% unique.  I made a few adjustments for grammar to that and then took 3-4 of those sentences and re-wrote those 3 times each.  Having done this last bit got the uniqueness above 30% , however it brought up the whole nested spun content issue which I’m looking into…

Aside from all that, I’m still looking for outsourcers via GAF and ODesk, I’m in the process of interviewing some of them and having others start up on some trial articles….BTW, in ODesk, don’t have 2 posts open at a time..I was doing that and getting more applicants, but apparently its against ODesk rules as they closed my posts and notified the candidates that it was an invalid posting. :/ …so now as soon as I find my job is not getting applicants, and I’m not happy with any of them, I’ll just close the job and repost it.

GAF doesn’t seem to have this issue though, you can just pay a refundable $5 charge to post multiple times..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $76 – 4 sales – 2 sniper sales, 1 site #1 and 1 site #2 sale(authority sites)
  • Hops = 151
  • Adsense = $57.54 (some new sites are starting to pop up as earners now that I have done UAW runs on those sites, however I’m still hovering at the $60 avg/day range)
  • Total = $133.54


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