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Day 245 – Adsense Sniper #115 – #117 + Adsense Milestone

January 5th, 2010

Got 3 adsense snipers done today…

Also, posted up 5 inner pages to some of my sites, part of the trial articles I had outsourced…

Today was when I was supposed to have 2 new writers start writing for me…what ended up happening is 1 of the writers wrote the assigned articles while the other didn’t.  This is one of th most annoying things to have to deal with when it comes to outsourcing, I’m amazed at how unprofessional so many people are.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that I may hire even more than 3 people, maybe even 5 people…rather than draw out the outsourcing with 3, I may opt to just get a whole bunch of outsourcing done now in 1 shot then cut back on the outsourcing down the road..Anyways, I’ll see how things go.

In other news, I had another Adsense milestone today..$83.19, not that much over the previous one ($82.01 on Dec 7th), but I now can see this is due to the Backlink Solutions runs I did recently:

The impressions and clicks on the last 3 days, which I can’t disclose to you due to TOS of Adsense, further corroborate this.

I’d like to find another backlinking type service which would also bring traffic so I can increase my income even further seeing as how I’ve hit the 1000 backlink limit with Backlink Solutions..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $75.70 – 3 Sniper Sales
  • Hops = 170
  • Adsense = $83.19
  • Total = $158.89


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Day 243 – Adsense Sniper #113 + KW Research + BLS

January 3rd, 2010

Lol @ 1:01 & 1:51

Got another adsense sniper up and also queued up 3 more Backlink Solutions snippets.  That brings the total to 17 Backlink Solution snippets building 60 backlinks each for 1020 backlinks total (20 links for each of the 51 sites backlinked)…it’s 20 over the limit of 1000/month, so not sure how that’s going to work exactly.

Aside from that, I did a bit of keyword research as well and found 25 keywords to use as inner pages for 3 of my sites…This is all part of the plan to build up some of my sites so that my whole adsense portfolio doesn’t consist of only 5 page sites.

I’ve got another girl who has completed my 5 trial articles who I’ve assigned a weeks worth of work to which she should be starting on Monday, I’m hoping that she becomes another Ghostwriter I can rely on.  I already have 1 Ghostwriter I can count on who has given me 80 articles to date(2 batches of 35 plus the first 5 trial articles)..I did assign another person a 5 article trial back before New Years, they did 1 article but I haven’t heard from them since..

The faster I can find some reliable people, the sooner I can start really expanding my adsense business..

And about the whole running out of channels issue…I’m going to look into getting an additional adsense account sometime in the next 30 days…If I reach a point where I have no more channels and I can’t delete any more redundant ones, I’m just going to put site building on hiatus and start building up pages for existing sites and backlinking.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $25.48
  • Hops = 133
  • Adsense = $71.93
  • Total = $97.41


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Day 228 – Keyword Research + Adding More Pages

December 19th, 2009

Just saw this movie, brilliant…one of the best movies in a hell of a long time.  It’s rated 8.7 on IMDB and is right now #168 in the top 250 movies of all time.  If you see it you need to see it in 3d or you’re missing out…  People were clapping at the end of this.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I had put up the 5 trial pages I got from the first outsourcer I hired on my webpages..I had outsourced 5 trial articles which are basically articles on some of my snipers main keywords.  My intention is to get double rankings for the main keyword in this way by having 2 aritcles on the main keyword.

I just got back another 5 trial articles from a second writer today, and today I put those up as well…

Other than that, I spent a good amount of time doing keyword research and came across 8 new keywords.

Yesterday I gave my first outsourcer a list of articles for 7 sites that I can now expect to receive on a daily basis starting tomorrow and right now I’m working up another list of 35 keywords for another 7 sites for my second outsourcer.  Once these are  both out there, that will come out to 114 adsense snipers plus the 12 odd keywords I found over the last 2 days which I still need to do research on to find 4 inner page keywords for each.

I’m pretty much scrambling right now to get some GOOD keyword research done quick so I can have everyone I’m bringing on start working on content for new sites, but if I have to, I’ll just have them work on additional keywords for some of my existing sites.

Also, a bunch more of those Angela-like links for 43 of my adsense snipers have come through, still waiting on the links for 6 more of the sites though…with the profile links they provided me, I went and pinged that with SENuke to get them noticed faster…hopefully there is some change in my sites due to this extra link building.

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $20.36 – sale for authority site #1
  • Hops = 117
  • Adsense = $48.19
  • Total = $68.55


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Day 225 – Outsourced 14 UAW Articles + Finding Article Writers

December 16th, 2009

Today I decided I’d take a break from making sites considering I’m in the process of finding people to do that for me and so I spent the day outsourcing UAW articles for my last batch of adsense snipers.

I basically had to backlink adsense sniper #75-100, so I ended up picking out Ezine Articles and then sending that to Human Rewriter to be re-written 3x so that it can be used as a UAW submission.  Each of these will build backlinks to 2 sites, which means I’ll have backlinks for 24 sites in total out of that…these will take about 3-6 days to get back to me as Human Rewriter is currently backlogged.

Aside from that, I’m still looking for people to outsource work to, it’s really hard to find good people at $2/article, so what I decided to do was re-post my ad on ODesk as the original stopped getting applications, then I went ahead and made another ad and posted that up on Get A Freelancer.  Still I’m getting a lot of crap, but I’m going to stick with this day after day until I come across at least 2 people who are good.

Even if I do find good writers, there are going to be other things I’ll need to deal with, finding people who are good at meeting deadlines and people who are available and easily accessible..

Oh, those 43 sites that I had outsourced backlinking for, 30 links to each from Angela type backlinks, they are starting to come back to me completed. I got reports for 9 of the sites thus far, each report containing the hyperlinks to the profiles that have my links on them in the bio section.  I took all of those and stuck it in the SENuke pinger and ping’d them all so that Google would come to find them faster, will be interesting to see what happens as a result of these extra 30 backlinks for each of these 43 sites..

Earnings For Today:

  • CB = $65.20 – 2 sales for Site #2, 1 sniper sale
  • Hops = 123
  • Adsense = $49.93
  • Total = $115.13


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Welcome To Mike!

May 5th, 2009

Hey everyone!

Thanks for dropping by…if you’re reading this, chances are you know me from the Nicheblogger forum or perhaps Firepow…Either way I’ll write up a bit of a synopsis:

I decided to make a serious go at IM around mid June 2008.  I had my first sale for around $30 during the last few days of July, so about 1 1/2 months after I started putting in some work…Following that, I made $116.17 in August and then $323.90 in September.

A lot of those sales were the result of me going crazy on Ezine Articles, I had submitted 77 articles in August and 107 articles in September (You can see a more detailed explanation of the profit I made by visiting my “Earnings By Month” section)…These sales were coming from 3 main sites I had been working on and making posts to.

In October I stopped the Ezine Article submission and my income dropped to $268.84, the month of November it was $187.32 and in December it was $235.89.  At this point I was getting frustrated with my income not going anywhere and that’s when I came across the Niche Blogger.

Since around December 28th of 2008 I began logging my IM related activities on the NB forum on a daily basis.  I found that after I had created the thread on the forum, I had a sense of obligation to then follow through and make sure I have something to post about every day, this sense of accountability helped my business out tremendously.

I also began queuing up posts to my blogs and setting them on autopilot for 6 months, something I had never done before…I set my blogs up to post twice a week for the next 6 months (60 queued posts)….Once I had done that, I began creating new sites and queuing up 60 posts for each of those sites as well…

My income in January 2009 was $301.14..

And my income in February 2009 was $325.17..

But after putting forth consistent work into managing my blogs and promoting them, my income FINALLY began to increase!  Through constantly updating my main 3 sites and using promotional methods such as Unique Article Wizard, SENuke, Bookmarking Demon and by adding Adsense to my sites and using various other tactics, here are the results I was able to achieve:

March 2009 = $622.44 (A good deal of this increase was due to running SENuke 10-15 times.  This brought a lot Site #1’s rankings from page 2-3 to page 1 of Google.)

April 2009 = $795.19 (I got another increase here when I began to create Sniper Sites as per George’s “Google Sniper” method which is similar to Andrew Hansen’s Niche Marketing On Crack.)

In the upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing with you all that I’m doing on a day to day basis and show you the results those actions are bringing. My hope for this site is that it becomes an open area of discussion where people can come and are free to ask questions, give their input, talk about their own progress or talk about what is being done…

I’d very much like to hear your feedback, as you have all helped me to achieve this with your input and support, feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I will do my best to reply back to you :>

Being that I’m on this path as you are, I hope you’re able to gain a lot from my perspective and use any insights you get by following along to improve your businesses.

Here’s to conquering this IM business once and for all!


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