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Big Idea Mastermind Review – A Look Inside

December 10th, 2013

Here’s a detailed Q&A for you guys who are looking to find out more about Big Idea Mastermind :

Q: So What Is Big Idea Mastermind?

Big Idea Mastermind is the brain-child of Vick Strizheus, otherwise known as “The King of Online Traffic”.  Simply stated, It is a system designed to provide training and software that will help develop you as a person and as a marketer, teaching you all the ways in which you can drive traffic and create an online income for yourself.

Q: Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

There are a few big draws:

#1. – The ability for you to earn high ticket commissions.  When marketing this system, there is the potential to earn either monthly recurring $25+$100 commissions or even big $500, $1,000 and $3,000 sales.

#2. – Vick’s recently released “30 Days to 10K System”, which is now available in the “Platinum Level”:

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Vick essentially lays out in a step-by-step fashion everything he would do in detail (day 1: advertise here, day 2: advertise there… etc..) to go from $0 to $10,000/month.  Vick has mentioned that if you follow all the steps to a “T”, he would be surprised if you weren’t making at least $10,000 by the end of the program. (Of course, income disclaimer, there is no guarantee of income, it depends on you and the amount of effort you put in).

Q: So How Do You Earn These Commissions? And How is Big Idea Mastermind Connected With Empower Network?

OK, here is where a lot of people get confused.  Big Idea Mastermind is essentially a free system.  There are several levels to it and they are as follows:

1. Basic Level (Entry level product)
2. Silver Level
3. Gold Level
4. Platinum Level
5. Diamond Level (Top level product)

What you need to understand is that each level of Big Idea Mastermind is ‘linked’ to a equivalent level of Empower Network.  In order to get a certain level of Big Idea Mastermind for free, you need to purchase the equivalent level within Empower Network.  So here are the levels within Empower Network:

Viral Blogging System (Entry level product)
Inner Circle
Costa Rica Intensive
15K Formula
Masters Course (Top level product)

So, if you purchase the Viral Blogging System in Empower Network for $25/month, you immediately get access to the Basic level of Big Idea Mastermind.

If you get the Inner Circle level in Empower Network, you get the Silver level in Big Idea Mastermind….and so on..

Essentially you are getting 2 systems for the price of 1.

Q: How Much Are People Actually Earning With this?

I am friends with quite a few people who are earning full-time incomes through promoting Big Idea Mastermind products.  I myself generated $2,000 in my first 2 months, $3.7k my 3rd month and 4.1k by my 4th month.  However this is no guarantee that you yourself will make similar income.  You may make more money in your first few months, you may make about the same as I did, you may make $0, it all depends on you and how much action you take!

Some images of my sales(opens in a new window):

Having said that, one interesting thing is that at each of the Empower Network/BIM events held every 3 months, they ask everyone in the audience who has made ANY money to stand up….each time over 90% of the audience stands… I’ve personally been to the event in Austin, Chicago and Denver and have seen this happen each time..it’s pretty crazy.

I’m not sure why the percentage of people earning money is so high, perhaps partly due to the draw of being able to earn 100% commissions.

Personally, I have found it to be the easiest method to reach a full-time income in a relatively short period of time.  If you check this blog out (mikeiser.com), you will see that it took me about 1 1/2 – 2 years to get up to 5k/month…in comparison when I started Big Idea Mastermind, I got up to a comparable level in 4 months time.

Granted I did have more experience the 2nd time around, but I do believe it is easier to hit full-time income due simply to the fact that all you need is 1 high ticket sale to earn anywhere from $3,000 – $4,625 in one POP.

BTW you can check out what the average person makes over here: Income Disclaimer

The average person gets in and does nothing, or very little, so if you want to earn the big money, you have to be willing to put in the work just like any other business!

Q: What Did YOU Do To Make That Money With Big Idea Mastermind?

I share everything I did here.  In one of the follow-up videos I reveal EXACTLY what I did to make $4,093.48 on my 4th month in Big Idea Mastermind.

Q: Can You Help Me Make Money In Big Idea Mastermind?

I help everyone who is on my team 🙂

If you want me to personally mentor you and show you the ropes of how to make an income online, I can help you ON ONE CONDITION:

That you are TEACHABLE! 🙂

My time is valuable to me, but if you are serious about making a change in your life, and you join my team, I’ll teach you everything that I did to make the money I made in detail and help you get started on the right foot…

Q: You didn’t answer my question… I still need more info.

CLICK HERE and get on my list.

I will send you a series of videos which reveal how I’ve been generating traffic and making my BIM sales.  More info on Big Idea Mastermind will be explained there for you, and if you still have questions you could simply reply to one of the e-mail messages sent out to you or leave me a message here 🙂

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