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Day 545 – End Of October Totals

November 1st, 2010

Gordon Pinsent quoting from the book Justin Bieber released about his life, lol..

Well, as some of you know, it seems that near the end of October, Google made an algorithm change which totally changed the rankings of many people’s sites…

For some, it was for the better, for a lot, it was for the worse.

I personally have noticed 3 of my top sites disappeared from the 1st page of Google…this resulted in a drop in income..  Up until Oct 24th, my main adsense account had an average intake of $110/day.  From the 25th to the 31st though, it’s only been an average of $79/day.

My other adsense account also took a hit on the 28th, going from $18/day to $6/day..

It seems as if my main adsense account is doing a bit better today, the day’s not over yet (6 more hours left) and it’s sitting at $84 so far…but it’s just due to some of my other sites picking up the slack for the 3 top sites that were lost.  You see, I have about 10 or more sites that perform well, but they don’t always perform great every single day…so it’s just some of those other sites that weren’t hit, making up for the 3 sites that I lost, for today…

I’m sure I’ve lost a lot more top page rankings for my sites, but I haven’t analyzed past my top few sites…

And who knows why they knocked some sites back while others remained fine.  I saw someone post they thought it might be the backlinks, but I have sites that I backlinked identically to the ones that got thrown off page 1 and yet they are still up on page 1 :/…so who knows.  But something on the sites that lost their ranking triggered this, whether it’s related to the theme of the site, the content, the backlinks, or maybe it’s a combination of factors.

Anyway, the only answer is to keep on backlinking via a variety of different methods and hope that in time they return.  Sites that are thrown back in ranking, as long as they’re not de-indexed, CAN return, only thing you can do is just work on your backlinks.  Thing is, you’ll never know when Google decides to bring it back to page 1, so just focus on backlinking up a bunch of your sites and don’t hold your breath for anything returning in “X” amount of time.

Adsense High

One thing of note that happened on the 19th of October was that I saw a nice adsense high on my main account of $160.07 and a grand total of $177.98 overall.  I believe this is an adsense high for me and it happened right after I updated some of my top earners with new content.  I’m guessing that somehow raised the rankings of these sites which lead to more traffic and thus more money…

The following day I made $142.23 on my main and $152 total… but then following that, I was back down to $92.95, so it seems like that was short lived.


Unfortunately Clickbank seems to have taken a beating this month!  I went *8* full days (Oct 14th – 21st) without making a single sale!  I’ve never had so many days go by without a sale in forever!

I do know that the drop in hops was part of the problem.  I had only 3,595 hops in October and from that made $392.27 Gross….September I had 4,903 hops and $627.45 Gross.  Comparing again, August I had 7,095 hops and $896.09…

I can’t say that it’s only because of the hops though because back in February, off of 4,391 hops I made $1,317.91…It could be the products or it could be that I’m not getting hops for the good converting keyword domains anymore.

Here’s a look at what it’s been like the last while:

October Totals

OK, here are the totals:

Adsense Total = $3,711.38 (An adsense high for me! My highest before this was $3,563.67 in March..October’s total is up $389.69 from $3,321.69 last month.)

CB Hops = 3,595 (Last Month = 4,903)
CB = $392.27 GROSS
CB = 21 sales/0 refunds
CB = $392.27 NET
9 UAW Sales = $214.40
1 BLS Sale = $29.10
EBay = $15.10 CAN = $14.90 US

Grand Total = $4,362.05


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